10 Essentials For Hiking You Should NOT Forget For Your Next Trip

This list of 10 Essentials For Hiking You Should NOT Forget For Your Next Trip is intended to prepare you for your next hiking trip

10 Essentials For Hiking You Should NOT Forget

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Let’s face it. we are  all is anxious to see the fun ruining COVID-19 lockdown saga over so we an go away somewhere to refresh. This list of 10 Essentials For Hiking You Should NOT Forget For Your Next Trip is intended to prepare you for your next hiking trip whenever that time comes – hopefully someday soon.

Amid COVID-19, all of being locked inside our houses, socially distancing so that we and our loved ones do not have to suffer a lot, it’s true that some of us have been wanting to get back in touch with nature.

One of the things that you can safely do is to go on a hike, whether it’s an extensive, long day trip hike or a shorter one. It’s one of the beautiful ways to explore the wonderful nature around you. There are multiple places to go for a hike, either it’s closer to your place or neighborhood or farther away in or to the mountains. Many national and state parks offer several popular hiking trails as well for both in state and out of state hiking  and nature loving enthusiasts. 

It’s very important to prepare for a hike, either it’s a short one or a longer one. A number of essential things have to be considered depending on how far you will be going for your hike.

Secondly, whether the weather forecast is in favor of a hike or not. Similarly, this also includes clothing, water, gear or food and more. A Seattle-based organization for climbers and outdoor adventurers assembled a list of 10 Essentials For hiking You NOT Forget For Your Next Trip.

The main purpose of this list is for emergency situations if ever faced outdoors since the comfort of having everything will not be present. Over the years, this list has inculcated technology and has been improved as our needs and problems have developed.


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10 essentials for hiking

10 Essentials For Hiking You Should NOT Forget For Your Next Trip


Here are the 10 essentials for hiking that you should consider:


1. Navigation Tools

Maps and outdoor gps navigation tools are probably one of the most important things to take on a hike. You should know where you are going and how to get home without depending on only one instrument. Multiple things such as a topographic map, a compass (map reading knowledge is also necessary for this), a GPS device, an altimeter watch, and a satellite messenger may come in handy especially if you are hiking in an area where there may not be cell phone access.

An altimeter watch can help you navigate your location on a map by determining your altitude. A satellite messenger usually comes in handy when you have to notify emergency personnel.

2. Hydration

It’s very important to carry a outdoor water filter/purifier, stove for melting snow or chemical treatment to have a reliable source of water in case you run out of your supply.

In order to avoid running of your water supply, always carry extra water when you’re going on a hike. How do we determine extra? Just remember that on average, a healthy human being drinks around half a liter every hour during optimum activity in optimum temperatures. And whenever possible, fill up your water bottle like a reservoir or a waterfall.

3. Nutrition

A smart way to pack more food in a smaller space is to carry dense foods such as nuts or nutritional bars. This is to say that you should carry foods with greater nutritional values than lighter foods.

Always remember to pack extra day’s food. Keep your fuel stores topped up during a hike so that you can enjoy your trip as well. If in case you ever get stuck in a survival situation, try not to stress and ration up. Try that the things that you carry don’t require cooking and can last long, longer shelf life is always preferable.

4. Sun Protection

To avoid sunburns, sun poisoning or snow blindness, there are some precautions that need to be taken. These can cause skin cancer, cataracts and skin aging in the long term. Sunglasses that can block ultraviolet radiation are indispensable. Moreover, a sunscreen of an SPF 15 to 30 should be applied to the exposed skin with the function of reapplication as required throughout the trip. Lastly, it’s important to carry sun-protection clothing that is effective in terms of blocking ultraviolet radiation.

5. Insulation

Extra layers are always an essential item to carry on you when going on a hike. With clothing being so compactable and lightweight these days, it’s very easy to fit in pants that can also be used as shorts, a long sleeve shirt that you can roll the sleeves of, a light rain shell and a fleece layer. This list also depends on the area you’re going to a hike for.

6. Illumination

A great idea would be to carry an adjustable LED headlamp because LED bulbs can last very, very long hours on a very small charge. It would also be beneficial to carry a smaller headlamp as a backup and extra batteries. Strobe function, often founds on many headlamps comes in handy in survival situations so make sure you know how to use that on your device.

7. FirstAid

A perfect first-aid kit should include items like adhesive bandages in multiple sizes, numerous gauze pads, disinfecting ointment, treatments for blisters, adhesive tape and over the counter pain medication. Designing your own kit, you should focus on what type of medications you normally have to take considering any pre-existing medical conditions. More than often, first-aid kits have come in handier when helping another hiker.

8. Fire

It’s essential to have materials that can help you keep warm, cook food or give a signal. Things like wind-proof lighters, fire starters, magnifying glass, lighters. Moreover, and more importantly, you can also learn how to create a fire with a bow-drill. As a precaution, make sure you keep the fire under control as a lot of people trying to signal the emergency personnel have started forest fires and burnt down acres of forests.

9. Repair Gear/Tools

You’ll probably have to build a shelter at some point or find food and you will need some tools to do so. It is essential to carry a variety of instruments and objects that can help such as duct tape, multi-tool, knife, utility cord, clear contractor bags to store and carry water, and a trap perhaps. Knives are handy for food preparation, first aid, making kindling, gear repair, and other emergency needs.

10. Shelter/Clothes

Lastly, it’s important to carry a lightweight, inexpensive tent footprint. They are durable and very reliable. Bivy sacks can also be used as sleeping bags. Always remember to carry an extra pair of a blanket as well that doesn’t occupy a lot of space and can also provide you warmth when needed.

Bottom line:

You can never prepare enough for a hiking trip. The smallest things you ignore may end up being the most you need. Hopefully this list of the 10 Essentials For hiking You NOT Forget For Your Next Trip provides a good start to get you ready for some outdoor fun.

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