10 Tips For Finding The Best Dog Leash For Running & Exercise

Running is a great exercise for you and for your canine companion as well and running with your dog can be a great deal of fun as long as you have the best dog leash for running

10 Tips For Finding The Best Dog Leash For Running & Exercise

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Running is a great exercise for you and for your canine companion as well and running with your dog can be a great deal of fun as long as you have the best dog leash for running.

Running & Exercising With Your Dog: The Benefits Explored

Most people who choose to adopt a dog do so because they love dogs and want a companion. Most dog owners take good care of their dog including vet checks, feeding and watering, grooming and exercising them. If you are the type of person who runs for exercise, running with your dog can provide you with some unique benefits as cited by the American Vetenary Medical Association (AVMA).

But before you grab that dog leash for running and head out the door, here is a look at some of the benefits of running with your dog.

1. Running With Your Dog Forces You To Switch Up Your Training

If you are running simply to stay fit you tend to get into a routine where you run the same course at the same pace each and every time you run. However, when you go running with your dog you are forces to switch up your training to accommodate your dog’s habits. Dogs don’t tend to run at a set pace for any distance, they sometimes run faster, sometimes slower, and often stop to sniff the flowers or to relieve themselves this forces you to switch up training which may actually give you a better overall cardio workout.

2. Running With Your Dog Forces You to Plan Your Runs

Most people who run for fitness don’t tend to plan their runs. They simply head out the door and log in the distance they normally do. When you run with a dog you need to take the time to plan your runs. Because of their paws, your dog can’t run long distances on pavement or gravel, forcing you to plan runs on sand, grass or softer ground. On hot days you need to plan your run for shady areas and you also need to plan the length of your run to match your dogs abilities.

By forcing you to plan your run to meet your dogs needs you actually have to think about your runs and plan them out carefully.

3. Running With Your Dog Can Provide an Extra Measure of Safety

Attaching that dog leash for running to your dogs collar or harness and running with your dog can actually help you to stay safer when running. Not only do you tend to be more on guard since you have to watch out for dangers to your dog such as traffic, other dogs, and even wild animals, but your dog also looks out for you.

Dogs stay alert to danger and can even come to your aid in the case of a medical emergency seeking help in your time of need.

4. Running With Your Dog Will Keep You Motivated

Running for fitness like any exercise can become monotonous and after a while you may be tempted to blow off that running routine. However Once your dog gets in the habit of running with you, he will be eager to go for those runs. Some dogs will even bring you the dog leash for running when they want to go out for a run.

When your motivation for running flags your dog can help keep you motivated by demanding that you take him for a run.


A Pet Owner’s Guide To The Best Dog Running Leash For Exercise


What Are The Different Types of Dog Leashes For Joggers?


dog leash for running


If you are looking for a dog leash for running with your dog you need to know what types of leashes are available.

Here is a brief look at the different types of dog leashes.

  • Standard Leash:

Standard leashes are normally made out of nylon or leather. This type of leash is usually quite tough and stands up under various weather conditions. These leashes are lightweight enough to use on young puppies and strong enough to use on grown larger dogs. However, it is possible for a dog to chew through this type of leash.

  • Chain Leash:

Chain leashes are heavy and bulky and often have a leather loop for the dog owner to hold onto. These types of leashes are normally used on dogs that tend to chew through other leashes.

  • Retractable Leash: 

A retractable leash is usually a long thin rope that goes into a large plastic handle. These leashes are normally longer than other styles of leashes allowing the dog to wander 15 to 25 feet away if the owner feels it is safe. Retractable leashes normally have a button that will retract the leash and reel in the dog for closer control when needed.

  • Reflective Leash:

These leashes are standard type leashes made using special reflective material. These leashes are great when walking or running with your dog in low light conditions or after dark. These leashes work best when combined with a reflective dog harness or collar.

  • Waist Belt Dog Leash:

For those of you who want a hands free dog leash for running the waist belt dog leash consists of a belt that fits around your waist with a leash that attaches to the belt on one end and the dogs collar or harness on the other end. The waist belt dog leash makes it more comfortable for the both the dog and the runner.

  • Martingale Lead:

A Martingale lead consists of a Martingale collar and a regular standard leash. Whenever your dog pulls against the leash the collar tightens and then relaxes when the dog stops pulling. If the collar is properly fitted the Martingale collar  will not be a choking hazard to your dog.

  • Dog Harness:

While not a leash a dog harness is an alternative to the dog collar. A dog harness is safer for small dogs and makes it easier to manage large dogs since the harness goes around a dog’s chest or between the dog’s shoulder blades. A dog harness provides better control of the dog and reduces pulling.


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Leashes For Small Dogs vs Leashes For Large Dogs: What Is The Difference?

The type of dog leash for running you choose will depend a great deal on the size of dog you have, it’s age, energy level, and other factors. However, here is a brief general look at how dog leashes for small dogs may differ from dog leashes for big dogs.

Best Leashes for Small Dogs

Small dogs tend to be less powerful and easier to control than larger dogs so the best leashes for small dogs are those harnesses that are lightweight, adjustable – like retractable leashes and durable. Reflective leashes are also good for small dogs if you are planning on walking or running with them at night.

Best Leashes for Large Dogs

Larger dogs tend to be more powerful than small dogs, so you are normally going to want a leash that is made of thicker and sturdier material. You may also want a shorter leash for better control and a 2 handed leash may come in handy when need extra control.

Running & Exercising With Your Dog

If you are planning on running with canine companion then you are going to want to find the best dog leash for running with your dogs.


dog leash for running

10 Tips That Will Help You Find The Best Dog Leash For Running With Your Dog:


1. Ask Those People who Run With Their Dogs What Leash They Use

With so many running leashes on the market it can be difficult knowing where to start when looking for a running leash. Why ask other people who run with their dogs regularly what type of leash they prefer and why.

2. Consider Your Own Height

Choosing the right dog leash isn’t just about your dog. You also need to take into consideration your height. If you are short person then purchasing a long leash can result in too leash dragging the ground causing you or your dog to get tangled up in the extra leash length. If you are tall and purchase a short leash then you could end up swinging a small dog off the ground, or choking a large dog as you run along.

3. Type and Size of Dog

You are also going to need to take into consideration the type and size of the dog you will be running with. Larger stronger dogs will need a much sturdier than leash than a dog that is small and lightweight.

4. Durability

When purchasing a running leash for your dog, you are going to want a leash that is durable. You don’t want a leash that will snap easily if your dog suddenly takes off and pulls on the leash.

5. Look for Reflective Features

If you like to run on low light days or at night then you may want your dog leash for running to have reflective features. These features will make it easier for other runners, bikers, and skateboards to see your dog and avoid running into them or frightening them.

6. Color

Along with looking for a leash with reflective features, consider a brightly colored harness that will draw attention to it. Brightly colored leashes will also make others on your running path aware of you and your dog.

7. Adjustability

There are times when you may want to allow your dog a little more distance (such as when they need to relieve themselves) but the ability to rein them back in when the need arises. So look for a leash that is adjustable allowing you to choose how much space you want to give your dog.

8. Consider a Double Handle for Larger Dogs

If you have a larger dog then you may want to consider a leash with a double handle. One handle is at the end of leash and the second handle is closer to your dogs collar so you can grab it and pull your dog close should you need extra control of your dog.

9. Want a Hands Free Leash?

If you enjoy being able to move your arms freely as you run then you may want to consider a hands free leash. Some of these leashes come with lights, bright colors and other features that make these leashes an ideal choice for many runners.

10. Try out a Couple of Different Leashes

While it may cost you a little more money, you really should try out a couple of different leashes for short runs to see which leash works best for you.


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Taking the time to find the best dog leash for running will let you and favorite pooch enjoy spending quality time together outdoors and will add to those bonding moments between you and your pooch.



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