11 Best Tips on How to Use an Elliptical Machine Correctly for Great Workout Results

11 Best Tips on How to Use an Elliptical Machine Correctly for Great Workout Results


If you are caught up in the “quarantine lazy body” trap and want to get rid of this invisible yet hefty on your health cloak, you should invest both your time and money on getting yourself hopping on an elliptical machine.

You must have spotted it multiple times in your local gym or health care centers and even in multiple fitness-oriented tv commercials. This guide article will discuss some 11 Best Tips on How to Use an Elliptical Machine Correctly for Great Workout Results and Body Shape.

What is an elliptical machine?

Before we proceed to exploring how to use an elliptical machine, we must start with the basics such as what are elliptical machines? To answer that we have decoded it in the simplest format, an elliptical machine or also known as the name Cross Trainer is a cardiovascular machine made to enhance the user’s aerobic fitness. It is often quoted as the best machine to lose weight and helps in improving the running time.

Why do fitness freaks love elliptical machines?


  • High-Intensity Training

The first and foremost reason for popularity an elliptical machine in the fitness area is its ability to train users at a high intensity without affecting or overloading their joints.

  • Low Impact Workout Session

An elliptical is also ideal for users who don’t want to cause harm to their bodies with intense workout sessions or for people with injuries and who cannot afford to go for hectic workouts.

What are the components of an elliptical machine?

Before you hop on the frame of the elliptical, make yourself aware of its components, what are they for, and how they function. To convey this information to our readers, we have characterized the components into easy-to-understand parts, it will not only help you grip the understanding but on top of this, it will also provide you an insight on how to maintain your safety while using an elliptical machine.

An elliptical machine is divided into 3 main sections:

  • Pedal Arms

Pedal arms function in a moving motion with the user standing on an elliptical machine whilst the foot pedals are attached to it.

  • Arm Bars

Arm bars remain still and upright to provide support to the user standing or using the machine. Both of these sections are designed to provide support along with generating power and are highly important for the intensity the elliptical offers to its users.

Currently, with the world experiencing innovation on the daily basis, elliptical machines are coming with in-build with heart rate monitors located mostly at the arm bars section which is further attached to the main monitor screen on the machine. These arms can provide additional support for balance or in generating more intensity for users seeking tougher workouts.

Coming on the screens and other functions, they vary according to the version or companies you buy your machine from.

  • Flywheel

The last but not the least and simplest component of the elliptical machine is its flywheel. It is located either at the front or on the rear of the machine. It provides resistance to the machine when a user channels it through their legs.

An important thing to note here is there is a huge variety of elliptical machines available in the market which can slightly be different from the information provided above, however, a basic elliptical machine consists of the exact components we mentioned above.


how to use an elliptical machine

11 Best Tips on How to Use an Elliptical Machine Correctly for Great Workout Results

You might have understood the overall functions of elliptical machines in workouts, but it is important to understand how to use the same machine with safety and without serious injuries. This article has narrowed down the usage guide along with safety measurements for the readers, below are some of our top picks on using the elliptical machine.

1. To use an elliptical you should first step onto the machine aiming at the lowest point stepping on the same side as the lowest pedal. This is to ensure the pedals don’t start a cycle halfway while you are climbing on the machine for the workout.

2. The second step for using the machine is to hold the fixed handles present at the front to secure your balance and stability.

3. Once you are on the machine, you can now grab the pedals for your comfort while you move.

4. Now it is instructed to increase your speed gradually in a controlled manner. Once you feel like having a steady momentum, increase resistance until a balanced is experienced.

5. An important thing to note to have a better workout time, users must warm up their bodies with a minor stretching or a minor elliptical circle before having a full hectic session.

6. Make sure to maintain a proper form and not lose your balance.

7. Take your time to adjust to the pattern of movement to engage the desired muscles you want to shape up.

8. The moving handles will keep on moving even if you don’t use them at all for your support, so in this case, users must stay aware of this movement to remain safe from any injury.

9. When the time to end the workout session comes, users are advised to gradually decrease the speed along with the intensity.

10. To end your workout, bring the machine to a gradual stop. We advised the user not to stop all of a sudden as it can result in hitting your legs or other casualties.

11. Grab the fixed arm bars and slowly step off the machine.

Congrats!!  With these tips on hand, you can now consider yourself an expert on how to use an elliptical machine.

Ending Thoughts

It is a well known fact that exercise is one of the best ways to shed off some fat and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We also advise our readers to do their homework when it comes to buying the best elliptical machine for home. Know what features you want that fit your budget, how often you will be using your elliptical and most importantly how to use an elliptical machine once you add it to your home gym. 


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