9 Helpful Tips To Pick The Best Running Shoes For Underpronation

This article provides you with guidelines and advice on how to buy the best running shoes for underpronation for running or walking

9 Helpful Tips To Pick The Best Running Shoes For Underpronation

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Are you suffering from underpronation and need some helpful tips and hints to pick the best running shoes for underpronation? This article provides you with guidelines and advice on how to buy the best running shoes for underpronation for running or walking.

Buying the right running shoes can make all of the difference when you are out there. Not only will it make your running more efficient but it will also make the experience less painful. No one running shoe is right for every foot, people walk differently and have different body makeups. One such type is underpronation. Today we are going to take a look at how to buy the best running shoes for underpronation.

What is Underpronation?

Underpronation, sometimes known as supination, is a condition in which one has a high arch in their foot or an instep with little to no flexibility. The heel can be seen as leaning outward, and thus putting more weight on the outside of the foot. With the weight being on the outside of the foot, the smaller toes have more pressure than normal, making them more likely to get callused.

In many cases underpronation does not cause anything besides discomfort or pain when engaging in physical activity. Buying the best running shoes for underpronation will help to counter this.

What Causes Underpronation?

Underpronation is relatively rare but it does affect a number of people around the world. While being rare, there are people who are more likely to develop underpronation.

Those with the following are more likely to develop some level of underpronation:

  • You Were Born With It
  • High Arches
  • Tight Achilles Tendon
  • Foot or Leg Injuries
  • Wearing the wrong shoes

As you can see, some of these causes can be corrected or repaired but others can’t. For those that can be repaired or corrected, it is important to do so. Underpronation can damage the foot and ankle if it is severe and measures aren’t taken. Having the best running shoes for underpronation will help to prevent damage too and make it more comfortable for you to engage in physical activity.


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Underpronation vs. Overpronation

The term pronation refers to the amount your foot rolls inwards, people have varying amounts of pronation in both directions. Underpronation is simply when the foot rolls less inward than others. Overpronation is the opposite, when the foot rolls farther inward. Both conditions can cause problems when engaging in physical activities, but again the right shoes can help to compensate for that. Additionally, speaking with a medical professional can further help you to get your feet to the proper orientation.

Of interest, pronation does not just happen in the feet, it also happens in the arms.


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best running shoes for underpronation


9 Helpful Tips To Pick The Best Running Shoes For Underpronation

To help you buy the right shoe we are going to take a look at some of the best tips and tricks for buying the best running shoes for underpronation. Make sure to read all of the tips before you go looking for your best option.

1. Get Your Foot Assessed

Knowing how much your foot pronates can help you determine the degree that you need to focus on the following steps. There are several different ways to get your feet assessed to determine the exact amount of pronation. Speaking to a medical professional is one of those ways. The other is to go to a running shoe store and having them examine your feet. The higher your amount of pronation, the more you need to focus on the various aspects here and on getting a specialized shoe.

2. Lightweight Shoes

Lightweight shoes will help to prevent too much exertion on your feet. Look for lightweight shoes that won’t make you work harder than anything else. A good number of running shoes can be found with lightweight yet durable materials. Make sure to ensure you pick the best material so the extra wear on the sides doesn’t ruin your shoes quicker than you expected.

3. Toe Room

Your toes, especially the smaller ones, are going to take a lot of impact from running with underpronation. To help give your toes comfort and prevent crowding, having extra room is essential. Give your toes enough room to wiggle and move slightly but do not get a shoe that is so loose it slides back and forth.

4. Proper Cushioning

Mot only is space needed for your toes but you will need extra cushioning to help prevent damage to the toes and heel from the extra impact of the underpronation. When picking your running shoes, make sure to find shoes that have more cushioning than your traditional running shoe, especially in the areas where your foot impacts the most.

5. Add Insoles

No matter how your feet pronate, adding insoles can help to maximize the comfort of your runs. Numerous companies make insoles that are specifically targeted for those that have underpronation. Look for these. Insoles can also help to add the extra cushioning you need to reduce the impact of your underpronation.

6. Additional Outside Rubber

Shoes have a variety of different designs. When you have underpronation your shoes may have excessive wear on not just one side of the sole but also on the side of the shoe too. Pay extra attention to the side of the shoes that you consider, they should have more rubber on the sides of the shoes than a traditional shoe. Especially on the outside. This isn’t just important for the lifespan of the shoes but also for the comfort of your feet.

As your foot lands on the ground, part of the outside of the foot hits the ground too. With the extra rubber, there is sole for that part of the foot, providing comfort.

7. Read the Reviews

One of the biggest benefits of the internet when it comes to shopping is the ability to easily find reviews. Before buying any the best running shoes for underpronation it is important to take the time and browse the internet for reviews of the shoes that you consider. Look at what they say about the lifespan, design, material, etc. All of this is important when buying a shoe.

Some websites, such as Amazon, allow for you to search the reviews for relevant words. Look for underpronation in the reviews specifically to see what other people have experienced from the shoes. Do not take a review’s word for gospel and make sure to check for yourself.

8. Trying On The Shoes Is Essential

It is important to try on shoes in any case but when you are looking for shoes that are good for those with underpronation you will especially need to try on the shoes. Without trying on shoes you will not know whether or not they are comfortable. You also won’t know whether they will fit your feet. Don’t just trust someone else’s reviews because all of our feet are different and what might fit perfectly for them might not for you.

9. Supportive Shoes

If all else fails or if you need help deciding between different shoes, supportive shoes are the best for any kind of pronation. Look for the shoe that has the most support. Typically this means looking for the higher quality shoes not the cheaper ones with lower quality materials.


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Now you know how to buy shoes for running with underpronation. Take each tip to heart and you will come out of the running store with the best the best running shoes for underpronation.

Make sure to bookmark this article because even the best the best running shoes for underpronation do not last forever and these tips will come in handy the next time that you need to buy shoes.


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