Best Home Gym Machine: Total Gym Xtreme Home Gym Reviews

This Total Gym Xtreme Home Gym reviews and Buyer Guide provides an insight into the benefits of adding this amazing workout machine

Best Home Gym Machine: Total Gym Xtreme Home Gym Reviews

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This Total Gym Xtreme Home Gym reviews and Buyer Guide provides an insight into the benefits of adding this amazing workout machine to your home gym. You can depend on the futuristics listed highlighted in here to make the right choice. It also has proven facts on why you should prioritize its purchase.



Total Gym XLS

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There are countless exercises you can practice at home with our Total Gym Xtreme Home Gym. Although it’s an excellent space-saver, yet it has the fundamental features to keep you in shape. 

Of course, it’s also constructed to offer you maximum safety while you’re practicing. Its selling point actually is that it has six levels for resistance training. And that’s not all. 

The manufacturer stated that 80 popular exercises are doable with the use of this home gym only. Nonetheless, it’s so viable for those whose maximum weight is less than 400 pounds. Invariably, anyone can use this incredibly.

 The manual and the DVD accessory that come with it make the use easier even for a newbie. The materials used for its construction, on the other hand, are dependable also.

 It has coated frames. The frames make it usable indoor and outdoor because they aren’t vulnerable to quick-spoilage.

 Moreover, it’s a product that you can fold and make it versatile in value. Renowned platforms have even accredited it. 

As you can see, this has been advertised on TV and all the advertising medium in the country. It’s to prove that its value is not imitable at all.


Total Gym XLS


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Indeed, you can check out the features listed for more information:


Total Gym Xtreme Home Gym Reviews



Total Gym Xtreme Home Gym Key Features:


1. Resistance Training

The has a total of six levels on this. And, each of them has specified resistance. The grades of its resistance stress are from 6% (at level-1) to 54% (at level-6). Invariably, the resistance increases by 9.6%.

 At level-2, the resistance percentage is 15.6% and 25.2% at level three. The resistance at level four is 34.8%, and 44.4% at level five. 

Nevertheless, this is usable with attachments. With the aid of the accessories, you can use it to carry out pull out, chin out, sit-up crunches, and so many other exercises.

However, you might need to remove the hooks of pulleys before fixing the attachments if you intend to use it for some specific exercises.

 It comes with a resistance chat, which you can use to check the ratio of the incline with the resistance. It’s this addition that would enhance your balances while you’re practicing.

2. Maximum Support and Stability

This comes halfway assembled. The assembling is more comfortable with the aid of the manual that comes with it. The maximum weight capacity for this product, however, is 400 pounds.

 It’s a product that won’t squeak or screech whenever one is taking workouts. Nonetheless, the level of resistance you attain could be a virtue of where you’re exerting your weight at a point in time.

 You could use the chat to learn the kind of exercise that you’d do with it and how to carry them out in the most appropriate manner. This act could elongate its use, you know?

 There are safety pins and other safety measures that would aid you to have a splendid use of the  home gym.

3. Design

The dimension of this home gym is 19″ W x 90″ L x 43″ H and 19″ x 51″ x 9″ when not assembled. This is a foldable home gym that you can save underneath your bed even though it’s not too spacious.

 The weight of the unit is approximately 82 pounds. It’s, indeed, one that any prospective user can lug around comfortably. 

There is a padded glide-board on this. It’s basically shielded with well-decorated nylon.

 It’s preen-looking and durable. It has a head support also that you can use with the flat board. 

It’s ample lengthy, and smooth. In fact, one that’s 6’6” can use it flawlessly. And, if in case there is a need for the purchase of replacement, the manufacturer has got you covered.

4. Accessories & Usability

The design compliments its versatility. This product is made of steel and other durable materials. It’s well bolted so that it could provide adequate support to anyone regardless of the type of exercises that one is carrying out.

 Nevertheless, the accessories that come with it are upgraded comfort functions. Meanwhile, there are pulley and an excellent cable system with a squat stand on it, too.

 You’d even find a flexible nylon strap handles together with the glide-board. Furthermore, the head support, chrome package, wing accessories, leg pull attachment, and pilate kits all come with it also. 

It comes with a DVD and manual that would aid you in having the exquisite use of the accessories.

5. Brand

This is a product that has been validated by Chuck Norris & Christine Brinkley. As a matter of fact, this is used at Dan Isaacson’s nutritional program and meal plan.

Consequently, this has all it takes to provide you with the optimal satisfaction that you need. Besides, the brand itself is renowned. The manufacturing company has been in existence for 30 years.

Its reputation on the market is well established. Their products are definitely ones you should look forward to seeing positively in the marketplace.


Why Should You Buy Total Gym Xtreme Home Gym?


why should you buy total gym xtreme home gym


1. Foldable

The Total Gym XLS one uses attachments. Some accessories come with it, while some need to be purchased separately. With or without the full attachments, you can use this to practice 35 exercises, at least. Indeed, that makes it premium.

2. Safe of Use

There is nowhere you can’t use this. This is usable outdoor and indoor. You can even leverage on the fact that it’s foldable and luggable to determine its use optimally. Moreover, the materials that make up its design make it durable and reliable.

3. Easy to Clean and Maintain

The home gym is easy to maintain. It has the whole parts well seamed and padded. It’s one that would cause no rashes on anyone’s body. The manual that even comes with it is an excellent addition to having the exhilarating use of the home gym.

4. Luggable

This is easy to move around. There are designs on this that make the use more comfortable. You can use it for personal benefits and commercial purposes.

5. Space-Saver

If you’ve got one before now, you can still purchase this. This would aid you to keep your spaces very well. It is a product that several persons have been finding to use.


Product Benefits:

  • This is foldable and easy to lug around.
  • The product is usable indoors and outdoors.
  • The maximum weight capacity of this product is 400 pounds.
  • It has six levels with varying resistance percentages.
  • This has a padded glide-board on it with a headrest.
  • It’s durable and very reliable to use.
  • Over 80 exercises can be carried out with this.
  • One can depend on this for a long time.



FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:


Question 1:  Does this come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes, it does. It would be sent with you with the shipment.

Question 2:  Is this costly?

Answer: You can check the price on the link we’ve provided to learn more about that.

Question 3:  Do you mean one who weighs 320 pounds can use this?

Answer: Yes! And, one whose weight is less than 400 pounds can use this also.

Question 4:  How dependable is this?

Answer: 100% dependable.

Question 5:  Who has used this, please?

Answer: This is a product with a high rating on Amazon. It’s one that many have also found recommendable.


Final Verdict

The  is worth opting for, trust me. It has the fundamental qualities to keep one in great fun during workouts. It would aid you in biceps and muscular training.

Besides, this is one that many have found reliable to use over the years. You can try it out, too. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.


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