10 Salomon Trail Running Shoes for Men: Buying Guide

This comprehensive buying guide reviews the 10 Best Salomon Men’s Trail Running Shoes reviews available to avid trail runners and hiking enthusiasts at affordable prices

10 Salomon Trail Running Shoes for Men: Buying Guide

Category: Best Men’s Trail Running & Hiking Shoes

Known for the excellent quality, Salomon trail running shoes are some of the  most popular trail running shoes and  hiking shoes on the market that you can buy with confidence.

If you are tired of regular training on the same roadways and searching for something different and thrilling, then you should consider outdoor running. This comprehensive buying guide reviews the 10 Salomon trail running shoes for men reviews available to avid trail runners and hiking enthusiasts at affordable prices.

Salomon shoes are known for their durability because the brand employs the Conta-grip soled shoe. Salomon also owns an exclusive synthetic composition  that comes in an elevated-abrasion variety for exceptional toughness.

Well, to know more about these shoes, let’s take a step ahead!



10 Salomon Trail Running Shoes for Men


1. Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes


Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes

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This famous running shoe’s 4th version flips the usual picture of sophistication on its head. Durable, heavily insulated, and in gentle terrain situations with massive strength, the Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes offers more genuine pleasure than ever before.

Performance Driven Engineering

Salomon strengthens adventure activities across performance-driven engineering by translating new concepts into practice and extending the boundaries of possibilities.

If you’re a mountain hiking lover who wants flexible boots on both softer and rough terrain with an intense design, this Salomon trail running shoes for men would be a great choice for you. The Speed-cross is much more than a sneaker. It is an association that Salomon has created.

Trail Removable Insole

Likewise, this is amongst the most amazing trail removable insole manufacturers in the world. This is a product that has been in the industry for a very long period. Thus, in the development of the ideal mountain rubber sole, they will be more than inclusive of diverse requirements and specifications necessary.


  • Added midsole material
  • Waterproof and weather protection
  • Bold colors and catchy design
  • Sticky Vibram Megagrip outsole


2. Salomon Men’s Speed-Cross 4 GTX Trail Shoes


Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 GTX Trail Running Shoes

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The Speed-cross is yet another famous model from Salomon, designed to drive across muddy, stinky paths. With a durable Gore-Tex underside, the new edition improves the rate. For further detail, let’s move forward!

Soft Grippy Rubber

This is comparatively soft grippy rubber, particularly for heel batters, unlike most of the other Salomon footwear. On strong roads, the Energy-Cell+ material offers decent rebound, but the muddy is where this hop genuinely works.

More than a rubber sole, the Salomon Men’s Speed-Cross 4 GTX Trail Shoes is an establishment for athletes who want durable and powerful traction on rough, soft paths. All you have to do is apply GORE-TEX security and you’re prepared for something out on the path.

Sturdy Insole

Moreover, the comfortable above coating, as well as the sturdy insoles of the Velocity-cross, guarantee that it is always mountain-ready. In the direction of a spear, the chucks of these sneakers are formed, giving you high surface area over difficult landscapes.

These Salomon trail running shoes for men also provide you with soft ground, such as sand, dust, and even ashes.


  • An outdoor-ready runner
  • Rearfoot GEL cushioning
  • Injection Molded Eva
  • Synthetic/Mesh Upper


3. Salomon Speedcross 5 Trail...


Salomon Men's Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoe

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The Salomon Men’s Speed-Cross 5 Running Shoes is the perfect footwear for athletes who would like to overcome soft, rugged terrain with an intense grip, accurate footing, and defense. For an enhanced grip and a more responsive top for optimal fitting and durability, it is revamped with strong, compact lugs.

Soft and Smoother Experience

The Speed-cross 5 is therefore the ideal shoe for hiking lovers who do not fear muddy, dirty ground. Salomon delivers products that guarantee you have a smoother experience on any surface. This is a modern tradition, along with enhanced safety and a polished look.

High on Efficiency

Either you enjoy running track in your street, a diversion from a local path, or something even more challenging, this is the best companion. The current high on efficiency and fit sets far more strength, and a more versatile top. To make a better choice, you can easily choose this pair of Salomon trail running shoes for men.


  • A quality runner who offers comfort
  • GEL cushioning inside to protect your feet
  • Excellent grip
  • Rubber protection in high wear areas


4. Salomon Men’s XA Pro Trail Running Shoes


Salomon Men's XA Pro 3D Trail Running Shoes, Chive/Black/Beluga, 8

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You’ll love the Salomon Men’s XA Pro Trail Running Shoes if you want a spacious toe box, or if you require a padded, convenient trip, which you consider as a necessity.

Densely Packed

These big, densely packed bearings provide more than enough crunch and rough dirt can be easily removed. And as they go all the way to the top to the foot, the footwear also leaps up high.

Besides, the infiltration holes guarantee that your foot stays intact all day, as well as an improved fabric that provides increased longevity. You will be more able to tackle any track you find with such footwear on your foot.

Molded Rock Surface

Moreover, the rockiest textures that run with the breeze can be beaten with assurance. In comparison to its ancestor, some noteworthy modifications in this shoe include a molded rock surface and a more grippy, more robust insole.


  • Vegan-friendly running shoes
  • Light and low framework
  • Anatomically correct
  • Textile and Synthetic


5. Salomon Super-Cross GTX Trail Running Shoes


Salomon Supercross GTX Men's Trail Running Shoes

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In all the wilderness areas you want to go to, GTX is built for running. This footwear will handle all surfaces, whether it’s a regular walk through your public center, an adventure to the nearby road, or something even tougher.

Ample Padding

The Salomon Super-Cross GTX Trail Running Shoes will never disappoint while providing ample padding to render any run perfect. You’ve got to try a few and accept your nastier nature. The construction of the granite plate provides stability to the instep.

Excellent Fit and Enhanced Longevity

The enhanced midsole characteristics make it a high performer on distinct landscapes. An excellent fit, enhanced longevity, and a handle that shows promise are provided by the famous, tested expedition shoes.

On all types of terrain, the insole slug template retains as well as the power cell insoles and the supportive fit protect in all circumstances. A complete GORE-TEX surface provides climate protection throughout the year to maintain the feet safe and step ahead.


  • Stable and flexible material
  • 100% Textile and Synthetic
  • Durable and Vibram sole
  • Mesh and TPU upper


6. Salomon Men’s Alpha-Cross Running Shoes


Salomon Men's Alphacross Trail Running Shoe

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 The latest incarnation of the symbol, the Frequency Cross 5 GTX, has a brand-new tongue gore-tex structure that enhances stability and automates the shoe’s entire look and texture.

Well-Known Grip

It retains the well-known grip, excellent padding, and precision fit that have rendered this shoe a classic. This provides enhanced functionality for all users, an excellent fit, and a grip that inspires trust throughout your workouts.

Production-Driven Design

It incorporates a production-driven design where new concepts are turned into practice and the boundaries of imagination are gradually extended. The best attribute that this shoe has is its flexibility.

Additionally, the 3D style creates all use of Sens-fit and easy stitching, which is doing its best job to ‘hug’ your feet inside this footwear for a seamless and secure fitting. In this way, it provides a simple, proper grip for your foot.


  • Lightweight EVA
  • High Traction Rubber Outsole
  • Breathable and durable
  • Great traction


7. Salomon Men’s Speed-Cross Trail Running Shoes


Salomon Men's Speedcross 5 GTX Trail Running


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Trail running has many advantages that it provides to all those who perform it, including the ability to create up your stamina. Every activity needs to find the right equipment since there is nothing bad such as unbiased conditions with the correct equipment.

Multi-Layer Rubber Outsole

With an inner made of multi-layered rubber outsole, the Salomon Men’s Speed-Cross Trail Running Shoes pledges that no other footwear like this one can keep hold of your feet. So, with your Salomon trail racer, don’t be afraid to experiment and interact with the outdoors.

Furthermore, without compromising midfoot stability, this mechanism works brilliantly. As a consumer of this product, one aspect that is necessary to remember is the need to break into the lever.

Works Brilliantly

Bending in is intended to eliminate users moaning about an additional amount higher total or rubbing instances when working. It helps all workers to focus on all forms of landscapes and conditions safely and easily by giving them an outstanding grip.


  • Very durable
  • Good responsiveness for a trail running shoe
  • Snug and comfortable fit
  • Extended Comfort


8. Salomon Men’s Wings Pro 2 Shoes


Salomon Men's Wings Pro 2 Trail Runner

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 If you wear a couple of wings on and plan to travel, you just require them to match as accurately and securely as the new Salomon Men’s Wings Pro 2 Shoes. You’ll move directly any path with a platform and top built to keep your feet and seek the best on challenging switchbacks.

Light-Weight and Durable

The Salomon trail hiking boots make every field as well as every challenge you pursue an enduring journey. Companies have introduced certain that, by rendering it lightweight, this running shoe suits the shoe requirements of all styles of athletes.

Smoother and Easier to Carry

For a game like adventure walking, shoe misuse is unavoidable, whether you come from a history of pavement, a context of trail walking, or from the mount.

Furthermore, it has stayed a common option, possibly as practically any material you can find elsewhere can be treated. To render it smoother and easier, these Salomon trail running shoes for men are integrated with a Sensifit higher, an improved 3D framework allows for a comfortable feeling and tight-fitting.


  • Highly durable and flexible
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Durable and synthetic sole
  • Dual-density EVA midsole


9. Salomon Men’s SENSE RIDE 3 Shoes


Salomon Men's SENSE RIDE 3 Trail Running Shoe

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The Salomon Men’s SENSE RIDE 3 Shoes incorporates norms of the track going with trail-specific characteristics such as bashing cover, surface sensor, and a snug-fitting strap. So, you can accumulate miles along with convenience and quickly.

Great Ankle Support

The Sense Ride 3 mixes ankle support with added protection and safety of conventional road hiking boots. This texture will deliver long endurance and comfort on wet, dry, rough, or porous textures.

Alongside, this footwear pair is a fantastic pick for both enthusiasts as well as first athletes, unlike some of the other compact running shoes listed in this guide, as it promises to support you stronger than anyone can.

Sturdy Insole Stone Surface

For several excellent reasons, this footwear is related to as a footwear reservoir concerning safety. This shoe’s removable insole stone surface is sturdy and restrictive for unparalleled slippery defense.


  • Versatile use for different terrains
  • Synthetic and durable soles
  • Available in various colors
  • Excellent traction


10. Salomon Men’s X Crest Hiking Shoes


Salomon Men's X Crest GTX Hiking

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It is good to have the support of the Salomon Men’s X Crest Hiking Shoes whenever you wander well beyond the camp-site. With a sturdy, comfy removable insole, an intimidating sole template, and supportive toes and heels, you will be prepared to accept your exploration beyond the tourist trail.

Defensive Fender

The anterior and posterior aspects are covered from sandy paths by a defensive fender across the foundation of the feet. Its rubber sole requires the use of engineering to provide a significant amount of convenience for consumers.

Valuable and User-Friendly

You can ride for dozens of kilometers without making your shoe fall to the ground, with a strap as receptive as that of the Salomon Men’s X Crest Hiking Shoes.

Moreover, Salomon has footwear and accessories for girls, males, and females, even if you are interested in aqua jogs, climbing, trekking, or mountain biking. To enable you to overcome a distance measurement, current best, or occurrence, these will be valuable.


  • Water-resistant material
  • Good grip on mud & snow
  • Quick lace technology
  • Durable and rubber sole


As we conclude this guide about the  best-recommended Salomon trail running shoes for men we want to emphasize their popularity, durability and comfortable design.

If you have found this guide quite informative then do share it with others to promote it. Your feedback will help me to get improvements so don’t forget to share that!


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Salomon Trail Running Shoes For Men


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Salomon Men's SPEEDCROSS Trail...
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  • SPEEDCROSS uses a completely...
  • TOMORROW IS YOURS: Whether you...
  • SINCE 1947 Salomon has created...
Bestseller No. 2
Salomon Men's SPEEDCROSS PEAK...
  • Sensifit with Quicklace...
  • Heel cap and toe cap protect...
  • Contagrip with aggressive lug...
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  • SINCE 1947 Salomon has created...
Bestseller No. 3
Salomon Speedcross 5 Trail...
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  • Go The Distance: Whether you...
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BEST PRICEBestseller No. 4
Salomon Men's ALPHACROSS 5...
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  • This shoe combines a soft...
  • An all-round trail and...
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  • SINCE 1947 Salomon has created...
BEST PRICEBestseller No. 5
Salomon Men's SENSE RIDE 5...
  • Our Energy Save midsole gives...
  • Developed using All Terrain...
  • A lightweight, flexible, and...
  • TOMORROW IS YOURS: Whether you...
  • SINCE 1947 Salomon has created...
Bestseller No. 6
Salomon Men's XA PRO 3D Trail...
  • The 3D Advanced Chassis...
  • Full premium wet traction grip...
  • With a reinforced toe cap and...
  • TOMORROW IS YOURS: Whether you...
  • SINCE 1947 Salomon has created...
Bestseller No. 7
Salomon Men's SPEEDCROSS...
  • A new GORE-TEX construction...
  • The Contagrip TA sole has...
  • The proven Speedcross fit,...
  • TOMORROW IS YOURS: Whether you...
  • SINCE 1947 Salomon has created...
Bestseller No. 8
Salomon Speedcross 5 Gore-tex...
  • GORE-TEX keeps your feet dry...
  • Contagrip TA: Built for...
  • SensiFit cradles the foot from...
  • TOMORROW IS YOURS: Whether you...
  • Since 1947 Salomon has created...


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