What Is The Best Polar Watch? Here Are The Top 10 Best Buys

Polar fitness watches come in a variety of different styles and offer a variety of features which allows you to find the best polar watch for all exercise and fitness workouts Polar Fitness Watch Polar GPS Running Watch POLAR VANTAGE Polar Ignite

What Is The Best Polar Watch? Here Are The 10 Best Buys

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Whether you are taking part in a marathon or cross country race or just trying to improve your fitness levels then you are going to want a fitness watch to track your workout, times, and even the amount of sleep you get. So what is the best polar watch to track your fitness workouts?

Polar watches come in a variety of different styles and offer a variety of features which allows you to find the best fitness watch for all exercise and fitness workouts.

 Here is a look at several top best Polar fitness and workout watches to consider:



Best Polar Watch: Top 10 Best Buys Reviewed




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The Polar M430 GPS Running Watch is designed primarily for runners who are interested in tracking and improving their workouts.

This watch is considered to be the best polar watch by a number of people in the running world.

Like most Polar watches this exercise watch is comfortable to wear and easy to read due to the large face and bright digital display.

Features of the Polar M430 GPS Running Watch

The Polar M430 GPS Running Watch has several great features including:

    • Comes in 5 colors black, blue, green, orange and white and comes in sizes small and medium large.
    • This watch has integrated GPS, tracks speed, distance, paces and routes
    • Provides 24/7 activity training
    • Optical Heart Rate Monitor
    • Comes with a blue black light
    • The Polar Flow app allows you to adjust everything

Users of this watch love the fact that the is easy to use has a long lasting battery and that both the GPS and HR monitor are extremely accurate.

The main complaint regarding the M430 is that the sleep tracking does not work as well as it should.  They also find that this fitness watch does not pair well with the phone.



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The is considered to be one of the best polar watches for all round fitness monitoring as this watch can be used for cycling, swimming, and trail and road running.

This watch has a sleek and lightweight design that makes this watch comfortable for working out even when sweating a good deal.

The Polar Ignite has the following features.

Features of the POLAR IGNITE – Advanced Waterproof Fitness Watch

  • Comes in 6 colors and sizes small, medium and large
  • Optical Hear Monitor is super accurate and combines Bio-impedance electrodes and optical senses.
  • Polar Fit Spark daily training guide
  • Can receive texts, phone calls and emails
  • Nightly recharge measures recovery during the night
  • Advance sleep tracking and integrated GPS
  • Watch measures speed, distance, route and tracking

Users find that the blow other fitness out of the water when it comes to accurate HR monitoring and GPS tracking. They find this Polar watch easy to use and comfortable to wear.

There have been complaints that the buttons on this fitness watch get mushy after a few months of use and the GPS can take some time to start tracking.




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The Polar M200 GPS Running Watch with Wrist Heart Rate Monitor is not one of the best polar watches as this watch only gets above average reviews.

This watch is easy to set up and has a large face making it easy to read during your active workout.

This watch is well made and nice looking and has several nice features.

Features of the Polar M200 GPS Running Watch

  • Comes in 4 different colors
  • Optical wrist hear rate monitor
  • Built-in GPS system that tracks speed, distance, and routes
  • 24/7 activity monitoring
  • Mobile connectivity via Bluetooth Smart to Flow App on Mobile device
  • Free running plan
  • Water resistant/ Waterproof

Users who like this watch state that it has a very accurate GPS are easy to set up and comfortable to wear. They also state the M200 has a durable screen and tracks distances accurately.

Users who complain about this watch state that this watch is not good for sleep tracking and they state they GPS loses its signal when swimming. Some users also have difficulty getting the M200 to hold a charge.




The is one of the best fitness and workout watches on the market for those training for triathlons as this watch has swim, biking, and running functions.

The watch is lightweight, which makes it comfortable to wear even when sleeping. It also a large face so that you can see your workout stats at a glance while working out.

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Features of the Polar Vantage M Advanced Running Watch

  • Comes with choice of 6 different colored wristbands and in two sizes small and Medium-large.
  • Ultra long battery life
  • This watch has the Polar precision Prime HR
  • The Training load Pro separates your cardio load, muscle load and perceived load
  • Has Swim, bike and run functionality
  • Can customize the band options
  • This fitness watch can be paired with the Polar H10 chest heart rate monitoring

Users give the good reviews and find the watch comfortable enough to even sleep in.

Most users find both the GPS and Heart Rate monitor to be accurate and they like they can see the information they want to see when working out wearing this watch.

People who are preparing to compete in triathlons find this watch great for tracking their running, swimming, and biking workouts.

Users do complain that this watch has limited syncing and customization features.



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The is considered to be one of the best polar watches for people who vary the type of workouts they do.

This fitness watch has a large face that shows you instantly when you are maintaining, being productive or overachieving.

It is good-looking and well designed and it has an easy to read large face and a nicer band that many of the other polar fitness watch.

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Features of the Polar Vantage V – Premium GPS Multisport Watch

  • Your choice of 5 different colors wristbands
  • Integrated GPS for route guidance and swimming metrics
  • Touch display
  • Up to 40 hours of workouts before battery needs to be recharged
  • Polar Precision prime HR monitor combines bio-impedance electrode and optical servers
  • Advance running power the Vantage V can help fine tune efforts
  • Recovery Pro takes into account outside factors outside of your training that could effect recovery
  • Nightly recharge
  • Built in Barometer
  • 130 plus sports profiles

Users who really like the really like how this fitness watch helps them to manage their training. They like the Polar flow and feel it is good when tracking swimming as well as running distance.

The major complaint regarding the Vantage V is that for a Pro fitness watch they feel the heart rate monitor should be more accurate.



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The is a sporty looking fitness watch with a squarish rather than a round face, which gives this fitness watch a more stylish appearance than most other watches of this type.

It has a large color display that is easy to read even when you are working out hard.

The Polar M600 also syncs well with most other Polar products.

Features of Polar M600

  • Comes in white or black
  • Integrated GPS tracks speed, distance and route
  • 24/7 activity and sleep training as well as monitors steps, distance, calories and sleep qualities
  • Exclusive smart coaching to help you up your game
  • Optical wrist Heart rate monitor

The is another user recommended and highly rated polar watch that is worth considering for anyone looking for a fitness watch.

Users who liked the watch found it to be well designed and liked the fact that it synced well with other Polar products.

They also felt that GPS was quite accurate and handy.

People who found this product wanting were those who had difficulty charging the Polar M600 and felt that the HR monitor could be better.



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The is the second generation of the M600.

This watch is designed for multiple sports. Like its predecessor this watch sports a stylish design and comes in your choice of black or white.

Unlike the M600 the M600 Smart watch allows you to get and send messages, play music and so much more.

Features of the Polar M600 Sports Smart Watch

  • Personal Heart Rate Monitor with personalized training guidance
  • Built-in GPS monitoring system for distance covered, altitude, speed and more
  • Interchangeable waterproof band
  • 240X240 Pixel display with full Android wear ecosystem (Notifications, Social features, weather, maps and more)
  • Water resistance/waterproof suitable for swimming

Reviews for the is just slightly above average.

People who like this watch state it is good for people who vary their different types of workouts.

Several users state they like the battery life on this smart fitness watch. They also like that it’s waterproof and has onboard music storage.

The majority of users also find that the M600 Smart Watch doesn’t work well and some of these fitness watches have charging problems.



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The is stylish looking sports watch and  an excellent fitness watch to consider.

This watch has a large face and an easy to read display it is great for allowing you to set up your training targets and tracing your progress as well as your activity level.

The Polar M400 does not come with a heart rate monitor, you need to purchase the monitor separately, but this fitness watch has plenty of other features.

Features of the M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch

  • Built in GPS that keeps track of pace, distance and altitude
  • Fitness tracker tracks workouts, steps, distance, calories burned and activity 24/13
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with the Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor
  • Social Smart watch allows you to plan, sync, and share your training using the Polar Flow app and web source.
  • Up to 8 hours training time on a single charge

Reviews for the are good with most users really liking this fitness watch and finding the free training routines very helpful. They like that you can set your own target workout.

They also like the sleep tracker and find it helpful in knowing how much sleep you are getting. They also like that it lets you know your activity percentage.

Some users found some problems with this M400 including the fact that syncing problems tend to develop over time and some users also found that the chest strap quit working.




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The appears to be one the newest fitness watches in the Polar lineup.

This watch is stylish with a large face and an easy to see display that allows you keep track of your data without needing to pause your workouts.

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Features of the Polar Vantage V Titan Multi Sport GPS Watch

  • Boosts effectiveness and precision of your training and running power
  • Ultra Long Battery Life lasts up to 40 hour of training
  • Durable and Waterproof
  • Polar Precision prime sensor fusion technology offers accurate heart rate monitoring and activity tracking for more than 130 sports including swimming and cycling.
  • Training load pro and recovery load prop. Recovery load pro can only be used with the .


There are no current reviews for the so there is no information on how well users like this watch or whether there is any problems with the watch that users have noted.



If you are looking for the best polar watch then one of these 10 fitness watches may well be the right watch for you and your workout training. 

Spend a little time reading the full reviews and make sure your check out the pros and cons.



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