10 Signs That Tell You To Get A New Weekly Exercise Plan

weekly exercise plan

10 Signs That Tell You To Get A New Weekly Exercise Plan

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Are you tired of not seeing results from your current weekly exercise plan? Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, your workout routine demands a dose of variety. In today’s society, it is so easy to get stuck in a fitness gut so it’s important to be aware of what types of exercises you are doing – or not doing. This will help you improve your overall progress and help you get closer to your fitness goals.

Let’s learn about what a weekly exercise plan is and its importance.

What is a weekly exercise plan?

When it comes to working out, no one is going to tell you when it’s time to change things up, especially if you train alone. If you have a personal trainer, they most likely have you on a weekly exercise plan. However, if they don’t, you will need to develop a weekly exercise plan that meets your fitness needs. What exactly is a weekly exercise plan?

A weekly exercise plan is a roadmap that helps you get closer to your fitness goals. It clearly identifies the steps you need to take in order to reach your goal – whether that’s to gain weight, lose weight, look leaner, or just to maintain an overall healthier lifestyle. It is proven that setting goals in a weekly exercise plan greatly increases your chances of reaching the achievement you set out for yourself.


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Benefits Of Having An Exercise Plan

There are many benefits that a weekly exercise plan can provide. Below are just some of the benefits:

  • Helps you reach your goals faster
  • Prevents you from under or over training
  • Provides structure in your fitness routine
  • Prevents burnout

Keep reading to learn more about these in more detail.



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Why Do you Need An Exercise Plan?

weekly exercise plan


10 Signs That Indicate You Need A New Weekly Exercise Plan:


1. You are sore all the time

One of the first signs that you should look for when it comes to deciding whether or not you need a new exercise plan is if you’re sore all of the time. Your muscles need recovery time after a hard workout in order to prevent burnout and injury which can be a result of being sore all the time.

In order to prevent this from happening, make sure you are getting enough rest before your next hard workout. You can always do one hard workout and then the next day, do an easier one that is low-impact on your body.

2. You are not seeing any results

When you are maxed out of all your potential, your results make come to a halt. If you are constantly doing workouts that do not challenge you in any way, you can suffer from not seeing any results. In order to prevent this from happening, you can try taking a few days off so you can recover.

However, one of the biggest things you should be doing is changing up your weekly exercise plan. If you are doing the same workouts every single day, your body will get used to the same movements, leading to a decrease in weight loss or weight gain.

3. You are getting too comfortable with your workout routine

Running on autopilot can hinder your progress because if you are no longer breaking a sweat, you might not be making any progress. If you are not going outside of your comfort zone, then you might be wasting your time. A weekly exercise plan allows you to set goals which you can see how close you are to achieving them.

4. Helps to provide structure in your life

Having structure in your fitness routine is one of the best things you can do for your overall well being. Having a weekly exercise plan provides you with the structure you need so that you are not wondering what you have to do today as soon as you enter the gym.

5. Allows you to set realistic goals

By having a weekly exercise plan that is specific and realistic, you are more likely to accomplish it.  For example, having a bigger goal, such as losing 5 pounds within a month, and then breaking it down into smaller goals will help you accomplish that goal.

6. You are skipping workouts

If you find yourself skipping your workouts on a consistent base, then it must be time to switch up your weekly exercise plan. If you are constantly making excuses of why you shouldn’t workout today, then you need t set new goals for yourself and give yourself a new reason to exercise.

7. You are bored of your workout routine

This one might be related to the one above. If you are not enjoying your workout routine, then it might be an indicator that you need to switch up your weekly exercise plan,

8. You have an injury that will not heal

If you find that you have an injury that is affecting your workouts, it might be time to step back for a while and take a look at your weekly exercise plan. Chronic injuries are often from overuse or repetitive strain which can hinder your progress.

If you find that you have an injury that won’t heal, see a doctor to determine the cause of the pain and then focus on efforts to make sure that it does not happen again.

9. Your goals are constantly changing

If you find that your goals have changed, it is time to change your weekly exercise plan. If you initially wanted to lose weight, but are now concerned about the strength of your bones, your weekly exercise plan has to reflect that or you will never make any progress towards your actual goals.

10. You have pain in your joints

If you have pain in your joints, it might be a result of not warming up before your workout. Therefore, it is important to have a weekly exercise plan that includes a warm up period of at least 5 to 10 minutes.

Begin by updating your current weekly exercise plan to include a warmup period or create a whole new one that includes this.


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The Bottom Line

If the things mentioned above correlate with you at all, it might be time to switch up your weekly exercise plan. Switching up the exercises you do on a daily basis can help to prevent boredom, burnout, and can help to get to your goals faster.

Make sure you are consistent with your workout routine, no matter which weekly exercise plan you are on. This will allow you to accomplish all your fitness goals and allow you to live an overall healthier lifestyle.


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