How To Pick The Best Hiking Shoes For Beginners: 10 Best Tips To Follow

If you planning a hiking trip to escape the lock down we are going to discuss some quick tips for picking the best hiking shoes for beginners

How To Pick The Best Hiking Shoes For Beginners: 10 Best Tips To Follow

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If you planning a hiking trip to escape the lock down we are going to discuss some tips for picking the best hiking shoes for beginners before embarking on a fun hiking trip.

 Going on a long hike once in a while is the best way to pump up adrenaline in your body and feel a rush of excitement. Having the best quality shoes for your hike is one of the best ways to make sure you have a great experience.

Be it hiking trip through Grand Canyon in Arizona or one in the Redwood National and State Parks in California, having the best hiking shoes for beginners will certainly improve the quality of your trip both in terms of comfort and fun.

Hiking Shoes For Men vs Hiking Shoes For Women

Though both men and women can obvious be on the same hiking trip, there is a significant difference between hiking shoes for women and hiking shoes for men.

Here are some key points of differences between hiking shoes for women and hiking shoes for men.

  • The most noticeable difference is the size of their feet. Women’s hiking shoes are much smaller and petite than men’s hiking shoes
  • A men’s heal is much less narrower than a women’s heel.
  • According to a study, woman’s foot has proven to be more flexible than a men’s
  • A woman’s shoes should come with advanced arch supports since they have a higher arch than men.

Keeping in mind all these differences, we have prepared a list of 10 Best Tips To Follow When Picking The Best Hiking Shoes Beginners.


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hiking shoes for beginners

10 Best Tips To For Picking The Best Hiking Shoes For Beginners


1. Consider the place where you are hiking while buying shoes

 This is probably the first thing you should consider when it comes to choosing the best hiking shoes for yourself if you are beginner. The place where you can go on a hike can vary depending on where you live or your personal taste.

In most of the cases, most hiking grounds are tough to walk on. These hikes also tend to be longer than your normal walks around the neighborhood. The first thing you should seek is absolute comfort. Pick out a pair that will keep you comfortable during the entirety of your trip.

When buying shoes, focus on brands who put comfort as their first priority. This will help you to find the perfect shoes for yourself.

2. Choose shoes that are suitable for the weather conditions

 Weather is a big factor when it comes to going out in nature for camping or hiking or anything else. While shopping for hiking shoes as well, you need to keep in mind the kind of weather you will have while you are hiking.

If you are going to a place where it rains a lot, you need to find waterproof hiking shoes that do well with water and being in the mud. On the other hand, a warmer place will demand for a pair of hiking shoes that don’t make your feet sweat and keep them comfy.

Research about the weather in advance before you leave for your hiking trip. This will make your shopping trip for shoes a lot easier and quicker.

3. Buy shoes with a good quality material

 You might think material isn’t that big of a deal but in reality, it really is. The best hiking shoes for beginners tend to be a bit on the expensive size so you want your shoes to last for a long time.

 The ultimate hiking experience depends on wearing a comfortable and nicely fitted pair of shoes. In general, experts consider leather or synthetics material shoes to be the best  for any type of hiking shoes be it for men or women despite the nature of the place they are hiking at.

Make sure to choose good quality material for your shoes as it will show a huge difference in your trekking experience.

4. Shoes should weigh less but last longer

Treks as said before can be super long and tiring most of the time. Your shoes should be ready for all of these conditions and obstacles.

No one likes shoes that are heavy and don’t even do their job right. Remember that the best hiking shoes for beginners need to be light on your feet and protect your feet well at the same time. You have to be aware of the shoes that are light but don’t last long though.

It is okay to spend a good amount of time trying to find the kind of shoes that are perfect for your specific hiking trip. So take your time and shop around – may be you will need simple hiking shoes or maybe you need hiking boots instead.  

5. Having waterproof shoes is the best thing

This is a huge deal when choosing footwear in general. Even if you are going to a place far away from water, waterproof hiking shoes or hiking boots are always a good investment as they prepare you for all worst case unpredictable scenarios.

Waterproof hiking shoes make it easier for you to continue hiking in case of sudden rain or walking through a water puddle in the middle of the road. These shoes also last more than a normal pair which is always a good thing right?

It’s not a necessity but most people seem to like these kinds of shoes. That doesn’t mean that you have to torture yourself by wearing them when you don’t want to.

6. Test them out before buying them

Things like shoes and clothes must be worn to test them out before you spend money on them. It is a thing you must do  if you are buying hiking shoes for beginners as well.

Trying them out allows you to make sure they are perfect for your feet size and comfortable to walk around in at the same time. Make sure to try out a few different pairs before you decide on the pair you want.

The best hiking shoes can easily be chosen by a trial in the shop so you should definitely do it yourself.

7. You might need to walk around in them before the actual hike

Even good quality shoes can take some time to feel comfortable. That’s why you should not just buy shoes and use them directly on the day of your hike.

Once you get the shoes, go home and walk around in them for a few days to make sure you are feeling good wearing them. Notice if they cause any kind of discomfort so you can return or exchange them.

This also helps in making the shoes a bit loose and get them “ready” for your upcoming trip.

8. Try our different brands and types of shoes

When it comes to shoes, you will find tons of stores offline as well as online that offer all kinds of hiking shoes.

Whether it be for women or men, hiking shoes come in different types and styles based on the different locations and types of hikes people can go on. Also there are some brands of shoes that are considered better than the rest of the brands.

Look up reviews, buying guides and articles to find out what the recommended best hiking shoes for beginners available on the market are before you go on the hunt for them.

9. Look for good deals to save some money

Even though you want the best shoes, you don’t want to go broke just to buy a good pair of shoes.

Keep an eye on the price range as well when you look quality. There are some fantastic companies that sell shoes that are cheap but good quality. You can also wait for sales to buy a pair.

It is not wrong to look out for your budget so consider all sides of things before spending money.

10. There is no need to stress out or go overboard

Shoes can be a huge deal but you definitely don’t need to freak out during the process of buying them. That will only increase the chance of buying the wrong ones. This applies to both regular shoes as well as hiking shoes.

Be sure to plan out your hiking trip before you go shopping for it. Know everything you will do properly so you can pick out the most suitable pair for yourself. Also keep your own need in mind.

You can even get customized shoes if you want but you don’t always have to do that. Keep your composure and you will find the best hiking shoes for beginners as well as for seasoned hikers in no time at all.


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Having the best hiking shoes will make your trip more memorable and magical for sure. These tips will help you to find the shoes that suit your unique style and requirements.

We hope that these 10 Tips For Choosing The Best Hiking Shoes For Beginners will make your shoes shopping experience fast and easy. Happy hiking guys!!



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