10 Best Mizuno Running Shoes For Women: Buying Guide with Reviews

In this buying guide we are going to review the 10 Best Mizuno Running Shoes For Women and explore why they ideal for runners and exercise in general

10 Best Mizuno Running Shoes For Women: Buying Guide

Category: Women’s Running Shoes: Buying Guides

In this buying guide we are going to review the 10 Best Mizuno Running Shoes For Women and explore why they ideal for runners and exercise in general.

Since the early 1980s, Mizuno has been introducing spectacularly amazing shoes. Although they intend to manufacture and produce various sneakers, boots, and jogging shoes, for certain reasons, it is more popular among the runners.

There are various models launched after a certain time that has received much hype. Since then, it has become the most popular shoe brand for running purposes. The reason for it being the best is the fact that it provides great speed, with a certain amount of durability and flexibility. Not just it, it has much more to it.


10 Best Mizuno Women’s Running Shoes





Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 15 Running Shoe


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First on the list comes my favorite, and the top choice if you need a much stable product. It is indeed the , that is not just great for running but looks much versatile at the first sight. Let’s start by digging into its features, and know more about this specific shoe.

Low top Shoe

The wave inspire is among one of the most selling shoes according to the current data. Unlike other features, it uses a rubber sole with a low top height. The wave sets are great to provide you with comfort and stability. This way, you can have a great balance of waves through the cushions installed along with its stable ride.

U4ic Midsole

Like the other brands producing shoes, Mizuno cares for the customer feedback and reviews and thus has listened to add more comfort. Thus, the upper mesh provides the user with sustainability and comfort that let the foot breathe a bit more.

Moreover, its U4ic Midsole works by absorbing shock, making it great for distant traveling. Isn’t it amazing?


  • Available in various colors
  • Feels light
  • Breathable meshwork provided
  • Comes with premium sock-liner




Mizuno Women's Wave Sky Waveknit 3 Running Shoe

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Next comes another shoe from the Wave Sky series that is made of a meshwork of knitting for ultimate comfort.

The comes in various appealing colors that just took away my heart. The stretch hold abilities allow you to fit in your foot fully without keeping a double check.

XOP Midsole

Furthermore, you will notice the XOP Midsole that works by providing the right cushioning for the runner. It extends the limit of running, but also boosts up the energy level due to solid comfort and stability. In our opinion, it the indeed one of the best Mizuno women’s running shoes that we recommend for exercise runners.

Unique construction

The shoe has a unique and adequate design that ensures a smooth and exceptionally amazing riding experience. What’s more, is that it allows the foot to breathe along with its X10 outsole. For longer wear, it is a perfect choice!


  • XOP PU Foam
  • Wave technology is offered
  • Comes with a premium sock liner
  • X10 outsole comes built-in




Mizuno Women's Wave Prophecy 8 Running Shoe


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Third, on my list is , that is not just shoes, but a synonym for comfort and flexible design. It is too light in weight such that you will not feel any better when the shoes aren’t worn. The brand also featured the color range with wave technology. Scroll down to know more!

Full-length wave plate

What’s more, is that it is now equipped with a full-length wave plate. It means it is more unique, and solid construction together with a much-advanced wave technology. The feature has also improved the durability, along with its cushioning and comfort.

U4icX board

Now you will be getting a long-lasting board of U4icX, such that the foot does not feel rough or itchy while running. It provides an extra layer of protection to the sole of your foot, which makes it the best Mizuno women’s running shoes.


  • Upper air meshwork for a much smooth feel
  • DynamotionFit technology used
  • Provides the greatest performance
  • Comfortable sole for longer runs




Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 16 Road Running Shoe


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Want a stable and long-lasting shoe for your next marathon? You have landed at the place where one can find answers to the required questions. Let’s talk about the next favorite pair of mine, which is the new . It too uses the new wave technology for extra cushioning that leads to comfort.

Soft and breathable fit

The new version of the shoes make comfort the top choice, and that is why this air meshwork tends to provide smoothness. Not just it, but it let the air go inside the shoe, and not letting it sweat a bit. The new engineer product works by providing a soft top for the breathable shoe.

Durable and stable rides

With X10 shoe sole, there is nothing to worry about. It is said because this running shoe is perfect for smooth and stable rides. Nonetheless, it also offers a premium sock-liner for ultimate reliability and design. You will also love its midsole.


  • Upper mesh for soft rides
  • Provides a breathable fit
  • Has an internal toe cap
  • Light in weight




Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 16 Waveknit Running Shoe Road


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As a health enthusiast, I have always been looking up everyday usage items and shoes. That is why have added the to my list. Made of a rubbery sole, and great quality fabric for meshwork is what you have to invest your money on. It is a perfect example if you want the best Mizuno Women’s Running Shoes.

Foam wave

Coming with an updated version of Women’s Wave Inspire 15, this new model is made much softer and great for longer rides. You can even use it during office hours, or take them on travel trips where you need to walk more. It too offers a foam wave-shaped structure with an X10 Outersole.

Great stability and comfort

Moreover, when the comfort is tested, it is ideal for the ones who need more support. It also keeps the feet steady and comfy throughout the run. The upper part is made of double-layered meshwork that is too supportive and comfortable for almost everyone.


  • Provides more comfort and good feel
  • Has great heal fittings
  • Has low top shaft height
  • Rubber sole material




Mizuno Women's Wave Horizon 3 Running Shoe


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Sixth on the list is the latest and is known to provide excellent quality performance with great specs. It doesn’t feel clunky and uncomfortable underfoot, as it is made of superior quality material for the responsive sole. Let’s stalk the shoe a bit more to know the features.

Best for stability

The shoe is the best when it comes to providing the customers with an enthusiastic approach towards support and stability. The soles are worthy enough as they are made up of superior quality U4icX and U4ic foams for better results. It also plays its role in absorbing shock.

AeroHug Technology

Besides, the upper uses AeroHug technology to provide a snug fit. Don’t worry, as the foot will still be able to breathe and will have additional support during running.


  • Provides snug fit and support
  • Does offer responsible cushions
  • Stable padding to ensure durability
  • Has U4ic and U4icX foams




Mizuno Women's Wave Creation 20 Running Shoe

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Supported with the wave creation technology, along with a responsive plate of infinity wave, the is just what you need. The open outsole makes it the perfect and the best Mizuno Women’s running shoes for everyone. Track me below, such that you can make it till the checkout!

Wave support system

This unique wave system makes the running shoe much more compelling and fantastic when used. It also has made the work easier due to its support system that helps by protecting the heels through its outsole. Not just the support, but it also offers much more comfort and shock absorption, all at once.

A full-length layer of U4icX

As far as the sole is concerned, it has a supported U4icX sole with extra cushioning and crosswise grooves. This way, you can enjoy the flexibility and ease of a supportive ride. In my view, it is one of the best purchases and favors you can do for yourself. Enjoy more and have fun!


  • Responsive sole for a great running experience
  • Shock absorptive construction
  • Offers traditional cushioning material
  • Has crosswise grooves for extra support




Mizuno Women's Wave Creation Running 19 Shoes


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Not just this one comes in a variety of colors, but the combination is also worth noticing and looks cool. Furthermore, the fabric is made up of synthetic fiber material that too is of great quality and feels smooth. The sole material is rubber, whereas the shaft height can be regarded as a low top.

Wave Creation 19

The 19th edition of the wave creation seems to look perfect, at least to my eyes. The reason for saying so is the fact that it comes with great quality textile fibers. It too is light in weight and has a wave knitted upper part. The resultant tested to have much flexibility, comfortable and a smooth touch when felt.

Removable insole

Not just it offers you a snug-fitting, but the shoe also comes with a detachable insole. Such operations make it look great with an amazing anatomical sock liner. You can easily improve the fitting through the laces provided, which are not too long as well.


  • Has removable insole
  • Comes with new infinity wave creation 19
  • Has full-length U4icx sole
  • Comfort from the sock liner




Mizuno Women's Wave Shadow Running Shoes


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This range of Mizuno shoes is great if you are more in leaner sneakers or soft pair of shoes. As a trainer, I will recommend you to get yourself the without giving it a second thought. The snappy foot will provide you the most awaited look you have been searching for. It also adds more to the speed for running.

Revamped upper

The upper is all about breathability and improved mid-foot. Moreover, you will notice that the straps are made of polyurethane for amazing and stable rides. Moreover, the mesh is made of synthetic material of fabric with three panels of overlays. The rubber material is just what you need.

Balanced Shoe

Alright, you are much interested in comfort, but what about the heels? Well, this has got you covered as it has been working by hugging your feet. Just like this, it also provides the right balance of cushion along with its ground feel.


  • Sole is a blend of U4ic and U4icX
  • Rubber and mesh improves the breathability
  • Has polyurethane strap internally
  • Snappy foot for improved speed




Mizuno Women's Wave Rider 22 Knit Running Shoe

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Last, the is there to help you with your running issues. You might get hurt once done with the running, and the reason behind is low-quality shoes. To assist you, Mizuno women’s shoes are there. So, what are you waiting for? It also is an improved version of the previous model.

U4ic Stroble board

The cushion here is also removable, but what’s more interesting and might catch your attention is the Strobel board made of U4ic. It ensures the user to have comfort under the foot.

Lightweight and breathable

Moreover, the knitted upper part ensures to be light in weight and can also stretch when you are running. It allows you to feel cozier and warm with comfy heels.


  • Wave knit for flexibility
  • U4ic midsole for shock absorption
  • Cloud wave technology that ensures a comfortable fit
  • Removable stock liner with cushions that is breathable and much light in weight


That’s our review of the 10 Best Mizuno Running Shoes For Women. This article has summarized all of the best shoes from the same brand, with a detailed description and features and hope you find it helpful in your search for the best running shoes for women!

For more queries, you can jot them down in the comments as I am replying below. You can also suggest me few other topics of your interest so that I can write about them. Till then, shop well and run fast!


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Best Mizuno Running Shoes For Women




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