SUUNTO Traverse vs SUUNTO Ambit3: Which Is Best For Outdoors?

SUUNTO makes some of the best quality outdoor fitness watches but our focus today is compare the SUUNTO Traverse vs SUUNTO Ambit3 to help you decide which of the two is best for outdoor activities

SUUNTO Traverse vs SUUNTO Ambit3: Which Is Best For Outdoors?

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SUUNTO makes some of the best quality outdoor fitness watches but our focus today is compare the SUUNTO Traverse vs SUUNTO Ambit3 to help you decide which of the two is best for outdoor activities.

When looking for an outdoor fitness watch you have a lot of choices, among those is the SUUNTO brand of watches. With over 12 different SUUNTO watches you have plenty of options when looking to get the watch that is right for your next adventure. Two of the most popular SUUNTO watches are the  and the .

While these watches have some similarities, many people want to know which watch is better.



SUUNTO Traverse vs SUUNTO Ambit3




Suunto Traverse Alpha Photo Courtesy of Amazon


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Suunto Traverse Overview:

If you are looking to get into outdoor adventuring and want the perfect companion watch the could be exactly what you are looking for.

With four different designs available there is an option for just about everyone available with the Traverse.

With a sleek look the SUUNTO Traverse still manages to have the features any new outdoor adventurer might want while also satisfying the outdoor enthusiast.

One of the reasons that people turn to the SUUNTO Traverse is for the GPS and GLONASS mapping system combined with the legendary SUUNTO compass built-into the watch.

The watch face is capable of displaying maps but will also transfer your GPS data to your phone via Bluetooth. As you go about your outdoor adventures the watch automatically places breadcrumbs so that your way can easily be reversed. Options also exist to set landmarks, plan routes, and more.

The SUUNTO also offers additional features for those who are into hunting and fishing. An automatic shot marking feature will make note of where you took your shot so you can easily find your way back. This can help you to find your previous hunting grounds and avoid places where you don’t find any game.

For when you are hunting or fishing the watch offers vibration alerts. The backlight can be customized to your needs and is night vision compatible so you can see it when hunting at night.

The is less than $275, a great price for a smartwatch, especially a smartwatch that has a battery life of 14 days.


Suunto Traverse Alpha Photo Courtesy of Amazon


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Suunto Traverse Alpha Features:

  • Stainless steel bezel
  • Rugged Design
  • 100 m water resistance
  • Shot detection technology
  • GPS path tracking
  • Quality on-watch maps
  • Notifications and calls
  • Built-in Flashlight
  • 14 day battery life
  • Handmade in Finland



SUUNTO Ambit3 Peak HR Running GPS Unit

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

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SUUNTO Ambit 3 Peak Overview:

 On the other spectrum of the SUUNTO Traverse vs SUUNTO Ambit3, the has a very similar design to the Traverse but instead of targeting hunters, it is a watch designed for climbers and hikers.

SUUNTO wanted to create an affordable watch that can help you to get where you are going and push you to excel at climbing.

They market the watch as the ultimate GPS watch for sports and adventure. For the Ambit3 you have the option of getting a black watch or sapphire, which has a silver dial.

With the focus of the SUUNTO Ambit 3 Peak being for climbing, hiking, and similar outdoor activities, the features related to this are of the highest quality.

SUUNTO’s legendary improvements made to the compass can be found in the watch’s onboard compass and it features a powerful FusedAltiTM altimeter.

It also features a barometer. All of these features help you to log and track your adventures as accurately as possible. Along with the navigational logs you can also take pictures on your trip which the SUUNTO App will attach to the photos to your trip.

What also sets the apart is the fact that the watch comes with a heart rate strap that you wear while doing activities.

You might wonder why the watch has the strap as opposed to similar watches that have built-in heart rate sensors, the band allows the true outdoor adventurer to get the most accurate heart rate possible.

When it comes to battery life, in the battle of the SUUNTO Traverse vs SUUNTO Ambit3, the Ambit3 does lose by 6 days.

The Ambit3 has a battery life of 8.3 days (200 hours) when used in its least accurate GPS mode. When used on its most accurate mode the battery life goes down to 30 hours.

 SUUNTO Ambit3 Peak HR Running GPS Unit

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

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At just over $300, the SUUNTO Ambit 3 Peak is a relatively affordable smartwatch for the features that come packed in the small design.

Not only does it feature heart rate but it also features GPS and an easy to read screen that displays all of the information you need.


SUUNTO Ambit3 Features:

  • Various design options
  • Rugged yet classy design
  • 100 m water resistance
  • GPS with GLONASS
  • Adjustable GPS accuracy
  • Built-in legendary SUUNTO compass
  • FusedAltiTM Altimeter
  • Fitness advice
  • Sports logging
  • 200 hour battery life
  • Notifications and calls on watch


SUUNTO Traverse vs SUUNTO Ambit3


SUUNTO Traverse vs SUUNTO Ambit3: Which is Better?

The SUUNTO Traverse vs SUUNTO Ambit3, both watches have have great features but both also have their own intended users. The Traverse is geared more towards those who enjoy hunting and fishing while the SUUNTO Ambit3 Peak is obviously geared towards climbers and hikers.

Additionally both watches have a relatively low price, some smartwatches cost double what the Ambit3 costs. In general these watches are similar but we don’t need to have two smart watches so we need to pick between the two, which one is better?

The answer to which of these SUUNTO watches is better, the SUUNTO Traverse vs SUUNTO Ambit3 Peak, depends what you plan to use the watch for. Each watch comes with its own feature set that benefits different users.

The SUUNTO Traverse is the best option for those that are looking to use their watch for hunting and fishing, it comes with the hunting specific features that the Ambit3 does not have. Automatic shot tracking is a rather unique smartwatch feature, one that many hunters will appreciate. For those that use night vision goggles when hunting this is even more essential so that you can see the watch when you are out hunting.

People who are looking for a watch to monitor their physical activity such as hiking, climbing, and running where your heart rate matters, the is the option that you are going to want to go with. While the can monitor fitness, it doesn’t track heart rate and can’t give you information that is as accurate when it comes to activity. Some of the internal sensors are also more accurate than the Traverse has.

Lastly, the Ambit3 Peak has more interactive features when it comes to the SUUNTO App, including being able to use your phone to display all of the information on your watch face and more.

If cost is all that matters for you and you are just looking for a GPS enabled smartwatch, with a long battery life, and notification display, the SUUNTO Traverse is the watch for you. It has great quality, great reviews, and the features that most people are looking for minus heart rate.

Some people are also interested in having more design options and the SUUNTO Traverse is the watch with more design options but that is only by two so we highly recommend you chose based on the features you need, not the design.

Final Take:

Which watch you pick comes down to your needs. Each has its own benefits for use in the outdoors and your unique position gives you different needs.

There are a lot of different aspects to consider when picking a smart watch so make sure you keep all of these in mind when picking between the SUUNTO Traverse vs SUUNTO Ambit3 Peak.


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