Buying An Under Desk Bike? Here Is All You Need To Know

Are you considering buying an under desk bike or for a home gym or exercising while at the office? If so, you may want to read this article

Buying An Under Desk Bike? Here Is All You Need To Know

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Are you considering buying an under desk bike or for a home gym or exercising while at the office? If so, you may want to read this article before you proceed and spend your hard earned money.

Getting Your Exercise Game And Motivation Going

Usually, our days start with a rushed attempt to get ready on time in the morning, grabbing a quick breakfast and head to work. After hours of sitting in the same position, we come home, dragging out feet to the comfort of our beds and just doze off.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It is a hectic world with a chaotic lifestyle. But amongst the stress of all these hours of work, when will you burn those calories? That hearty breakfast you had this morning won’t burn by itself, a workout session is the call for the day.

Exercising not only keeps your weight in check and gives you a desirable body shape, but also cools down your body. When the sweat of the physical labor trickles down your body, you get a special sense of self-appreciation and relief, and all that work stress that clouds your mind and physically breaks you down streams away quickly.

But excuses are the greatest weapon to get away with things. Many people complain that they don’t get enough time to go out and exercise, that their lives are packed with a tight schedule that can’t be changed to add in an hour of physical activity.

If you are someone who can’t make extra time for a good workout session, this is just the right place for you. What could be better than working while you exercise? That’s like killing two birds with one stone.

You don’t have to make any changes in your packed schedule and still manage to stay healthy and fit by the use of under desk bikes.


A Guide To Under Desk Exercise Bikes

An under desk bike is a convenient exercise tool that you can place under your desk as you type away the task at hand for the day. These are pedals that you can easily fit under your desk and carry out a great workout session, without too much effort or investing an extra hour from your day.

Under desk exercise bikes are more effective than you might give them the credit for. They might be compact in size, but they efficiently carry out all your workout needs.

Sounds like quite a bargain!


What Are The Different Types Of Under Desk Bikes?


Under Desk Elliptical Bike

That word might sound foreign to your ears if you are unaware about the magical effect of under desk bikes. While you are binge-watching your favorite TV series or writing an assignment that is due soon, working on under-desk elliptical becomes a task that your brain does subconsciously.

It doesn’t require your attention and helps you concentrate better on your work. Pedaling becomes very effortless while using it for a while and you move your leg without thinking much about it.

Under Desk Exercise Bike

Mirroring a regular road bicycle, these bikes help you gain a similar experience with your exercise and are designed to help you keep your body in shape while staying indoors as you work in utter silence.



13 Best Under Desk Exercise Bikes For Total Cardio Workouts


under desk bike

What are the factors to consider when buying an under desk bike?


  • The height of the pedals

As the name suggests, under desk bikes are meant to be kept under your desk, which could often lead to less space for you to move your legs freely. For this reason, when you purchase an under desk bike, it is important to note how much clearance you will require between your knees and underneath the desk so that you don’t end up bumping your knees every time you work on the pedals. There are various heights of pedals available. If you are someone with longer legs, you should go for a bike with low heights to provide you utmost comfort and accessibility.

  • Smoothness of action

If an under desk bike works with a jerky momentum, it might spoil your exercising experience and distract you from your work. Hence, it is important to ensure that your pedals work smoothly without getting stuck or jammed up.

  • Quietness

The key appeal to these under desk exercise bikes is that they are being used while you work or do any task at home while sitting, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that you don’t wish to be disturbed by continuous noises of the pedals moving. It is essential to keep the benefit of others in mind too as they won’t appreciate the sound of your bike while working themselves.

  • Resistance

Unlike your usual bikes, under desk bikes aren’t meant for intensive usage or harsh movements of your feet over the pedals, but it is important that these bikes challenge your body and creates different levels of tension on your leg to gain the best workout results.

  • Foldable and Portability

Some under desk bikes come with the excellent feature of being foldable which makes it extremely easy for you to carry it around and store in the corner without taking up much space in your house or workplace. Since under desk bikes can be used anywhere, anytime, it is always good to go for an option that provides you with smooth portability.

What does an under desk bike do?

These tiny exercise bikes have been around for quite some time and have created a name for themselves. While they are easy to use and workout on, they provide great results for your body.

Under desk bikes can prove to be effective as a part of a calorie controlled diet and cardio workouts. While our sedentary lifestyle can leave us feeling unmotivated to break a sweat, under desk bikes help to uplift that spirit and helps you regain the motivation to get back to your desired shape and live a healthy lifestyle.

How do you use an under desk exercise bike?

Using an under desk bike is a piece of cake. You don’t need to be a fitness guru to know how to work your way around it. Just set up the bike under your desk, ensuring that you have enough room to move your legs freely, find a chair that is comfortable and pedal away.

It is important to note that you first train yourself on the bike with the lowest resistance and gradually increase the tension so that you don’t end up overworking yourself. Keep your upper body still and focus on your work while you exercise.

Under desk exercise bike vs regular indoor exercise bike

When it comes to picking the right option of exercising tools for yourself, it is pivotal to go through every aspect of the options available. So how would an under desk exercise bike compare to a regular indoor exercise bike? Let’s  compare the two:

Under Desk Bike:

Benefits of using under desk bikes:

  • Since under desk bikes are smaller in size, they can be carried around easily without any hassle.
  • Under desk exercise bikes are meant to be kept under your work desk, which gives you the freedom to work out your legs anytime you want, even while working without having to make extra time for exercising.
  • Due to their small size, under desk bikes tend to be cheaper than regular exercise bikes, making it a very economical alternative.

Demerits of under desk bikes:

  • Because you only move your legs while working on the under desk bikes, your upper body doesn’t get much physical activity, giving you only a half body workout.

Regular Indoor Exercise Bike:


Benefits of using regular indoor exercise bikes over under desk bikes:

What are the benefits of under desk bikes vs regular indoor exercise bikes?

  • Many under desk exercise bikes come equipped with a display monitor that can track your time and distance so that you can easily calculate the calories you have burnt, making it easier to set up fitness goals.
  • Exercising should not just be focused on improving your body’s appearance but also to put you in a good mood. While working, your mind may feel trapped and frustrated for no reason. Using the under desk bike while you work helps you maintain mental peace and provides you with extra energy to work more efficiently.
  • Fitness knows no age, and every demographic should strive to achieve the best of their health state. For elderly users, under desk bikes come as a miracle. You don’t need to go outside and can maintain your health from the comfort of your house.
  • Under desk bikes are also very helpful for people suffering from chronic health issues like arthritis that limits their bodily movements. Using under desk bikes help them stay active and keep their body moving to avoid any stiffness or inflammation.

Downside of buying regular indoor exercise bikes:

  • Regular indoor exercise bikes are much bigger as compared to under desk bikes, resulting in a hike in their prices in the market.
  • Since the build of the bikes is bigger, they are not fit for carrying around or to be used on while working. You need to dedicate special hours to work on it.


22 Best Indoor Exercise Bikes Under $500: Your Expert Guide


Under Desk Bike FAQs & User Guide Tips

Before including a new addition to your workout regimen and daily lifestyle, it is important that you go through every detail of it and make a wise decision because your health can’t be compromised with. Hence, to satisfy your curiosity about under desk bikes, here are some frequently asked questions.

  • Will the under desk bikes work under any desk?

Of course, under desk bikes are made to fit perfectly under your work desk. Depending on your height and the clearance available under your desk, under desk bikes are available in different sizes for you to pick from.

  • Will you get a good cardio workout with the use of under desk exercise bikes?

While spinning is considered to be one of the best ways to carry out the perfect cardio session, under desk exercise bikes prove to be quite a good alternative to that. You can adjust the resistance of your bike to a higher difficulty level and increase the speed of your pedaling so that your heart rate picks up and provides you with a satisfactory workout.

  • Can under desk bikes be carried around?

That’s one of the best qualities about under desk bikes; due to their small size and decent weight, they are easy to fold and take with you to your workplace.

  • Can I build a good strength with the use of under desk bike?

While under desk bike usage won’t provide you with legs like bodybuilders or professional athletes, it will surely come in handy to increase the strength of your legs than that of an average person.

  • Can you track your calorie burn statistics on under desk exercise bikes?

Most under desk bikes come with an LCD display that showcases the duration that you have been using it and the level of resistance, which helps you calculate the calories you burnt easily.


There is no question about under desk exercise bikes being the trend for health conscious people.

An under desk bike is not only easily affordable but also provides alot more added advantages especially being usable for both home and office environments.



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