VIDEO: How Accurate Are Elliptical Calorie Counters?


Are you are you curious to find out how accurate built-in elliptical calorie counters or treadmill calorie counters really are?

Like may people, I have built a home gym equipped with an elliptical, a treadmill, an exercise bike and other fitness gear. But I have always been curious to know how accurate elliptical calorie counters and treadmill calorie counters were.

My curiosity intensified ever more when I noticed that the calorie counter on my apple watch and that on elliptical machine or treadmill where showing different readings (no in sync)! So I set out to investigate and decided to make made this video to help anyone who may have the same question.

Watch this video below to get some clear and straight answers to your nagging question about  how accurate elliptical calorie counters and treadmill calorie counters are:




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