Fitbit Surge vs Blaze: Which Is The Best For Exercise & Fitness Tracking?

Are you one of many who has been wondering about the difference between the fitbit surge vs blaze and which you should buy for exercise

Fitbit Surge vs Blaze: Which Is The Best For Exercise & Fitness Tracking?

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Are you one of many who has been wondering about the difference between the fitbit surge vs blaze and which you should buy for exercise and fitness tracking? We compared the two and this article will tell you what we found.

Fitbit is one of the largest and most well-known fitness device makers. In fact, they were one of the first companies to create a cellphone connected fitness device. Their first devices clipped onto a waistband or pocket and tracked activities simply by the movement of the device. Since then the devices have come a long way.

Now Fitbit offers several lines of smartwatches. These allow you to have all of the wonderful features of a Fitbit tracker combined with everything that a smartwatch brings with it.

Two of the most popular Fitbit smartwatches out there are the Surge and Blaze. Both of these are unique in design so let’s take a look at what they offer by looking at the Fitbit Surge vs Blaze.



Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch

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Appearing like a larger screen version of a traditional Fitbit Watch, the Fitbit Surge has a quality and tested appearance.

One that people have come to know and love about Fitbit. The isn’t what you would consider your typical smartwatch, it has a touchscreen but not a full-color display.

Combined with the touchscreen is a button on either side of the device.

The Fitbit Surge uses a standard black and white style display that allows for easy to read text, even during the brightest of days.

This alone is one of the best features of the watch, you get a large screen with the ability to read notifications easily and see all of your fitness statistics.

Another one of the things that makes the Surge standout is the sleek design, it easily fits on the wrist without being in the way. Unlike most smartwatches, it maintains a relatively low height off the wrist and consistent size and shape. Those who are wanting a discrete fitness smartwatch will like the Fitbit Surge.

Features of the Fitbit Surge:

  • Ambient Light Sensor for Brightness Control
  • Heart Rate Tracking
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Bluetooth Notifications
  • Recharges in 2 Hours
  • Various Color Bands

Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch

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Fitbit Surge drawbacks:

  • It is hard to find too many cons with the , it does most of what it is advertised to do and has a great package. That doesn’t mean it does what it should do though.
  • The design of the Surge is a bit odd, leading people to question why you have a very square watch on your wrist. That being said, someone would have to be paying attention to your outfit in order to notice.
  • Another con of the Surge is the fact that it has a unique charger that will need to be ordered if you damage or misplace yours.
  • Unlike many smartwatches, it doesn’t use a simple wireless charging design.



The Fitbit Blaze Explored

Fitbit released the to have a more traditional looking smartwatch and fitness tracker combination.

With a sleek design that is reminiscent of a fine smartwatch, the Fitbit Blaze is quite capable of also tracking your steps and activity. What does this mean for you? You can wear it to the gym or to the office and it won’t make you stand out.

It does look a bit unusual and that is part of the reason that it works.


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On the Blaze’s body, you will find three buttons, a back button on the left and on the right an action button, and a select button.

The relatively small screen is also a touchscreen but the buttons give you the option of using it mainly as a traditional Fitbit.

Swiping on the screen does not work to get back to the home screen unlike with some other Fitbit models.

With a single charge, you can use your Fitbit Blaze for up to five days as long as you moderate your use of the device.

Using the device regularly you will get about three days of battery life.

Even at three days of battery life, you are going to exceed most other smartwatches on the market.

Fitbit Blaze Features:

  • Ambient Light Sensor for Display Brightness
  • PurePulse Heart Rate Readings
  • Workouts Displayed On-Screen
  • Music Control
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Shortcuts Can Be Programmed
  • Changeable Clock Faces
  • 2 Hour Recharge Time
  • Various Color and Size Bands
  • Easily Interchangeable Bands

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Fitbit Blaze drawbacks:

Despite the fact that the is such a good watch it isn’t hard to find some cons when looking at it.

  • One of the biggest being the fact that the watch does not feature an edge to edge display. There is a mostly pointless frame around the display of the watch. The frame acts as a marketing tool for Fitbit, prominently displaying their company name below the screen.
  • Just like the Surge, the Blaze uses a proprietary charger which is infuriating as you need to order a special one if you misplace or break yours.


Fitbit Surge vs Blaze: Which Should You Buy?


When looking at the Fitbit Surge vs Blaze both devices have their own positive features and drawbacks. There are times where even the one that is technically best out of the two might not be right for a user but those times are few and far between. So which one of the two devices do you think is going to be our choice for the clear winner?

Editor’s Pick

The Fitbit Blaze is the obvious choice between the two watches. Despite the sleek design of the Fitbit Surge, it still doesn’t manage to look right for every occasion.

The pure versatility of the Blaze and the fact that it can easily be mistaken for a normal watch make it a clear option. The fact that it can last up to five days is also a big plus for it. That is only two days less than the Surge’s max operating time.

Due to the unique watch design of the Blaze it is only 0.4 inches larger than the surge and features a full-color display which is much easier for viewing notifications. The color screen opens up the possibility of many more apps and features from the watch face too. Many find the color screen a little harder to read in direct sunlight but raising the brightness or shielding your hand is an easy solution for a small problem.

Many users have complimented the Fitbit Blaze on the comfort felt against the skin. It is a comfortable watch that offers what you would expect and more.


All in all, there isn’t too much of difference between these two popular smartwatches. The difference that is there though allows us to pick the Fitbit Blaze as the clear winner. It is the perfect mix of smartwatch and fitness tracker.

You get all of the benefits of being able to have cool watch faces and control music while being able to reap the rewards of the Fitbit fitness tracking platform. A very time tested and constantly improving the platform.

Take a look at the two options and you will see why in the battle of the Fitbit Surge vs Blaze that we picked the one that we did. Despite both devices being older Fitbit models, they both come with a history of high quality and are being used by many people around the world. In fact, many people are still buying them new because their features stand out amongst other smartwatches around the world.



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