Best Activity Tracker Tips: How To Pick One For Your Workout

How would you track your daily calorie intake and how many calories you burned while exercising? It all comes down to picking the right and best fitness activity tracker

Best Tips For Buying The Right Fitness Activity Tracker

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How would you track your daily calorie intake and how many calories you burned while exercising? It all comes down to picking the right and best fitness activity tracker. So this article will help and provide you with best tips and advice for buying the best fitness activity tracker suited for any exercise or sports activity you are engaged in.

You have set a goal for yourself; to get fit and get the best out of life. Live a healthy lifestyle, watching your calorie intake and always keeping your body moving. You have made plans on how you wish to execute it, made a timetable for your whole day and your motivation is up there on the mountain’s peak. While all this is a great kick start towards a healthy life, how would you examine your progress?

While exercising and keeping a balanced diet is pivotal, tracking your progress and watching your daily activities plays an important part when it comes to getting the best results possible out of your fitness regime.

You must have been people wearing wearable fitness tech devices on their bodies while exercising on TV or in your nearby gym.

As the awareness to lead an active way of living is spreading across, more people have been encouraged to make use of wearable fitness activity monitors so that keeping tabs on their daily physical routine, following the suggested plan with utmost sincerity and knowing what will benefit their body the best becomes an easy task.


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Types Of Fitness Activity Trackers & Monitors

Even if you aren’t familiar with the diverse and ever-growing world of fitness activity trackers, one that is expanding every day, you would have heard terms like Fitbit or step-counting watches. While these are just some popular terms that come to mind, there’s an abundance of available wearable fitness monitors to match your personal exercise routine and physical capabilities.

1. Fitness Activity Trackers

Like the name itself suggests, the activity tracker is a wearable, wireless sensor that tracks your daily activities. For the basics, an activity tracker is capable of keeping tabs on the number of steps you have taken in a day, how much distance you have covered on foot, how long you have been active and inactive in a day, and the amount of calories you successfully burnt.

Some activity trackers also have the ability to identify altitudes and thus, can compute stairs as well. This enables you to even track the number of stairs you ran up and down throughout the day.

Most activity trackers work best for activities in which both your feet are on the ground like brisk walking, running, jogging, using a treadmill, etc. Some activity trackers are advanced enough to track different physical activities such as riding a bike, swimming etc.

You may wonder, how these activity trackers even work? How do they calculate your body movements so easily while being worn on only one part of the body, usually on your wrist, belt, bicep or kept inside your pocket? The answer to all those questions is that activity trackers use accelerometers to transmit your movements into data. The standards used for this data transfer has been determined by pre-set exercise science testing. Most activity trackers allow you to access the data through an app on your phone, tablet, PC or even on the device itself.


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2. Pedometers

A pedometer is a wearable portable device that counts how many steps you take every day. Using a Pedometer device, the distance you have covered and the calories burnt in the process can be calculated as well. Though they are designed to be worn on your waist, they can also be worn around your arm or ankle. Basically, you should wear it on areas of your body that shows maximum movement while you are active to make it easier for the device to track your steps accurately.

A total of 10,000 steps are recommended by some experts, which is equivalent to around 8 kilometres, though the point is still under debate. On a pedometer, a walking session that lasts for around thirty minutes is close to 3,000 to 4,000 steps.

3. Multi-Sports Trackers

To keep your fitness regime exciting every day, many aim to switch things up a bit and engage in a variety of sports. Not only does it let them stay active, but it also keeps them motivated to learn new sports better.

Multi-sport trackers come in handy for people who engage in a variety of sports. These trackers are usually worn on your arm or ankle as they receive maximum movement while playing. You can wear it while going for a run, during a tennis match, swimming, or whichever sport that excites your senses.

4. Heart Rate Monitors

If you calculate your heart rate while you exercise, you would be able to gain a lot more knowledge about your body and your progress than you would have ever imagined. Heart rate monitor is a device that you can easily wear to track and display your heart rate throughout the day. You would be required to wear a chest strap containing an electrode sensor, which detects each heartbeat and transfers this data to the display on your watch, app or wearable fitness monitors.

Heart rate wearable monitors give you immediate feedback on how hard you have been working out so that you could make the necessary adjustments to your fitness routine in order to gain the best benefits. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, your heart rate should be 50 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate while performing a moderate intensity workout.


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5. Calorie Trackers

Regular exercise should be accompanied by a balanced diet in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. Calorie trackers help you to keep tabs on your calorie intake per day and how many you were able to successfully burn.

This device promotes a controlled diet as you are able to keep a watch on every item you eat and can later make plans on how to burn the calories you gained. This tracking of calories will keep you decide which exercise would prove to be more beneficial for you as well. This is a MUST HAVE device if you are on any weight loss regiment or exercise.


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6. Distance Trackers

We have all been in that situation where we try to assume how much distance two checkpoints must have between them so that we could have some basic idea about the distance we walked. With a distance tracker, you would no longer have to brainstorm over your assumptions as this device helps you track the distance you covered while exercising.

While running, walking or jogging, you can wear this device on your arm or ankle and depending on the steps you took, the pace with which you walked, the device would be able to display the distance you covered. This helps you keep your progress in check so that you can make the necessary changes in your regime.

7. Running GPS Units

With a running GPS unit, you can easily set up a goal for yourself. For example, if you wish to run a total of 7 kilometres today, you can feed that data into your watch and as you run, your monitor will continuously display how much distance you are yet to cover.

Not only that, it displays how many steps you have taken, the calories burned, distance covered and the pace at which you were running. It becomes so much easier when you use a GPS unit to keep tabs on your goals.


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8. Chest Strap Monitors

A heart monitor has two important parts, one is the chest strap monitor and the other is the receiver usually worn as a watch. As you carry on with your physical activity, your heart rate increases and this electrical signal is transferred through your heart muscle. This electrical activity is tracked by the monitor on your chest strap and then transmitted to the display for better access.

Chest strap monitors are more accurate than your usual heart monitors that are simply worn around the wrist because they are in direct contact with your chest, tracking the heartbeat more closely.


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9. Fitness Trackers For Cycling

There are fitness trackers that have been designed to track specific sports or used for a specific purpose. For cyclists, there are trackers that detect a change in speed, pace, the area covered etc, as the sport includes real distance and location.

For cyclists preparing to compete in a race, the fitness tracker helps them specifically train for races of different distances by setting the goal distance on their tracker before beginning their training.

10. Fitness Smartwatches & Wristbands

While there are dozens of attractive fitness trackers and monitors available in the market, enough to leave you confused regarding the ideal one, the most popular type of trackers are the fitness smartwatches, as you might have already seen people using around you.

The reason why smartwatches are so well received is due to the fact that they are very easy to wear, you won’t even realize you are wearing a tracker as they feel just like any other watch on your wrist, thus, keeping your exercise session as natural as possible. Another reason is that the wristband trackers support the majority of physical activities and are easily available.


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What To Look For When Picking The Best Fitness Activity Tracker


1. Notifications

In order to maintain a good fitness routine, it is important that you follow the activities regularly on time. If your wearable fitness tech devices send you small notifications to alert you about your activities for the day, it would keep you motivated.

2. Battery life

Whether it is your smartphone or any other device, battery life matters the most, and your wearable fitness devices are no exception. Some devices offer a battery life of up to a week, which can help you work out without having to worry about your battery running out in the middle of the session, resulting in losing all your progress data.

3. Design and Comfort

While exercising, you shouldn’t wear anything too distracting or uncomfortable. Your wearable devices should be designed in a manner that feels natural on your body and keeps you focused on the task at hand; keeping your body fit.

4. Apps

Most wearable fitness devices come along with a requirement of an app on your smartphone or tablet. If the app is capable of handling more detailed workout data, it would truly help you get a better workout session. The app should be able to store previous data as well so that you can easily track your progress as well as your past performance efficiently.

5. Waterproof

Your activity tracker has the chance of getting drenched in water not only while swimming, but the sweat you break while running or playing any other sports might also have a negative impact on your device. Thus, it is very crucial to have a waterproof activity tracker.

4 Reasons Why You Need An Activity Tracker For Exercise?

Does every fitness enthusiast use a fitness activity tracker? The answer is certainly NO  – but here are some good reasons why you should consider getting an fitness monitor for your exercise or weight loss regimen.

1. Keeps you motivated

When you wear an activity tracker while exercising, you are able to keep tabs on your progress each day. Comparing it with your previous data, you will feel motivated to keep up your performance to your best capacity, encouraging you to work out regularly.

2. Help you make adjustments and set goals

If you are aware of your daily activities, where you are excelling and where you need to improve, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments to your fitness routine by adding in some extra exercises if you are falling short of your physical activities or taking out a few if you are working out too hard. This helps you maintain a balanced routine that your body is capable of handling.

3. Works even when you are inactive

Not only when you are breaking a sweat outdoors, but even when you are inactive, the activity tracker helps to watch out for your calorie intake and continuously suggests tips on how to lead a better life.

It can improve the quality of your sleep as many fitness trackers are capable of tracking your sleep pattern, show how light or deep your sleep was and how much you have slept. Your metabolism and mood can affect your sleep to a great extent. Thus, tracking your exercise and keeping the best routine will also help you gain a good night’s slumber.

4. Ditch your unhealthy eating habits

Being active won’t bring you the results you seek unless you adopt a well-balanced diet. Some activity & fitness trackers allow you to watch your calories, water intake per day and help you make better food choices.





Activity Tracker & Fitness Activity Tracker FAQs


Q1. Are wearable step counting devices better than smartphone applications that do the same?

A1. The wearable step counters are in direct contact with your body. When you wear such a device on your ankle or wrist, they are able to track your movements directly and more accurately. The applications that you have on your phone provide an estimate of the steps you have covered. So for more detailed and accurate data, it is preferred to use wearable trackers

Q2. How do I connect my device with the application on my phone?

A2. If your device comes along with a specific application, make sure you have that installed on your phone or tablet. Most devices can easily be connected to your phone via Bluetooth while others might have more specific procedures mentioned in the handbook.

Q3. Should I wear my fitness device even while working?

A3. While it is always a good option to wear your fitness device to track your daily activities better, it is preferred that you remove your fitness tracker when you might be driving or being inactive for long, as some devices end up tracking the movements you make during such sessions as well, which could prevent you from properly assessing your workout routine.

Q4. Do the wearable devices show my progress?

A4. While some sophisticated devices have the feature to display your data in detail, most devices come along with a mobile app that helps you track your present performance, compare your past workout sessions and make goals for the future.


There are many claims that modern day technology is making us more lethargic and obsessed with the screens of our devices. But with the rise in technology, come beneficial advances such as wearable fitness tracking monitors to fulfill your health requirements and keep tabs on your fitness, giving you a wholesome exercise experience that helps you achieve your personal health goals to lead a healthy lifestyle.


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