10 Best Tips For Buying Running Shoes For Flat Feet

Want to buy the perfect running shoes for flat feet? Follow these 10 Best Tips For Buying Running Shoes For Flat Feet as your guide and you will find the best and perfect flat feet running shoes

10 Best Tips For Buying Running Shoes For Flat Feet

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 Want to buy the perfect running shoes for flat feet? Follow these 10 Best Tips For Buying Running Shoes For Flat Feet as your guide and you will find the best and perfect flat feet running shoes.

Having the best quality running shoes is significant when it comes to exercising or going hiking. Especially if you are choosing running shoes for flat feet, there are certain things you must keep in mind. This article will walk you through the tips that might come in handy to buy the best running shoes.


What Are The Causes Of Flat Feet?

Before we list the tips, let us first understand what it means to have flat feet. If your feet have a really low arch or sometimes no arch at all, you are considered to have flat feet. There are a couple of different reasons why people can have flat feet.

Here are some of the most noticed causes of flat feet:

  • Suffering through an ankle or foot injury
  • Genetic reasons i.e. your parents might have flat feet and you inherit it from them
  • As you grew up, tendons in your feet might not have developed or suffered some kind of damage.
  • If you have had muscular or nervous system diseases, you are more prone to flat feet.


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Effects of flat feet on your ability to run:

Flat feet can cause a lot of pain to some people while others can go their entire life without even noticing them. If you are a runner or love running a lot, certain limitations can come with having flat feet. Some of the effects of flat feet are as follows:

  • You will feel a lot of pain if you put too much pressure on your leg muscles while moving
  • Your foot might roll inward while you try to run longer distances, causing your shoes to get damaged as well.
  • Over-pronation is also known to damage your ankles severely and cause them to pain a lot.
  • Pain in your shins and swollen tendons are also some of the results of having flat feet while running
  • It can affect other parts of your body along with your feet like your lower hips, knees and thighs and can cause discomfort.


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running shoes for flat feet

10 Best Tips For Buying Running Shoes For Flat Feet

Whatever the reason be, it is essential to have a good pair of flat feet running shoes to make your life easier. Through a lot of research, we have prepared a list of tips that will help you while buying running shoes for flat feet.


1. Identify the exact reason behind your flat feet

 Buying shoes, in general, depends a lot on how your feet are structured and what provides the most relief to you. That’s why it is needed that you understand the exact cause of your flat feet.

Minimalist shoes are recommended for those who have barely felt any pain due to their flat feet. On the other hand, stability running shoes for flat feet are suggested for those who have over-pronation. Make sure to know the type of flat feet you have before you go shopping for running shoes.

2. Visit a trustworthy store to get customized shoes

 The place from where you buy running shoes for flat feet also matters a lot when it comes to the quality of them. A good store will make sure you have the shoes that support your flat feet and make running easy for you.

Choose a store where you can get the exact shoes that are made for the size of your feet. Buying from a brand that specializes in manufacturing running shoes for flat feet is the best way to make sure you get a good pair.

3. Pick shoes that don’t compromise on comfort

 For those who lack an arch in their feet, this is the most important that you need to keep in mind. If you are someone who loves running a lot, you have to make sure they provide the absolute comfort to your feet.

There are running shoes for flat feet that provide added support to make you comfortable while jogging a long distance. You don’t need to for sure need the extra comfort. But if you feel the need, buy the shoes that provide that extra level of comfort.

4. Stability is another thing to keep in mind

 People who suffer from over-pronation tend to lack stability in their feet while running. Stable running shoes for flat feet enable you to have more control on the way you walk or run.

If you have flat feet, you have to be extremely careful since you might suffer a lot of injuries. Running shoes that have a lot of stability make it possible for you to run miles without worrying about your feet overpronating.

5. Trying out shoes before purchasing matters a lot

 Most people, in general, don’t like to buy footwear before trying it out at least once. While you buy running shoes for flat feet, it’s even more needed that you walk around in them before you decide to pay for them.

Always remember in that back of your head that what works for other people will not always work for you. Even the best shoes in the market need to be tested before getting them so make sure you walk around in your running shoes and make sure they are comfortable enough.

6. Purchase shoes in the latter half of the day

Some of you might already know the reason behind this tip in particular. Throughout your day, you might have noticed your feet swelling a bit and this can make a difference when choosing shoes.

While buying running shoes for flat feet, you must get a pair that will be comfy the entire day. When you go in the evening to buy running shoes, you can see if the shoes do a good job even with your swollen feet. That’s why it is advised that you plan a shoe shopping trip a bit later in the day.

7. Your socks matter just as much as your shoes

You most probably will wear socks along with your running shoes yet we always forget to get good socks. Comfortable socks can make your flat running shoes more effective and improve the quality of them.

Getting the perfect pair of socks in reality also depends on the pair of running shoes you plan to get. Often, thinner socks prove to be a good choice along with running shoes for flat feet as they allow your feet to have enough space while you run.

8. Good insoles can help you out a lot

 It’s okay if you don’t like the running shoes made especially for flat feet because they are not exactly your style. This is when getting insoles made can prove to be a blessing in disguise.

You might be surprised to hear this but there are insoles available in the market made for flat feet people. You can get a nice pair of running shoes for flat feet and then have insoles added to them for extra comfort and support.

9. Having enough toe space is also vital

 Yes, you might have heard numerous times that your shoes will grow as time passes. But always keep in mind that your shoes are not going to expand a lot but rather it will be a small expansion.

It is completely fine to go up a size so your shoes have enough toe space in them. Without this, your shoes will eventually start becoming uncomfortable which is a waste of the money you spend on buying running shoes for flat feet. So you should keep a good amount of toe space.

10. Practice running after getting new shoes

 Most shoes in the market need a couple of uses before they start feeling comfortable on your feet. Once you buy running shoes for flat feet, you should spend some time walking and running around in them.

Get yourself used to wearing them inside and around your house before using them in the outside world. This will enable you to feel confident and happy wearing them. It will also prepare you to take them along with you on your hiking trips as well. It also gives you a second chance to test them and return them if you don’t like how they support your flat feet.


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In this article, we explained what it means to have flat feet. We also covered some of the major causes of it and the effect it can have on your ability to run daily. Following that, we also discussed tips to help you buy running shoes for flat feet.

We hope that this article enables you to understand the type of flat feet you have and how to purchase the most amazing pair of shoes for them. Good quality running shoes for flat feet will reduce the pain you might experience and make running a better experience for you and your legs. Keep these ten tips in mind when you go shopping for running shoes made for flat feet and you will find the right pair for you quickly!


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