Running Shoes For Supination: Everything You Need To Know

Running Shoes For Supination

Running Shoes For Supination: Everything You Need To Know

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In order to make sure that you buy special running shoes for supination you need to know what qualities to look for in the perfect running shoes for you to help correct this condition. This article is designed to provide you with the important information you need to help you overcome supination and achieve the most of your running abilities.

When you normally walk or run your foot naturally turns in a little bit so that the your weight is on the ball of your foot and push off from the around the big toe area. This positioning of the foot is known as pronation and makes running more comfortable whether you are running as a sport or simply for exercise or fun.

However, if your foot tends to turn outward when your walk or run, you have a condition known as underpronation or supination and while this condition is not prevalent for those who have it may lead to a great deal of discomfort for your feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips and back.

If you run for exercise or for sport then you are going to want the proper running shoes for supination.

What is Supination?

Supination also know and underpronation is when your foot tends to turn towards the outside when you walk or run. When you take a step instead of the foot turning slightly inward so that the ball of your foot bears the weight, the foot outwards so that that your little toe is bearing a good deal of the weight.

Superination can end up causing misalignment of the body and can if not treated cause damage to your foot, ankle, knee, and other parts of your body. If you don’t have special running shoes for supination you could suffer serious injury that could keep you from being able to run for weeks or even months.


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What Are The Causes of Supination

There are a number of different causes that can result in supination of the foot. Here is a look at some of those causes.

  • High Arches- While high arches alone doesn’t mean that you have supination, this condition is more likely to occur in people who do have high arches and tend to wear shoes without adequate arch support.
  • Improper fitting shoes- If you tend to wear improper fitting shoes for long periods of time this can result in your foot tending to turn outward which can become a permanent condition if you don’t do anything to prevent or treat the problem.
  • Misalignment of the body- Just as supination of the foot can cause misalignment of the body, so too can misalignment of the body result in supination of the foot, due to the fact that certain types of misalignments can force you to walk differently turning your foot outwards when you walk or run.
  • Previous injuries to the foot or ankle- If you have had one or more previous injuries to your foot or ankle your muscles and tendons may be weak and therefore can cause your foot to turn more to the outside when you walk or run.

Prevention or Treatment for Supination

Making sure that you have proper fitting shoes both for day to day activities and for running is the best way to prevent supination or to correct the condition. When you have shoes that fit correctly it keeps your feet aligned when resting, walking and running. Along with proper fitting shoes, you also want to make sure that have orthopedic insoles. Custom made ones recommended by your podiatrist are the best for correcting supination.

If you have not had supination for too long, you can treat the condition by consciously changing your stride. However, treating your supination by changing your stride, requires you to be aware of every step you take in order to make the necessary corrections in your stride.

If your supination is serious, you may need to engage in some physical therapy in order to strengthen the muscles and tendons in your feet and ankles so that your feet don’t tend to turn outwards.


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How Supination Can Affect One’s Running?

Supination can reduce the ability to absorb the impact of each stride, this may not only slow down your ability to run, but it can also result in a number of injuries that can affect your training. These injuries include: sprained ankles, platar fasciitis and shin splints.


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Why Do You Need To Make Sure Your Buy Special Running Shoes for Supination

If you have supination of the foot you do need to have special running shoes for supination in order to correct your stride and help you to prevent pain, injury to your foot and various other parts of your body as well helping you to avoid permanent damage that you may not be able to correct.


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Running Shoes For Supination

5 Tips for Buying Running Shoes For Supination


1. When buying shoes for supination, ensure that the shoes you choose you fit well:

You shoe should not feel as though they are pinching your foot. In addition, you want to make sure that there is at least a thumb width between the tip of the shoes toe and your longest toe.

2. Look for the right arch support:

Most shoes don’t come with good arch support because they are made for the masses. So you will either need to buy orthopedic shoes with arch supports that fits your arch or purchase your arch supports separately.

3. Look for running shoes with lots of cushioning:

Cushioning in a running shoe can help your feet comfortable even when you are running long distances. Cushioning should include having extra padding in the back of your shoe.

4. Heel support:

This is another feature you should look for in a running shoe shoe for supination since this helps to keep your foot stabilized inside of the shoe.

5. You also want to make sure that your running shoe for supination can be tightly secured to keep your ankle as rigid as possible to keep it from being easily turned when running over rougher terrain.


Your best chances of finding the perfect running shoes for supination is to talk to a podiatrist and get their recommendations based on the results of your foot exam.


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