Exercise Bike vs Rowing Machine: Which Is Better For Burning Calories?

Picking an exercise bike vs rowing machine should be easy but it isn’t. Which one burns more calories and gives you more benefits? We are going to take a look at the answer to that question, like you might expect it isn’t a clear cut answer

Exercise Bike vs Rowing Machine: Which Is Better For Burning Calories?

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Picking an exercise bike vs rowing machine should be easy but it isn’t. Which one burns more calories and gives you more benefits? We are going to take a look at the answer to that question, like you might expect it isn’t a clear cut answer.

A very wide variety of exercise machines exist out there. Picking the right one can make a huge difference in the benefits you see. It is also essential to ensure that you don’t spend a lot of unnecessary money on equipment that won’t show benefits. Two of the most popular exercise machines are exercise bikes and rowing machines.

Exercise Bikes: Muscles Worked and Calories Burned

Almost everyone has seen an exercise bike, most of us have used one. These exercise machines are easy to use, especially since most of us learned to ride a bike when we kids. You hope on the exercise bike and can go. The resistance is easy to set, the higher you set it, the harder it is to peddle.

There are typically two different types of stationary bikes for exercising, recumbent bikes and the upright bikes. The recumbent bike has you sitting down the whole time that you workout while the upright one keeps you up or forward. While a recumbent bike might be more comfortable, they do not offer the same ability to stand up and are not anywhere near what your regular bicycle.

Your exercise bike will burn between 400 and 800 kcal an hour. This varies depending on what intensity you set your bike to and your fitness level. A workout with an exercise bike is typically a longer one, with an average somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes. It isn’t uncommon to ride for an hour with some riders choosing rides that are even longer.

The main purpose of the exercise bike is to engage in cardio exercise. In other words, exercising your heart. This is the same thing a treadmill does. At the same time as working your heart, the stationary bike works all parts of the legs, including thighs and the buttocks.

When using an exercise bike it is typically easy to do another activity such as watch television or read a book. You can take a hand off the handlebars to flip the page, change the channel and not have to worry. Most people will find it difficult to do more advanced tasks like typing but doing your work while riding the exercise bike won’t make the experience enjoyable anyways.


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Key Benefits of Using Exercise Bikes

Here are some of the key benefits you will get from using an exercise bike:

  • Increases endurance
  • Cardio Workout (Helps Heart Health)
  • Easy to Use
  • Safe for Joints
  • Many Different Training Options
  • Not Too Intrusive Space Wise
  • Many are Easy to Store


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exercise bike vs rowing machine

Rowing Machines: Muscles Worked and Calories Burned

A rowing machine is a little more mysterious when it comes to exercise bike vs rowing machine. Unless you have spent a lot of time in a well equipped gym, chances are you have never used one of these. What it boils down to is that a rowing machine is a machine that simulates rowing a boat by having you pull cables that are weighted to a desired setting.

Your average rowing machine workout lasts about 20 minutes and is very demanding. With a mechanism on your machine you can change up the intensity to match your needs.

There is an extensive diversity of rowing machines of all shapes and sizes. Some at-home machines are as simple as a stand that you put your feet against. The average rowing machine, especially at the gym, features a bench or seat that is attached to a mechanism that holds the handle or handles. Weight for the handles is controlled in a variety of ways such as magnets, water, air, or pistons.

When it comes to exercise bike vs rowing machine, the two have very similar calorie burning with the range for the rowing machine also being 400 to 800 kcal. Again, this depends on the intensity of the rowing machine workout, including how you use the machine.

A rowing machine is still a cardio machine but it is one that utilizes more of the body’s muscles. You will use your legs, glutes, calves, arms, shoulders, back, and abs if you are using the machine properly. About 60% of the workout comes from the legs and 30% comes from the movement. To many people’s surprises though, only 10% of the effort comes from the arms.

Something to note about rowing machines is that they are very demanding on the body as they are meant for an intense workout. Those who have back pain, bad posture, or knee problems may find that it is not the right machine for them.

While you will need to learn proper posture for an exercise bike, it is even more important to learn it for a rowing machine as it takes your whole body to engage the machine. As a quick summary you will want to keep your back straight, head up, and your hands in an equal position.

An area that the rowing machine stands out in exercise bike vs rowing machine is that some machines are much easier to store away when you are not using them as they simply fold up.

The one thing to keep in mind is that if you use a water-based rowing machine you will want to read and follow the directions regarding the water reservoir.


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Key Benefits of Using Rowing Machines

Take a look at some of the key benefits you get from using a rowing machine:

  • Demanding Workout
  • Work Multiple Muscle Groups
  • Non-Weight Bearing
  • Great for Athletes
  • Can Help you To Row Better
  • Easy to Store


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Which Machine Should I Buy? Exercise Bike vs Rowing Machine?

When trying to decide in the battle of exercise bike vs rowing machine, you will see a lot of mixed messages. Both machines come with their own benefits and suit different purposes. You need to determine what your need is and then select based on said need.

A rowing machine is mainly used by athletes or those who want to become better at rowing. That being said, it gives you an intense workout that can help you to build muscles in multiple parts of the body at one time, which is one of the reasons that people choose it over other machines. As we mentioned above though it can be hard on the body and some people will avoid it for that reason alone.

Almost everyone has had some experience using a bike and that makes an exercise bike a familiar choice. Hopping on an exercise bike will give you better power toward burning fat as you typically engage in longer workouts on an exercise bike and it is a purely cardio machine. A bike is also easy on the body and it can be easier to multitask while on a bike.

Final Take:

In the end, a fitness bike tends to be the more popular choice when it comes down to exercise bike vs rowing machines. That is, unless you are a professional or looking for a very specific workout machine. We hope that you have learned enough about the two machines to make the decision, because it is truly yours and based on your needs.

Which machine do you think you are going to choose? Please feel free to share your views and experiences in our comments section below.



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