How To Clean Gym Mats At Home: Learn These Best Tips & Tricks

Are you perplexed with how to go about cleaning your gym mat safely? If yes, here is how to clean gym mats at home like an expert

How To Clean Gym Mats At Home: Learn These Best Tips & Tricks

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Are you perplexed with how to go about cleaning your gym mat safely? If yes, here is how to clean gym mats at home like an expert. You can use these steps to clean some other parts of the home gyms, too.


Fatigue in exercises is often experienced when the environment doesn’t encourage continuity.

 Besides, a dirty environment could exacerbate the unhealthy lifestyle of exercisers if care is not taken. Indeed, that’s why the nook and cranny of the gym needs constant cleaning, including the gym mat. 

First of all, gym mats suppose to provide you with the needful supports during exercises. You can use them as the underlying instrument and as a supplement to a gym. 

Obviously, the workouts that are doable on gym mats are yoga and floor exercises. What actually makes gym mats distinct is that they are typically thicker than the conventional rugs.

 Furthermore, their surfaces are friendly to human skin. And, the main reason why you should prioritize how to clean gym mats at home above any other necessity is that it could aid you in having a clue on how to clean some other home gym, too. 

Moreover, do you even know that health specialists opined that home gyms are ripe for cleaning after two or three times of use; why? Adhering to that would make tones of exercises enjoyable for a long time.

 And, here are the pieces of information for doing that:

What to consider when deciding to Clean Gym Mats at Home:


Viable Cleaning Materials

There are a large number of materials that you can use to clean gym mats. However, you need to check out the constituent(s) that made up the gym mat first before any other thing. 

Some products are made of various polymers, while some are vinyl. Of course, you wouldn’t want to use the same cleaning precaution for the two. But, you’d be discreet with the whole act.

 Nonetheless, the recommendable materials are mops, brooms, thick damp clothes, a large bowl filled with water and detergent, vinegar, brushes (as the case may be), and another bowl filled with ordinary water only. 

After that, place them in an open area for easy access.


  • It’s at this point you check out the parts of the gym mat. Try to find out whether you’d find a tremendous amount of dust and debris.
  • You can even check out if it somewhat flares odor.
  • You ought to know that you shouldn’t clean the gym mat only but also other components that make up a home gym and its environment.
  • Once you’ve identified the ultimate cause of dirt, then you might proceed with checking out the steps we’ve made available in the following points.
  • Nevertheless, you might have to take the gym mat outside or a secluded region and forcefully hit it against a solid body so that stuck dirt can remove. However, you could use another approach if your gym mat is not that thick, actually.

how to clean gym mats at home

How to Clean Gym Mats with Rubber Soles

  • Here are the steps to imbibe when one’s goal is to clean gym mats with rubber soles:
  • Get the water warm first before you initiate the exercise.
  • Fill the empty bowl with both water and vinegar. Make sure it’s well mixed.
  • You can add determent and soak the gym mat inside the mixture for two hours, at least.
  • You can begin to scour off the dirt with a brush or any cleaning material with stiff bristles. The vinegar would aid it in being free from germ.
  • You’d need to rinse it with warm water that’s free of add-ons. You should sundry it afterward.
  • Meanwhile, you’d have to check the crevices of the gym mat before you sundry it.

How to Clean Gym Mats with a Sole Material

First off, identify the material used for its construction. Nonetheless, hardly should mildew or mold be found in gym mats except if it’s mostly used outdoor.

 However, if that happens, you’re to remove them quickly and easily. Meanwhile, that’s after one had already known the level of impermeability of the gym mat.

 Unlike those with stacked materials, those made with a single type of content are porous to a large extent. And, it’s expedient that one use cleaning materials with soft bristles to wipe off dirt from its surface. 

Of course, the scouring should be benign. Besides, that doesn’t mean one can’t sluice it inside a pool of warm water mixed with vinegar or citric acids.


Additional Tips for Cleaning Gym Mats

  • Adding essential oil could be a brilliant idea, you know?
  • Vigorously scrubbing and hitting a gym mat so that dust can flare off, it may cause extensive damage to it.
  • The efficient saving of gym mats would definitely prevent massive messes on gym mats.
  • It is better one opt for a gym mat that doesn’t absorb dust quickly so that training on its own can be full of fun.
  • Using a dry cloth to remove debris from the surface is the best before starting any routine. 

What to Avoid

  • Avoid scratching parts from the surface of the gym mat.
  • Never use any harsh chemicals to clean your gym mat. It could worsen the case.
  • The whole process shouldn’t take a jiffy. However, you might need to soak it in vinegar first if there are stuck stains on it.
  • If cleaning turn hassles, you can consider buying a new one.
  • Brushes with hard bristles are not advisable in any form.

Removal of Urine or Toxic Odor from a Gym Mat

In this case, you shouldn’t use vinegar or citric acid. What you’re to use is toothpaste. Apply toothpaste and some water at the spot while you use a cleaning material with soft bristle to scour the whole top.

 It’s after you had done this that you can rinse it and sundry it. However, if it has taken a while already, that’s if the urine is stale, you can do the same but with warm water this time. This would aid you in removing dirt awesomely.


Make sure that you use the gymnastic mat after it has completely dried. Besides, you should clean it and its environment often so that you can be safe. 

Indeed, you can always use the information here for maximum safety.

Final Verdict

That’s just how to clean gym mats at home or anywhere. As you can see, the steps are simple and practical.

 You can even use the preparation and the tactic for cleaning some part of the gym and its attachments. The information is vast and very doable.



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