How To Build Arm Muscle: Best Proven Tips & Tricks Explored

If you are wondering how to build arm muscle you are not alone. Targeting various areas of the body during your exercises will help you

How To Build Arm Muscle: Best Proven Tips & Tricks Explored

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But you need to learn what muscles to build, how to build arm muscle, and what equipment you need.

What Arm Muscles To Work?

The most common arm muscles that people work are the triceps and biceps. You do, indeed, need to work these muscles in order to build strong arm muscles. But these aren’t the only muscles that you will need to work. Building rounded arms is important.

You will also need to work your shoulders and forearms. Working all of your muscles will prevent your arms from looking odd when you start to develop muscles. When you go to pick workouts for the day make sure you pick ones that exercise the whole arm.

What Are The Benefits of Building Arm Muscles?

How to build arm muscle is not the only question you should be asking. Knowing the benefits of building arm muscle will help to keep you focused on building strength and building even strength.

Here are a few of the reasons building arm muscles is important:

  • Heart Benefits

Working out, in general, is known to be good for your heart. As you workout, you are building up your heart’s ability to keep up endurance. Beyond that, science also says that working with weights has a benefit for the heart too. As you work with weights you are boosting your heart health further. The key to seeing heart benefits is performing resistance regularly.

  • Injury Reduction

Strong arms reduce your chance of sustaining injuries. You are building strong muscles that work to prevent pain but also work to ensure that when you pick things up during the day, your arms are ready to do so. In order to reduce the risk of injury though you need to ensure that you are performing any stretches or exercises properly.

  • Protecting Your Body

When you don’t utilize your body to its full potential you start to reduce the body’s abilities. You will notice that your arm muscles and bones start to weaken, especially as you age. Building arm muscles helps to preserve them.

  • Increase Your Workouts

As you build arm muscles you will start to get more strength. The more strength you build up, the better your workouts will be. You can increase the number of workouts and the intensity of workouts. For example, stronger arms can enhance pool workouts by allowing you to cut through the water.

Achieving Goals Feels Good

Building up strength to meet your goals is an accomplishment. The more goals that you meet, the better you will feel. So if you need another reason to learn how to build arm muscle, then take the chance to start accomplishing milestones and goals in your muscle building.

The positivity won’t only affect your fitness life but that positivity will carry over into the rest of your life.



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How To Build Arm Muscle: 4 Machines and Equipment To Use


how to build arm muscle


Part of how to build arm muscle has to do with the machines and equipment you use. It is possible to build strong muscles without the use of equipment but you can get the job done sooner and you can go further with the help of a machine.

Here are some machines and equipment you can use to power building arm muscle:

  • Free Weights

Weights are a big part of building arm muscle. You will want to either get a set of weights for home or use the ones at the gym. Dumbells, barbells, and kettlebells are all great tools that can be incorporated into your workout.

  • Chin-ups & Pullup Bars

Chin-ups and pull ups are both exercises that work to build your arm muscles. Having a bar to perform these exercises will help you to perform your workouts at home. Most gyms will have equipment that is multipurpose that allows you to perform chinups.

  • Grip Strengthener

A grip strengthener does more than work your finger muscles, it also works your forearm muscles. A grip strengthener can help you to build your forearms. Just make sure that you use it in moderation and that you use it properly. Improper use or overuse can result in injuries, just like with any other workout equipment.

  • Rowing Machine

Rowing is all about the arms, shoulders, and back muscles. Using a rowing machine can help to give you the arm workouts you need. Many gyms have these available but there are also versions you can get for your home.



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7 Exercises To Help You Build Arm Muscle


how to build arm muscle


Want to know what specific exercises you can perform to build arm muscle? Well look no further.

Here are some of the best exercises you can use to build arm muscles and strength:

1. Chin-ups

Chinups are a great method to build your arm strength. Using a chin-up or pull up bar you are going to pull your body up until you can touch the bar with your chin. Make sure that your arms are shoulder length apart and your palms are facing you.

2. Pushups

Performing pushups helps to strengthen a fair amount of your body. Not only are you engaging your core but you are working out your arms. For extra effectiveness, put your hands in a diamond position.

3. Seated Row

This is a basic exercise using the rowing machine we mentioned above. You will want to sit on the machine and pull back to row. Performing the exercise slow is essential both for your safety and to maximize the benefits of the exercise.

4. Curls

Any kind of curls you perform with weights will help to strengthen your arms. Different types of curls will work different parts of your arms. Mixing together different types of curls can maximize the gains you get from the workout.

5. Extensions

There are a number of exercises known as extensions that involve bending your arms and then extending them to help work the muscles. Arm extensions can help you to seriously power your arm muscle building. Standing overhead barbell extensions and one arm tricep extensions are just two examples of exercises that you can take on.

6. Bench Presses

Bench presses are another way to utilize weights to help build arm muscle. You are going to lay on your back on a bench and lift a bar of weights. Finding a safe weight is important for this exercise as is utilizing a spotter. You don’t want to overwork your body and you also want to ensure that you don’t drop the weight on your neck, head, or upper body.

7. Tricep Dips

Dips are a great way to start noticing gain and are an exercise that you can do at home or at the gym. Tricep Dips can be performed on a machine or with a short wall. You will lower yourself down and raise yourself back up with your arms. The benefit to using a machine for your tricep dips is the fact that you can aid weight to your workout.



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6 Tips for Building Arm Muscle


how to build arm muscle


To help you build better arm muscles we are going to cover a few tips for building arm muscles. Anything you do to maximize your workouts will help you to maximize the gains you get and to get those gains sooner.


Here are some good tips to help you get going:

1. Work Your Way Up

It is important that you don’t jump straight in to using extremely heavy weights or pushing your body too far. You want to work from where you are up to higher levels of exercise. A good example to use is if you are working out one day a week, move up to two days. After a while at two days, add a third day, and so on. This will help your body to adjust.

2. What Weight To Work At

Are you trying to figure out what weight to use when trying to build muscles? A good rule of thumb is to use about 60-70% of your maximum lifting weight to balance between repetitions and amount of effort.

3. Continue To Exhaustion

Working out until exhaustion can help you to get your muscles to the point where they get the workout they need. Switch between exercises but don’t stop after a certain number of repetitions.

4. Take Breaks

It should be noted that our bodies need a break from physical and other forms of stress  so you should factor in breaks for your body during workouts. If you push your body too hard you will put so much stress on your muscles that it will wear them out. Take at least one day off from the gym a weak. In addition to that, you will want to alternate days between working your legs and working your arms. Don’t forget to incorporate your core in their somewhere too.

5. Incorporate A Proper Diet

Including a proper diet in your fitness plan is key. Without taking a rounded approach you will find that your body is not able to keep up with your muscle-building efforts. You will want to eat foods with plenty of proteins and avoid foods with high levels of carbohydrates. Don’t forget the other nutrients too, these will further power your workout and help your body to build muscle. Further, you will want to eat enough calories that you are replacing the ones that you are expending from your increased workouts.

When it comes to what you eat, quality is very important. For example, bad protein sources will leave you without the gains you were expecting. You also don’t want to run the risk of building fat while you are trying to improve your fitness.

6. Superset your Exercise

Supersetting is a good way to ensure that you don’t have to spend hours in the gym every day. The basic principle is that you are not going to take long breaks between exercises. Instead, you will move from exercise to exercise rapidly. If you are going to take a break it will only be long enough for you to catch your breath or take a drink of water.


Now you know the answer to how to build arm muscle. These are the most effective tips, exercises, and equipment you can incorporate into your workout to get big gains.

If you find that you aren’t getting the muscle increase you were expecting, it is a good idea to talk with a professional trainer to get some help in building up your muscles and strength.



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