Picking The Best Running Shoes: Tips For Runners & Joggers

Best Running Shoes

Picking The Best Running Shoes: Tips For Runners & Joggers

Category: Running & Jogging Gear

What makes the best running shoes that make any runner or jogger enjoy running with utmost comfort? This article will help to give you some tips and advice on how to pick the best and perfect running shoes for you.

What matters the most when it comes to exercising? The will to continue and get in a form that will help you lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. The list of ‘the most important things’ includes the equipment you make use of while you go for a refreshing run.

The way your feet feel while you run plays an important role; you might feel sore or tired way early if you don’t buy a pair of running shoes that fits your feet well.

You have a long way to go, you are focused on your path and the journey towards a fit body, but a pair of shoes that aren’t fit to handle the activity of running or feel uncomfortable underneath your feet can be more damaging than you can imagine. Not only will it spoil your spirit, but it can also affect your posture and overall physique.

So, make sure that inside your shoe rack is a special pair of running shoes that give you  the ultimate level of comfort, and don’t let a wrong pair of shoes hamper all your efforts.

How Do You Pick The Best Running Shoes For Women?

While we may not notice it, there are quite a few differences between the feet of men and women. According to biomechanists’, it is observed that the difference in men’s and women’s feet lie in the ball of the foot, which is the relationship between the heel and the forefeet. Women tend to have a narrower heel in relation to their ball girth, thus, women’s running shoes  will differ from those of men.

Women also tend to have lower muscle mass and weigh less than an average man.  To make up for this lower level of impact on the midsole, their shoes lean more towards the softer and lighter side.

Research says that women tend to have wider hips than average men, which results in a possibility that their feet strike the ground towards the outside of the shoe sole. To make up for this possibility, women often buy shoes to keep up with their body structure and build.


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How Do You Pick The Best Running Shoes For Men?

Biologically, men weigh more than women due to their increased muscle mass and on an average, their taller structure. To sustain body weight, men’s shoes should have a midsole that is well built to sustain the extra weight as compared to women’s shoes.

Men’s feet tend to be wider and bigger than women’s. While shoes are something that most people don’t pay much attention to, biological differences like these can’t be ignored and thus, a shoe that fits your body and gender should be bought instead. Due to the difference in size, men’s running shoes lean more towards the bigger size to provide them with ultimate comfort.


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Best Running Shoes

What Are The Different Types Of Running Shoes?


Trail Running Shoes

Trailing shoes are way different from your everyday sneakers or road shoes. They are meant to provide you with extra shielding from the impact of rocks and roots that you might come across on the trail.

Trailing shoes are meant for hiking, and thus, you can’t use a normal road shoe for that purpose, because the way trail shoes are built to be more firm and with extra cushioning, no other shoe can fulfill your needs while on a hiking trail.

Road Running Shoes

Road running is the most common and popular kind of running. In fact, major marathons and races take place on the roads as well. The impact that the solid hard road has on your feet can be tough to handle, but the right pair of road running shoes can solve your troubles. To prevent any injuries, it is important to analyze which kind of runner you are; forefeet, heel striker, midfoot, etc.

Cross Training Shoes

Picking your shoes depending on the type of workout in which you are engaged is a critical part of the selection. Cross training shoes can be used in the gym for activities like weight lifting, stretching, yoga, basketball, and so much more. Cross training shoes tend to be heavier and provide you with extra durability and control to position your movements better.

Track and Field Shoes

Track and Field shoes, as the name suggests, are used by professionals who engage in track running and field activities like shot put, disk throwing, etc. There are two types of track shoes available, called racing flats and racing spikes.

While racing spike shoes are specifically designed to support sprinting or cross country races, racing flats are used for longer races and are ideal for training.


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What Factors Should You Consider When Picking The Perfect Running Shoes?


best running shoes


1. Cushioning

While running, you require a material that would effectively absorb the impact force that exists between you and the floor. Shoes with proper cushioning do that work for you. The cushioning in running shoes is also the reason behind their ideal fit and the comfort of your feet. But, at the same time, your shoes shouldn’t be too cushioned up because it can reduce your feel for the ground and can lead to heavier handlings.

2. The fitting

This feature applies to all your pieces of clothing. If the fit of your running shoe isn’t right, it can create problems like bruised or bleeding toenails that might further require serious medical attention.

To save yourself from all the pain and hospital bills, it is always advisable to wear shoes that are the perfect fit for your feet, and allows them to have enough breathing space to prevent  any infection that might be produced due to heavy sweating while running.

3. Support

The heel of the running shoes gives you a tremendous amount of support, and it becomes necessary to take the time to make sure the heel of your shoes is of the right height. The heel should fit around your ankle in a way that allows you sufficient movement, but shouldn’t be too loose to make the shoe slip off while running. If the heel is too loose, it will constantly rub against your heel and ankles, giving you a very irritating feeling.

4. The flex of the Shoe

The flex is located towards the front of the bottom of the shoe. If the flex has been misaligned, it can cause some serious damage to your body, such as arch pain or plantar fasciitis. If your flex is not flexible enough, it can cause conditions like Achilles tendon that can prevent you from taking part in many running competitions, thus limiting your opportunities.

5. Flexibility

Running shoes differ from walking shoes majorly in the aspect of firmness/ flexibility. Walking shoes are more firm and stiff, running shoes are meant to be more flexible because the act of running requires your feet to carry out fast movements and your shoes should be able to sustain all those movements.


Tips for buying running shoes for beginners

When you’re starting your fitness regime of running, many thoughts might come to your mind. While you might question ‘do I really require new shoes for running?’, the answer to that always remains a solid yes, because without them, you might experience knee pain, hip pain and other conditions that occur when you use wrong types of shoes for running.

Experts say that a good place to start is with shoes that are neutral or cushioned-well. You should make sure that your shoes have a heel to toe offset of 8 to 12 mm to give you a firm platform which will help prevent injuries and enhance biomechanics which promotes an effective running session.


Tips for buying running shoes for underpronation

Wearing the wrong pair of shoes can lead to possible injuries like underpronation, which is a condition that occurs when the manor part of the impact created by running affects the outside part of the foot. Underpronation running shoes are, thus, designed to avoid such injuries. They help in providing sufficient support and efficient cushioning to sustain the impact. The shoes take up the shape of your feet and will help you by providing enough cushioning on any surface.


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Tips for picking the right running shoes for wide feet

Not every pair of feet are the same size. If you have wide feet, you would be putting your feet to some serious torture if you force them into narrower shoes. Thus, to provide for runners who have relatively wider feet, wide width running shoes are available to ensure more breathing space and an ideal fit for your feet during the whole running session.

Tips for picking the right running shoes for high arches

If you have high arches, it becomes a necessity that you wear running shoes with sufficient cushioning and support. People who have high arches tend to roll outwards, so it becomes important that your shoes provide you with enough support to protect your feet. High arches can often result in problems like plantar fasciitis, stress fracture, shin splints etc. But don’t worry, all that can be solved if you use the right shoes.

Tips for picking the right running shoes for supination

Runners who have supination should wear shoes that provide them with support and comfort to help prevent any damage to the feet and ankle, and also alleviate the pain that comes along with this condition.

Supination is usually caused by the damages left over from previous injuries. Thus, it is extremely important that you switch to a more comfortable running shoe as soon as you feel any discomfort, because long-term supination can have a serious effect on your body and cause conditions like herniated discs, painful calves, tight hip flexor etc.


Tips for picking the right running shoes for flat feet

Flat feet, also known as fallen arches or pes planus, is a condition in which the soles of your feet are low enough to come in contact with the surface underneath when you’re standing. While many might say that runners with flat feet can’t do so well, it can be fixed with the correct pair of shoes.

For people with flat feet, it is advised that they wear shoes with sufficient foaming underneath to support their feet , and provide them with a stable base platform. Such shoes have features like a midfoot saddle that keeps their foot well-positioned while running.

Tips for picking the right running shoes for heavy men

Don’t let your weight stop you from picking the ideal and best running shoes. For men who are on the heavier side, it is preferred that they use shoes that are highly cushioned and have a strong base, so that they are able to sustain the body weight well and provide you with the ultimate running experience.


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Benefits of running for weight loss


  • Promotes a healthier heart

Running keeps your cardiovascular system working fine. When you go for a run, your heart rate increases which promote a healthy working of the arteries and blood vessels.

  • Gives you a better metabolism

Running is a high-intensity workout that promotes the body to be in an accelerated state even after you are done running. This means your body is still burning calories even when your running session is over.

  • Suppresses unhealthy appetite

After coming home after a long run, you wouldn’t crave for a dish filled with calories. Instead, you would wish to go for natural juices or food items that help you stay hydrated. This habit that your body develops by itself is the healthiest way to control your diet.

  • Economical and convenient

When you run, you don’t require heavy-duty equipment or heading to  the gym that costs a fortune to get in.  It is a very economical activity that encourages you to stay in connection with nature, and is a very refreshing workout alternative too. The refreshing aspect of running is what encourages people to stick to their daily running session, promoting faster weight loss.


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Best Running Shoes

Best Running Shoes F.A.Qs


Q1. Can you use your running shoes for everyday tasks?

You don’t see professional footballers wearing stud while going to the grocery store, and that is because each shoe is designed for various purposes. Wearing your running shoes as your everyday walking shoes may cause you discomfort and will decrease the lifetime of your shoes, making them incapable to be used as running shoes.

Q2. Is it better to get more than one pair of running shoes?

Even if you have one pair of  well fitted running shoes, you are good to go. But if you have enough money to spare, getting one or two pairs extra would be a great option as it takes your midsole foams a day to recover from a run. So,  if you have another pair, you can make use of that instead for the next day session.

Q3. When is the right time to get new running shoes?

It is observed that an average pair of running shoes lasts up to the usage of 500 to 700 miles. It is important that you retire your shoes when they feel too worn out to prevent any slips or injuries that you might suffer due to the lack of grip that most old shoes provide you with.

Q4. Which is the best brand for running shoes?

The brand doesn’t really matter in an issue like these, because every person has different preferences and their body requires different areas of attention. If you feel comfortable in one brand, it doesn’t mean the next person will find the same support in the same brand. Thus, what plays the most important part in picking the ideal running shoes is the fact that they fit you well and you are comfortable in them. So, the next time you go shopping for your new running shoes, don’t limit yourself to a specific brand and try out a diverse collection to pick the best option from.


As if we haven’t stressed it enough, let us point it out one last time, your fitness is something you can’t compromise with and running becomes an alternative to all the expensive and time taking workout regimes that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Thus, picking the right shoes for this fruitful activity will extract you more benefits that you can ever imagine. So, make some extra space for your running shoes in your shoe rack that is yet to be added to your collection.

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