Buying Running Shoes For Heavy Runners: What You Should Know

If you are a heavy jogger and looking for running shoes for heavy runners to help you perform better and feel more comfortable when running then here are some buying tips you may want to follow

Buying Running Shoes For Heavy Runners: What You Should Know

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Runners come in all different shapes and sizes and while some runners are committed to the sport, others are simply just enthusiasts and still others begin running to lose weight or improve their overall health. Running for heavy runners is a good way to lose weight and help to improve their overall fitness and health without spending a good deal of money for equipment, since all that is needed is comfortable clothing and running shoes for heavy runners.

How Does Weight Affect Running Abilities For Heavy Runners?

While it is quite possible for overweight people to become runners and actually find that running can be beneficial to their health, weight does affect the running ability of heavy runners in a number of ways. Here is a look at how weight can affect running ability.

  • Expenditure of Energy

Running takes energy and the more you weigh the more energy it takes to run a given distance. This results in a number of different things happening to your body. First, you likely run slower, since the more weight you carry, the less speed you normally have. In addition, heavy runners normally can’t run as far as thinner runners can at one time.

  • Tendency to Overheat

In addition to burning more energy, heavy runners tend to overheat faster, which again can have a direct result on the distance they can run before feeling completely exhausted and physically depleted.

  • Can Place More Stress on Your Heart and Lungs

Heavier runners also put more stress on their heart and lungs when running, which is why everyone, especially heavier runners should see their doctor before starting in on a running program.


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How Can A Heavy Runner Improve Their Running Ability?

Heavy runners can improve their running ability in a number of different ways including:

  • Buying well fitting and comfortable running shoes for heavy runners.

Having well fitting shoes that are comfortable to wear, will help runners run better and faster because they will be more willing to work on their running skills.

  • Engaging in Strength Training

Strength training, improves your overall muscles and building muscle can add to a person’s stamina and allows those muscles to better use oxygen allowing them to run longer and faster.

  • Improving Your Running Form

Most new runners don’t have best form or technique when running. By improving your form and technique anyone including heavy runners can improve their running ability both in distance and speed.


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What Are The Benefits of Running for Heavy Runners

Heavy runners can actually receive a number of benefits from running that is worth the effort and energy that beginning running requires. These benefits include:

  • Weight Loss

One of the first benefits that heavy runners experience when they begin and continue running is that normally lose weight. Ironically, the heavier a runner is, the more calories they burn resulting in slow, but steady weight loss. As runners shed those excess pounds, they can run faster and further.

  • Stronger Heart

Running strengthens the heart, so heavy runners can benefit from the exercise, by strengthening the heart and reducing their risk of heart attack.

  • Helps to Lower Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose Levels

Running can help lower blood pressure and blood glucose levels helping to improve the overall health of the runner while reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

  • Improved Energy Levels

Overweight people tend to have reduced energy levels. This means they often feel exhausted at the end of the work day and feel tired quicker than other people. Runners show improved energy levels not just when running, but all day long.

  • Can Improve Sleep

It is a well known fact that exercise can improve sleep, so any runner including heavy runners who run two or three times a week or more may actually find that they sleep better and wake up feeling more rested.

  • Tones Muscles

Running can also help to build muscle and improve muscle tone resulting in you looking better in your clothing, which can add to your self-confidence in both social and work environments. Running can benefit people of all sizes, weights and shapes, but the benefits for heavy runners may actually result in improving their overall health far more than you might imagine.


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Running Shoes For Heavy Runners

Why Do Your Need to Buy ‘Special’ Running Shoes for Heavy Runners?

There are not any running shoes designed specially for heavy runners, but that doesn’t mean that there are not running shoes for heavy runners that are better than others to buy and to wear when running. The key to buying running shoes for heavy runners is to purchase shoes that fit properly and give you the support and stability you need when running.

Tips for Running Shoes for Heavy Runners

If you are heavier runner and are looking for running shoes for heavy runners to help you perform better and feel more comfortable when running then here are some buying tips you may want to follow.

  • Buy Your shoes at a running shoe store

While many beginning runners try to purchased inexpensive shoes to save money, this is the wrong thing to do when buying running shoes for heavy runners. You need to go to a store that specializes in running shoes and has the personnel who will analyze your feet and your gait and help you find shoes that actually fit your feet and meet you running needs.

  • Make sure that there is enough space inside of your shoes.

Your running shoes should fit snugly, but not feel tight or loose. Shoes that are too loose or tight will not only be uncomfortable, but will lack the support and stability you need when running.

  • Make sure that your running shoes have ample shock absorption.

Heavy runners tend to put more pressure on joints, ligaments and bones when running, so running shoes for heavy runners should have a thick shock absorption sole into to reduce the impact on feet, ankles and joints.

  • Don’t allow your shoes to become worn down.

Most runners should change their running every 300 to 500 miles. However, running shoes for heavy runners may need to be changed more often.


While running is a great sport and form of exercise for heavy runners it is essential that you find the best running shoes to meet your needs. These simple tips for buying running shoes for heavy runners should help you find the right shoes to meet your needs.


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