7 Expert Tips For Buying Running Shoes For Bunions

If enjoy running and have questions about buying running shoes for bunions then you are going to need to read this article with expert tips

7 Expert Tips For Buying Running Shoes For Bunions


If enjoy running and have questions about buying running shoes for bunions then you are going to need to read this article with some expert tips and advice.

What Are Bunions?

Running is an activity that many people enjoy and use as their main source of staying fit. However developing bunions in feet can affect your enjoyment of running and result in a good deal of pain.

A bunion is a bony bump that normally forms on the big toe. It is caused when the bones in the front of the foot move out of place causing the big toe to be pulled against your other toes leaving the bony bump sticking out on the outside of the toe.

Smaller bunions (bunionettes) can occur on the little toe as well. While both men and women can suffer from bunions they seem to occur more often in women.

What Are The Causes of Bunions?

There are several possible causes of bunions. Some of these causes include:

  • Congenital issues usually cause foot deformity:

Foot deformity at birth. A deformity that causes the big toe to be drawn inward towards the rest of the toes can result in the development of bunions over time. In some cases, a child may be born already having a bunion.

  • Heredity:

You can inherit certain foot types from your ancestors such as flat feet or over pronation, which can make you more susceptible to developing bunions. It has been noted that bunions run in the family, but whether bunions among family members is really due to heredity or whether it is due to families tending to choose shoes that are too tight.

  • Injuries:

An injury involving the big or little toe can result in bunions eventually forming. Injuries that push the toes of the foot together or put pressure on the base of the big toe are more likely to result in bunions.

  • Arthritis:

Any type of arthritis that results in the degeneration of the cartilage around the big or little toe can cause bunions. There are various types of arthritis and several types can result in bunions.

  • Shoes that are too tight:

Shoes that are too tight in the toe area can force the large toe against the other toes resulting in bunions over time. For that reason it is not recommended you wear pointed toed shoes or shoes that feel tight on your feet.

  • High Heeled Shoes:

High heeled shoes force the toes of your feet forward and can put pressure on the toe joint resulting in pressure on the big toe joint and cause the bones of the toe to move resulting in bunions.


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How Do Bunions Affect Someone’s Running Ability And Effectiveness?

Whether you run for exercise or because you enjoy taking part in races or marathons developing bunions can affect your ability to run. Bunions may result in pain not just of the toe, but also other parts of the foot as well as the knee, hip and the lower back.

When you try and run with a bunion you tend to roll your foot to outside affecting your push off as you run.

Running with a bunion can throw off your gait and slow your speed. It can also drastically reduce the amount of time you can run without being overcome with so much pain that you can no longer run.  If you are a runner and suffer from bunions then you are going to need to find the best running shoes for bunions.

In some cases, the pain can become so severe that some people give up running altogether.



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What Are Some Prevention And Treatment Methods For Bunions?

If at all possible you want to prevent developing bunions. However if you do get a bunion there are several treatment options available to you.

How Can You Prevent Bunions?

The easiest way to prevent bunions is to buy proper shoes that have plenty of room in the toe box that allows your toes to spread when walking or running. The shoes you buy should also have flat heels with plenty of cushioning that allows your toes to spread out and keeps your foot from turning inward or outward. Your shoes should also have good arch support to help reduce foot stress. 


10 Recommended Treatments For Bunions:

1. If you do suffer from bunions there are several things you can do to treat the condition.

2. Start wearing looser and wider shoes with good sole support and wear soft thick socks for extra cushioning of the foot. This is especially true when buying running shoes for bunions.

3. Use anti-inflammatory medication to help reduce the swelling and pain around the bunion.

4. You can use bunion pads to reduce the pressure on the bunion when wearing shoes.

5. Using toe separators can help to push the big (or little) toe back out to a more proper position. Separators work best when bunions are in the early stages.

6. Buy custom Orthotics to improve and address overpronation and improve the function of the joint.

7. Icing the toe. When swelling of the bunion occurs icing the toe to reduce swelling can help to reduce the swelling and the pain that the swelling causes. You can ice both the bunion and the bottom of the foot behind the big toe to reduce the overall swelling.

8. You can massage your foot especially at the base of your big or little toe. Massaging the foot near the toe will stretch the muscles and reduce pain. Massage your foot at the base of the big toe massaging upward towards the toe.

9. Exercise the toe area. If the toe is stiff toe-stretching exercises can help to reduce the stiffness and lessen joint pain. Try stretching the toes out straight ahead for about 5 seconds and then curl the toes under for 5 seconds and repeat the exercise ten times once or twice a day.

10. As a last resort surgery can be performed to correct the condition and provide relief from the pain. However, many people who have had bunion surgery have found the results to be unsatisfactory.



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Running Shoes For Bunions

7 Tips For Buying Running Shoes For Bunions

If you have bunions and want to continue running then you need to buy the right shoes for running with bunions here are some tips for choosing the best running shoes for bunions.

1. Don’t buy shoes that are too tight on your feet

Instead look for running shoes with a higher and wider toe box that allows your toes when spread when running and can accommodate those times when the bunion swells. You also want shoes that can accommodate thick socks since thicker socks will help to cushion the bunion.

2. Look for shoes with flat heels

Shoes that have lift in the heels put pressure on the front of your foot and the area where the bunion is located. Even as little as an inch rise heel can result in putting pressure on the bunion resulting in pain and even swelling.

3. Choose a running shoe made up of both leather and mesh

Leather will add stability to your running shoe, which you need, while mesh can lend breathability to the shoe and provides a softer area around the toe area where the bunion is located. You want to make sure that your entire foot has ample support.

4. You need a shoe with adequate arch support

Everyone has slightly different feet and so you need to be careful in choosing a running shoe for bunions that gives you adequate arch support to reduce the overall stress on your feet.

5. Choose a shoe that is large enough to accommodate orthotics are needed

In some situations you are going to need corrective insoles to treat condition such as overpronation, or flat feet. If you need corrective insoles then you are going to want a shoe that is large enough for to be able to place the orthotic inside the shoes.

6. Look for shoes with built in internal cushioning

When it comes to running shoes for bunions the more cushioning for the foot the better, so you are going to want to find a pair of shoes that has good cushioning throughout, including the toe area.

7. The best shoes for bunions are also shoes with flexible soles

Stiff soled shoes for you to put more pressure on the front of your foot when running, which can increase the pain of that bunion. A flexible sole allows your foot to bend more easily and puts less pressure on the toes of your foot.


A bunion is a painful condition that affects the big and sometimes the little toe resulting in pain when walking or running. While there are various treatments that can help to reduce the pain and swelling of a bunion most treatments are short term and need to be repeated.

If you are runner and suffer from a bunion then it is essential that you find the right running shoes for bunions to reduce the pain and allow you to continue running while experiencing less pain and swelling.



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