Juicing For Weight Loss And Your Health: Facts You Should Know

juicing for weight loss

Juicing For Weight Loss And Your Health: Facts You Should Know

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We are going to discuss how juicing for weight loss works, its pros and cons and whether juicing can result in permanent weight loss or not.

Trying to lose weight is extremely difficult for most people partly because it takes so long to see even minor results, which makes it difficult to stick to any weight loss plan. Perhaps this is the reason why many people turn to juicing for weight loss.

What Does Juicing for Weight Loss Involve?

If you are going to juice for weight loss then you are going to want the freshest juice possible, which means that you will need to buy fresh fruits and vegetables to juice and consume the juice you make within 24 hours of juicing. The whole purpose of juicing in order to lose weight is to extract the juice from vegetables and fruits and leave the pulp behind.

Keep in mind that when you juice fruit you are concentrating the sugars from the fruit so you will want to use fruit sparingly adding only one or two pieces of fruit to vegetable juice to improve the taste.

You then substitute drinking a large glass of juice for one or more meals each day during your juicing diet. In some cases, you may choose to eat low calorie meals and substitute that juice for those high calorie snacks or drinks you consume with your meals.

How Does Juicing for Weight Loss Work?

Juicing for weight loss works because you substitute the juice for an actual meal, which will drastically cut down on the amount of calories you are consuming.

However, juicing for weight loss should be used simply to jump start a diet and therefore if you are going to substitute juicing for all of the meals in a single day then you should not juice for more than three days.

If you are only substituting juicing for one meal a day you can juice for several weeks. If going on a complete juice fast you really shouldn’t juice for more than 2 or 3 days before going on to follow a low calorie diet. You can then have a juice fasting day once a week or so to help keep you on track with your overall weight loss plan.

juicing for weight loss

Do You Need to Buy a Juicer for a Juicing Diet?

Juicers can be quite expensive and to be honest one really isn’t necessary for juicing for weight loss. You can use a regular blender to make your juice as long as you don’t mind the juice containing the pulp of the vegetables or fruit.

When using a blender to make fresh juice you will need to peel the fruit or the vegetables and remove any large seeds. You then start blending the ingredients and add water as needed to thin your juice out. When using a blender it works best to cut your ingredients into small size pieces.

One of the benefits of using a blending to make your juice is that your juice will contain fiber. The juice from a blender will also be more filling.

The negative aspect of using a blender is that the juice you make may be too thick for some people to get down easily. Some people just have a difficult time swallowing thicker juice, which may make using a blender not something, that works for every person.

Does Juicing Really Work for Weight Loss?

Juicing is a great way to ingest a lot of nutrients without consuming a lot of calories. For that reason juicing diets have become quite popular, but do they really aid weight loss?

There are several different types of juice diets. The most common juice diet is the juice fast. A juice fast simply means drinking only juice for a set amount of time. Some juice fasts lasts only a few days while others can last several weeks.

There is little doubt that juice fasts drastically cuts calorie intake, resulting in faster weight loss. However, once you start eating solid foods once again you are likely to regain most if not all of the weight you lost.

In addition, while the vegetables and fruits used to make juice will provide a lot of nutrients, you are also losing nutrients by forgoing solid foods. You are also missing fiber, proteins and fats, which are necessary for remaining healthy.

There are healthy ways for you to use juicing that will help you to lose weight. For example, you can drink juice in place of those higher calorie snacks to cut down on calories. You can also drink a glass of juice 15 minutes before eating a meal to help you feel slightly fuller and eat less at mealtime.

This means that juicing can work for weight loss if you use juicing in a thoughtful and responsible way as part of an overall weight loss plan that includes diet and exercise not just juicing.

What Are the Benefits Of Juicing for Weight Loss?

When juicing is part of an overall healthy weight loss plan it can provide dieters with many different benefits. The key to juicing for weight loss is to juice a variety of different vegetables of all colors, especially dark green vegetables and very few fruits.

Here are some of the benefits of juicing for weight loss.

  • Can Help Decrease Calorie Intake:

Juicing in place of calorie rich snacks or in place of sugary drinks can certainly decrease your calorie intake significantly, which combined with a proper diet and exercise can certainly help to kick start weight loss, making it somewhat easier to stick your dietary goals.

  • Provide Benefits for Your Health:

Any time you increase the amount of healthy vegetables and fruits in your diet you will experience benefits to your health. Vegetables and fruits in any form can help strengthen you immune systems, provide your with nutrients and vitamins your body needs and provide you with healthier skin and hair.

  • Can Improve Your Energy and Mood:

Consuming more healthy fruits and vegetables can help to improve your energy and mood and can actually help you to think clearer.

juicing for weight loss

What Are the Dangers of Juicing for Weight Loss?

When juicing is included as part of healthy diet there really is not any downsides to juicing, however when people go a long term juicing fast this can present a number of dangers or at least problems.

Here are some of the problems that arise from juice fasting to lose weight.

  • Loss of Proper Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals

While fruit and vegetables can add vitamins, minerals and nutrients to your diet, juicing alone can rob you of other nutrients, vitamins and minerals that you get from other foods that you are now avoiding in order to stick to an all juice diet.

  • Miss out on Necessary Fiber

When you go on a juice fast you miss out on a lot of necessary fiber that you need to aid digestion and help to give you that full feeling.

  • May Become Fatigued

While using juice as part of healthy diet can give you more energy, a juice fast carried on for more than a couple of days can result in you becoming fatigued and lacking in any energy.

  • Can Make Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Difficult

If you use a lot of fruit when juicing, then you may find it difficult to control your blood sugar levels since all the sugars from the fruit are more concentrated when in juice form. You don’t want to raise your blood sugar levels, as that is not good for your overall health.

  • Can Lose Muscle

Going on a juice fast can result in your body going into starvation mode, which means that you will start burning muscle for energy.

  • Lack of Healthy Fats and Proteins

A juice fast does not include any healthy fats or proteins, which your body needs to burn calories, provide nutrients and add to your overall health. Protein is the most important nutrient needed in order to lose weight. High protein reduces hunger and boosts your metabolism. In addition, you actual need to consume healthy fats in order to help decrease those cravings for carbs. So going on a juice fast may actually end up slowing your weight loss in the long run.

Final Note:

Juicing for weight loss may have become quite popular over the last several years, but most people who choose juicing for weight loss choose a juice fast, which when taken to extremes can be unhealthy and even dangerous to one’s health.

However, when juicing is used as part of an overall healthy diet plan complete with healthy eating and exercise it can definitely help you to lose weight. The fact is that juice does have a number of healthy benefits and can help you to consume fewer calories.

So in conclusion, when done right juicing for weight loss can definitely help lead you to the results you want and need.


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