10 Tips For Buying The Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet

If you need to find the best running shoes for wide feet, read this article to learn more and find the best tips for buying wide feet running shoes

10 Tips For Buying The Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet

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Wide feet is a far more common occurrence than you think. If you need to find the best running shoes for wide feet, read this article to learn more and find the best tips for buying wide feet running shoes.

Running shoes can make or break your ability to run but shopping for them isn’t easy. There are so many different types of running shoes on the market today. What happens though if you go into a shoe store or you measure your feet and you are told that you have wide feet and you need to buy “special running shoes for your wide feet?”

What Are Wide Feet?

Wide feet is most commonly simply the act of having feet that are wider than the average width for your foot length. Mother nature does not like making anything the same and thus some people have wide feet and others have thin. Unfortunately, this can make buying shoes difficult.

Shoes that are designed for wide feet often are marked with a C/D or E in combination with the size number. This is to help determine their exact wideness. This depends on the shoe brand and you should make sure to check to see that is true with any brands you are shopping.

What Causes Wide Feet?

As mentioned above, almost everyone who has wide feet has them because mother nature made them that way. Our inherited traits can cause wide feet but so can luck of the draw. A few medical conditions can cause wide feet too, due to swelling or other issues.

No matter what the cause of your wide feet, wide feet are natural and there is nothing wrong with having them.

What Can You Do To Limit The Effects Of Having Wide Feet On Your Running Ability?

The number one thing that you can do to limit the effects of having wide feet on your running ability is to tie your shoes properly for the size of your feet. You are probably thinking, “I already know how to tie my shoes,” but we are talking about the lacing pattern and the tightness.

When it comes to lacing shoes for wide feet, the best practice is to only lace the bottom set through the next hole, then skip every other hole after that so the X-pattern of your shoes is larger. You will also want to skip the bottom hole in the center of the shoe. Make sure to leave room where you feel that the shoes are too tight.

A few other patterns exist for specific wide foot patterns and if you are wider in one part of your foot than the rest, it may be wise to research these. Wide forefoot and narrow heel/wide forefoot are two examples.


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How does wide feet affect someone’s running ability and effectiveness?

In general, having wide feet will not affect your running ability. Not having the right shoe for your wide feet will. Having the wrong shoe will hinder your ability to run effectively as the shoe will either be too tight or flopping around. Running with a shoe that is too tight may also cause your feet to develop pain when the shoe isn’t worn.

Running with improper shoes could also result in your feet developing blisters or other damage. So, as you can see, you need the right shoes.


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Why do you need to make sure you buy the best running shoes for wide feet?

Running shoes for wide feet aren’t anything special. They are just a size that isn’t made with every shoe design. Unfortunately for runners, there are far fewer running shoes that come in wide sizes. Getting the right shoe can make the difference between being comfortable on your run and it hurt.

The wrong shoe, as mentioned above, can also result in your feet developing injuries or blisters. In fact, poor-fitting shoes is the number one cause of ankle injuries.

Comfort plays a big role in these running shoes being necessary. The more comfortable you are in your shoes, the longer that you are going to be able to run.

Having fitting shoes will also increase the lifespan of your shoes. If a shoe is too lose it will put a lot of wear on the bottom of the shoe. On the other hand, having a shoe that is too tight puts a lot of wear on the upper of the shoe. By having the right shoe for your foot size you are allowing it to fit right in all of the right places.


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best running shoes for wide feet

10 Tips For Buying The Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet

Buying running shoes for any feet can be difficult but trying to find the best running shoes for wide feet can even be alot harder. Some companies only carry a handful of running shoes that are designed for people with wide feet and that can make it hard to pick amongst them.

To help make the process easier, we have found compiled some of great tips to help you find and get the right and best running shoes for wide feet:

1. Do Not Assume Your Size

The first mistake that a lot of people make when they are shopping for a shoe is that they know their size. Every shoe company is different, even if just slightly. You don’t want to assume the size of your shoe. Measure your feet and get to know the exact size. For those with wide feet, this will help you to know exactly how wide you need your shoes to be.

2. Well-Designed Upper Shoe

You want to find uppers that are made out of a material that will provide enough support for your feet. With wider feet, you have more material and more possibilities for it to move. A wide variety of materials and construction processes are out there. We recommend that you find uppers that are shaped along the same lines as your foot. They should also be soft and smooth to prevent too much friction or chafing against any part of your foot.

3. Ankle Collar/Heel Holder

The rim around the top of your shoe is designed to keep your ankle and heel in place so that you don’t slip out of your shoes. A good running shoe for wide feet should have a thick enough padding to keep your ankles in. At the same time, you don’t want the back of your foot to be irritated from rubbing against it or from pressure from the collar.

4. The Bottom of Your Shoes

At the very bottom of your shoes where they make contact with the road is crucial. You don’t want your shoes to wear out quickly. A well-designed bottom is essential, no matter what kind of foot you have. It should also have a design that is optimized to prevent too much wear when you step or run.

As for the material, you want a durable material that will give you traction without excess drag on the material. The material shouldn’t be too heavy or it will add fatigue to your feet when working out.

Lastly, you want the bottom of the shoe to match the shape of your feet. As the strongest part of your shoe, the size of the bottom of the shoe matters the most. Finding a shoe with the perfect bottom for wide feet can be difficult though.

5. A Shoe that Moves Like You

As your foot moves it is crucial that your shoe moves too. You don’t want your shoe fighting the bending and curving of your foot. For a wide shoe, this is even more important as there is more material that needs to move with you. This means you need to try bending your shoe before knowing that it is perfect for you. Try with your hands to watch the flexibility and also try moving your foot around in all directions and bending your foot with the shoe on.

6. Let Them Wear In

Running shoes need to be worn in. Most materials take a little bit of time to form fit to your foot and also to loosen up from their starting state. Different materials will have a different time to break-in. It might help to wear your running shoes around the home for a while first to help get them to adapt to your feet perfectly.

7. Try Shopping for Specialty Shoes

Whether it be close or shoes there are always special categories out there for different sizes. Look at brands that make shoes specifically for people with wide feet, not just shoes that come with a wide foot option. When it comes to running, how your shoe fits and moves can make a big difference.

Some running stores carry a good collection of shoes for those who need wide feet. More importantly, they will have machines to help you determine your walking pattern and through that to determine the exact size and style of shoe that will work best for you. It can be costly at some stores to have this done but it can make a big difference.

8. Don’t Buy For Looks

It is very easy to look for shoes that are visually appealing but this shouldn’t be a big consideration when trying to buy running shoes. Running shoes are all about being practical and helping to give your feet as much support as possible. Once you find a shoe or a brand that you like you can look at the options that it comes in and then decide on a color.

9. Don’t Buy Shoes That Are Very Tight

Some people want to go and buy fairly tight-fitting shoes thinking that they provide the most support possible. A tight shoe is not the sign of proper fit. A shoe that is too tight will irritate your foot and ankle. At the same time, you don’t want the shoes to move around your feet too much or they will make it difficult to run. Aim for about a quarter to half an inch of wiggle room for your toes.

10. Do Not Forget Comfort

Remember that comfort should play a big role if you are looking for the best running shoes for wide feet. A comfortable running shoe will allow you to run further and feel better at the end of the day. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, it should be just right. A shoe professional can help you to determine that.



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Final Take:

There is no doubt that having the right running shoes can have affect your running ability. You want to make sure you get the correct fitting running shoes to avoid any pain and discomfort during your running routine.

Get the most out of your runs and work to increase your runs by buying the right running shoes for wide feet, you need the right tools for the job after all.



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