10 Handy Tips And Ideas For Upper Body Workout Exercises

Upper body workout and strength is extremely important since your upper body controls many of your daily activities including, reaching, pulling, pushing and lifting

10 Handy Tips And Ideas For Upper Body Workout Exercises

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Upper body workout and strength is extremely important since your upper body controls many of your daily activities including, reaching, pulling, pushing and lifting.

In addition, having a strong upper body helps to improve your overall flexibility, mobility and range of motion. Spending several minutes a few times a week performing upper body exercises can strengthen your upper body muscles resulting not only in better over all mobility, but also less chance of painful injuries.

What Exactly Does Your Upper Body Consist of?

Your upper body is everything above your waist. This includes, your neck, shoulders, arms, chest, and back and the muscles that cause these various parts of the body to function. Some of these muscles are individual muscles and others are made up of muscle groups.

  • Neck Muscles

The neck consists of the Sterbicleudinastiod muscles and the Splenius muscles which allow you to turn and extend your drive.

  • Shoulder Muscles

The shoulders are comprised of 2 individual muscles and 2 muscle groups. These muscles include the upper trapezius and the levator scapulae which allows you to elevate your shoulder muscles such as when you shrug or reach for something above your head. The muscle groups in the shoulder are the Deltoids made up of the anterior medial and posterior heads and the rotator cuff which is made up of the subsapularis, supraspinatus, infraspinaturs, and teres minor these muscles help you to flex your shoulder and rotate your arm (such as winding up to pitch a baseball or softball).

  • Chest Muscles

The chest is made up of two muscle groups and one individual muscle. The muscle groups are the pectoralis major which is made up of a clavicular and sternal head and the Serratus Anterior, which has a superior and inferior head. The single muscle in the chet is the pectorloris minor.

  • Abdominal Muscles

Your abdominal muscles consist of the Rectus abdominals which is an individual muscle and the obliques which is a group of muscles. Your abdominal muscles along with several other individual and group muscles are part of what is consider your body’s core. Core strength helps you have better balance, fewer back problems and better posture among other things.

  • Arm Muscles

The upper arms have two individual muscles and 2 muscle groups. The muscle groups in the arm that helps to flex the elbow are the Biceps brachii and the Triceps brachii. The individual muscles are called the brachialis and brachioradalis the lower arm or forearm is made up mainly of wrist flexors or wrist extensors.

  • Back Muscles

The back is made up of many muscles layered on top of one another some of these muscles include: the Erector Spinae, Multifidus, and quadatus lumborum.



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Upper Body Workout

Why Do You Need To Upper Body Workout and Strengthen?

Since you use your upper body every single day you may be wondering why you need upper body workout. There are actually a number of reasons why you might want to add upper body workouts to your normal exercise routines.

Here are just some ways that upper body exercises can benefit you health and your body:

  • You’ll look better in your clothes 

Working out your upper body tones your arms, neck chest and stomach all of which will make you better in clothes. Women can wear sleeveless shirts without those flabby upper arms. Tee shirts and button down shirts will look great when there is no midriff or tummy bulge showing. Your clothes will simply fit better, making your look and feel better.

  • Your sports skills will improve

Working out your upper body will help to swim faster, make you a better pitcher, skier, and basketball player and a variety of other sports.

Helps you prevent injury- working out your upper body can help you prevent a host of injuries including injury to your rotator cuff, shoulder and elbow and well as injury to your upper back and neck. In addition, if you are all ready suffering from an injury of any of these areas working out can help you strengthen the muscles and heal the injury faster while preventing future injury.

  • Can help you slow loss of muscle as you age 

As people age they begin to lose to lose muscle mass, by working out your upper body now you can slow the loss of these muscles as you age.


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What Are Some Challenges To Effective Upper Body Workouts?

For many people beginning an upper body can be quite challenging for a number of different reasons. For example, people who are living busy lives sometimes find it difficult to find time to do any type of workout, so it may be challenging to simply find time to learn what workouts to do, how to do them and then finding time to actually do the exercises.

Another challenge may be either finding time to go to the gym to get those upper body workouts in or finding the right equipment to purchase that will give you the most bang for your buck.

In addition budgetary concerns may prevent you from getting all the equipment you need to get a full upper body workout.

Upper Body Workout Exercises And Equipment

If you are looking to begin an upper body workout and want to know what exercises are good for beginners and what equipment you need to do these exercises here are few exercises you might want to consider.

  • Push ups

Push ups are good for strengthening the muscles in your neck, back, arms, shoulders and chest and there is no special equipment needed for this upper body workout.

  • Sit ups

Sit ups strengthen your abdominal muscles and like push ups no special equipment is needed for this upper body workout.

  • Dumbbell flies

Dumbell flies mostly work your deltoid and pectoral muscles and to a lessor degree they also work your arms and back. You do need a pair of lightweight dumbbells for this exercise.

  • Lateral Pulls with bands

Lateral pulls work mainly the muscles of your back and side as well as your arms. These exercises can be done with resistant bands at home or in a gym using a lateral pull machine.

  • Bicep Curls

Bicep curls help in strengthening muscles in your bicep and require the use of a lightweight dumbbell.

  • Back Extensions

Back extensions work the muscles in back, shoulders and neck and require no special equipment to do.


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Upper Body Workout

10 Tips for Upper Body Workout


Before you begin an upper body workout routine here are ten tips and ideas that you may find helpful:


1. Start with simple easy exercisers and work your way up to those more challenging workouts.

2. Don’t do every upper body workout every day, do a few one day and a few others the next and keep rotating them.

3. You only need to workout for about 10 minutes a day to see and feel results

4. Choose exercisers that doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment.

5. If possible get a workout buddy to help keep you motivated

6. Visit a gym and a trainer at least once to learn how to properly do each exercise

7. Treat yourself after working out by taking a bubble relax or enjoying a good cup of coffee

8. Keep hydrated while working out

9. Make it fun by exercising to music

10. You can find some simple upper body workouts on Youtube to get your motivated.



Before starting any of the above mentioned upper body workout exercises you need to learn how to properly do each and everyone of these exercises. In addition, you should combine upper body workouts without body workouts for a healthier you all over.


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