5 Useful Tips For Buying Running Shoes For High Arches

In this article we will discuss high arches in feet and how it affects your ability to run as well as give you tips for buying running shoes for high arches

5 Useful Tips For Buying The Best Running Shoes For High Arches

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The feet of various people don’t just differ in length and width, for some people their arches may also differ, with some people having normal arches, some having low arches or flat feet and others having high arches in their feet. In this article will discuss high arches in feet and how it affects your ability to run as well as give you tips for buying running shoes for high arches.

What Are High Arches

The arch of your foot is the curved area on the bottom of your foot between the ball and the heel. Most people have a slight curve while in other people this curve is much more pronounced and so high that only the ball of your foot and your heel touch the ground when your feet are placed solidly on the ground.

What Causes High Arches

The most common cause of high arches is simply that you are born with this condition. In other words it is simply the way your foot is formed, an act of nature or perhaps heredity. In other cases high arches can be caused by other medical conditions such as:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Polio
  • A Stroke
  • Tumors of the Spinal cord

There are some other causes as well. If your high arches aren’t caused by nature, then your doctor has likely all ready diagnosed the underlying cause of your high arches.


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High Arch Vs Low Arch:  What Is The Difference?

High and low arches are the complete opposite of one another. In high arches the curve on the bottom of the foot is highly pronounced in people with low arches, the curve is very slight or non-existent a condition often referred to as flat feet.

A person with high arches tends to roll their foot outward when walking or running while a person with low arches foot rolls inward when walking or running.

People with high arches will find that walking puts a great deal of stress on their toes, heels and ankles and suffer a higher risk of suffering ankle sprains and breaks than do people with normal arches.

On the other hand people with low arches tend to suffer more heel and arch pain and are more susceptible to plantar fasciitis.

Both conditions need running shoes that provide the correct support for their arches to help prevent pain and even injury.


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What Prevention and Treatment is There For High Arches

There really is no prevention for high arches since you certainly can’t determine whether a child will have high arches when they are born, nor could you prevent the condition even if you could determine the condition. It is also difficult to prevent any of the medical causes of high arches either.

However, there are treatments available for people who suffer from high arches and these treatments depend on the cause and the severity of the condition. Here are some of the treatments that are available.

  • Custom Orthopedic Devices

These are basically insoles specifically designed for people with high arches. These insoles slide into your shoes to provide arch support and provide stability for your feet.

  • Orthopedic Shoes

In some cases insoles do not provide as much support as a person with high arches needs. In such cases special orthopedic shoes and running shoes for high arches may be required to help reduce discomfort and provide support for the foot and arches.

  • Ankle Braces

In some cases where the high arches have caused a person to constantly turn their ankle, the muscles and the tendons in the ankle may have become weakened and the need for ankle braces as well as insoles or orthopedic shoes may be necessary.

  • Physical Therapy

In other cases your doctor may also suggest you engage in physical therapy to help improve the muscle tone and the flexibility of your feet and arches.

  • Surgical Intervention

As a last resort surgical intervention may be necessary to help relieve pain and improve your condition. There are different surgical procedures including Plantar Fascial release, tendon transfer, Osteotomy, or Arthrodesis. Depending on the type of surgery you need recovery can take from 4 to 9 weeks.


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How Does High Arches Affect Someone’s Running Ability and Effectiveness?

High arches can affect someone’s ability to run by causing a great deal of discomfort to their heels, balls of the feet, ankles, knees, and even the back resulting in anything from mild to severe pain because of the rolling over of the feet as a person runs.

In addition, since people with high arches are more prone to ankle injuries, you can spend much of the running time getting injured and needing time to recover. High arches can affect your running gait as well as your feet’s ability to absorb shock slowing your speed.


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Why Do You Need To Make Sure You Buy Special Running Shoes For High Arches?

Because, high arches can cause pain and even damage to your ankles, you need special running shoes for high arches that offers both support for your arches to help absorb shock as well as add some stability to your ankles to help prevent injury.


running shoes for high arches

5 Useful Tips For Buying The Best Running Shoes for High Arches

If you are runner with high arches finding the right running shoe for your condition can relieve pain and help you improve the mechanics of running resulting in faster run times and less chance of injury.

Here are some things you need to look for when buying running shoes for high arches.

1. Great Arch Support

Having a shoe that both supports your high arch and cushions it will help prevent your foot from rolling to the outside whenever you take a step. Limiting the pronation of your foot will help prevent ankle injuries that could end your running career.

2. Not Too Much Stability

While you want the right support to help stabilize your ankles when running, you don’t want too much support so that your ankles cannot bend properly.

3. Ball and Heel Cushioning

 Not only do you want a running shoe for high arches that cushions and supports your arch, you also want to provide some cushioning for the ball and heel of your foot as well.

 4. Thick Shock Absorption Outsole

 Height arches tend to be unable to provide shock absorption when running resulting in ankle, knee, and even back pain as well as shin splints. So finding a running shoe for high arches that has a thick shock absorption outsole is a must for those with high arches.

5. Breathability

 As with any running shoe you want a shoe that is breathable so your feet don’t get overheated when running.


Today there are many running shoes for high arches available. Find the right shoe for your arch and comfort and keep on running.



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