What Is Reverse Dieting? 5 Best Tips And Facts You Need To Know

What is Reverse Dieting? Does it work for weight loss? We are going to discuss and share some tips and facts about it to decide if may work for you as a weight loss program

What Is Reverse Dieting? 5 Best Tips And Facts You Need To Know

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What is Reverse Dieting? Does it work for weight loss? We are going to discuss and share some tips and facts about it to decide if may work for you as a weight loss program.

Dieting is one of the biggest trends around the world. Different diets come and go with great promises. Almost all diets are short term though. What happens is that we diet for a while, lose weight, and then gain it back after a while. Instead of traditional diets there is something that will work. And it isn’t a fad and it doesn’t involve overly restricting your food.

What we are talking about is known as reverse dieting.

You hear the term reverse dieting and you are likely thinking about weight gain instead of weight loss. Reverse dieting isn’t about weight gain. What is it then? Does it work? How do I go about it? These are all questions we are going to look at today to help you learn more about a way that you can approach weight loss and healthy living.

What is Reverse Dieting? And How Does It Work?

The answer to what is reverse dieting is fairly straightforward when you are only looking at the surface. Reverse dieting starts with low and healthy levels of eating and then slowly increasing the amount of food that you eat. As you increase the amount of food that you eat, you are increasing the calories you take in. If done right, your body becomes used to the larger amount of food and process said larger amount of food.

From a more technical viewpoint, you are working out your body just like you would with any other aspect of it. If you want stronger muscles you start with small weights that your body can handle and work your way up. The “muscle” you are exercising in this case is your metabolism. Reverse dieting like this often is best started after a traditional diet. It helps your body to adjust back to normal levels of food without gaining extra weight.

Up until recently reverse dieting was mainly used by competitive weightlifters and bodybuilders.


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What Are The Benefits of Reverse Dieting?

One of the biggest benefits of reverse dieting is that you don’t have to go through your day restricting the amount of food you take in. That means as long as you eat healthy, you can eat a regular amount of food. Of course, it isn’t a miracle diet, you still need to workout, not overeat, and otherwise maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it can make a big difference.

Another benefit that you will see is an increase in energy levels. The carbs and food you take in gives your body extra fuel. By adjusting your metabolism to handle larger amounts of food, you are gaining that energy without adding weight.

Reverse dieting isn’t about extreme measures. You don’t have to control your diet to very strict measures. You need to calorie count but you aren’t severely restricting yourself. Severe restrictions are often what makes traditional diets so hard and to get beyond those can make success more likely.

What Are The Cons of Reverse Dieting?

A big con of reverse dieting is the work that you have to put into it. You may not have to restrict your diet severely but you do have to track your diet. Making sure that you stay in your calorie window is the only way to get your metabolism to strengthen. Counting calories and ensuring that you don’t go over your target calorie count can also be hard.

It does not have a large amount of scientific evidence. Plain and simple there is still a lot of research that needs to go into reverse dieting. So far, the research that we have seen is quite promising and leans toward reverse dieting being a great tool.


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what is reverse dieting


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6 Best Tips For Reverse Dieting For Weight Loss

1. Diet First

Dieting first helps to restrict the total number of calories you take in down to where you want to start. Take some time to do some research to find a diet that is healthy and will work for you. You want to commit to the diet for long enough that you and your body gets used to lower amounts of food intake.

Dieting is an optional step but you must at least give your body some time on lower calorie count so that you can burn off any stored calories and work your metabolism.

2. Take it Slow

It is going to be a constant desire to speed the process up. No one wants to go slow when it comes to food. It is important to remind yourself to go slow. You don’t want to increase more than 10% at a time. Don’t increase for at least five days and try to go for a week or more if you can.

3. Don’t Eat The Same Thing

Another reason that diets don’t work is that you are eating the same thing over and over. Make sure to have plenty of variety in your days so that you don’t get bored of foods that you know are healthy. This is also why meal prepping tends to fail. It might help to come up with a recipe book of things that have the right carb level for each phase.

4. Track it All

Track everything you do from calorie intake to exercise. Also make sure to regularly track your weight and sizes. Without tracking your progress you won’t know whether your efforts are working or not. While you can track your progress on paper, there are a lot of apps and tools to make it a lot easier.  Take a look at these to help simplify the process.

5. Eat Calories Tactically

Calories can be found in almost any food that you eat. What food you eat can mean just as much as how many calories you eat. Pick and choose your calories with care to give you all of your nutrients and to give you value. Read into your foods and find plenty of recipes to keep some variety. If you do decide to meal plan, make sure to plan in some variety.

At the same time, remember it is not all about calories. Foods have other ingredients and you will want to make sure you maximize healthy ingredients and reduce unhealthy ones.

6. Set Goals and Records

Just engaging in any diet or reverse diet is fun at first but without proper motivation you likely won’t succeed. One way to help ensure that you succeed is to set goals and record records. The goals will help give you something to strive for and the records will show you what you have accomplished to this date.

Keep your goals one that you will be able to accomplish. A goal that you are always struggling for but never can reach isn’t one that will keep you going forever. Likewise, it is important to set new goals when you accomplish one.

New diets are always being introduced with promises that they will help you lose massive amounts of weight. Reverse dieting isn’t there to help you do that. Instead, it is there to help you adapt your body to eating healthy amounts of food while still being able to process the calories. You are teaching your body to live a healthy life and enable yourself to no longer need to diet.


It is important to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle at the same time that you start reverse dieting. You want to keep exercising and maintain your body. You do not need to be a powerlifter like those that the diet is popular among, but you need to expend a regular amount of calories to help account for those that you take in.

Now you have the answer to the question, what is reverse dieting? Take that information and get out there and succeed in improving your health.



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