Best Mats for Home Gym Exercise Equipment: Review Guide

This list of the best mats for home gym exercise equipment will come in handy since a gym mat should be something you have on top of your home gym essentials

Best Mats for Home Gym Exercise Equipment: Review Guide


Whether you are thinking of setting up a garage gym at home or are shopping for gym equipment to organize your personal studio, This list of the best mats for home gym exercise equipment will come in handy since a gym mat should be something you have on top of your home gym essentials.

Recent trends in working from home due to Covid 19 amongst other factors are making it pretty hard for anyone to find the time to hit the gym after a long and stressful day of zoom calls. According to an IHRSA report,  25% of gyms and fitness clubs have closed permanently by the end of 2020 and many more in 2021.  To make matters worse, more and more people are opting to invest in home gym and exercise equipment That is why we have complied this list of the best mats for home gym you should consider.

Why do you need a mat for exercise equipment?

All gym equipment is large and heavy. Ellipticals, treadmills, and weights are particularly heavy and abrasive. They can damage the floor of your studio especially if it is sensitive as the case with hardwood flooring.

  • Mats are shock absorbent and help protect the floor from abrasive damage due to heavy equipment used for a vigorous workout.
  • These can prevent scratching and scuffing of the floors.
  • They not only provide good cushioning to the floor against the weight of the equipment but also absorb the unwanted noise resulting from friction during exercise.
  • These mats are designed to provide friction and thus improve the anchorage of the equipment, especially free weights. In this way, they prevent the equipment from slippage and make weight lifting safer.


They are versatile and are available in different materials and types. These mats are available in various materials including vinyl, foam and/or rubber.

Jigsaw mats come in the form of individual pieces which can be easily joined together much like a jigsaw puzzle. There are roll-out mats as well which are portable and can be stored anywhere. What you need to do is, just roll them up and make them stand anywhere in a cupboard when not in use. There are some synthetic turfs as well which are suitable both as indoor and outdoor flooring platforms.

Here we have chosen a list of the 10 best mats for home gym or studio, let’s have a look one by one:


Best Mats for Home Gym Exercise Equipment: Review Guide


1. Yes4All Interlocking Exercise Foam Mat



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This is a jigsaw-type mat with a border. For a 12 square feet area, comes the 12 interlocking puzzle tiles. Each tile is 12×12 sq. Inches, 7/16 inches thick. These are available in 4 different aesthetic stains; Gray, Black, Blue, and Woodgrain. The tiles can be cut to fit the mat in the dimensions of your workout surface.

The material of the Yes4All Interlocking Exercise Foam Mats is high-density EVA Foam, which not only makes it durable and shock absorbent but also water-resistant. You can turn your swimming pool edge into a cool workout place using this mat. The surface is highly textured and provides sufficient grip for your exercise equipment.

The material has a fine noise-reducing ability. The tiles are lightweight and take only 5 minutes out of your busy routine for assembly. The mat is very easy to clean and dirt can be wiped off easily from the surface.





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Supermats provide all types of high-quality gym mats and their equipment mat is not an exception. The is a heavy-duty equipment mat not only protects the floor against the damage caused by transporting equipment but also keeps the floor clean of debris. But wash it carefully with your hands only if you don’t want this amazing mat to get damaged.

This rubber mat suppresses the noise made by exercise equipment to a great level so that you can start your physical training session whenever you want without disturbing other family members. Moreover, the mat does not contain any harmful chemicals making it safe for you to work out in the presence of children and pets.





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As the name refers, a fold-to-fit mat is made with such a design that allows the user to keep it under any equipment as its area can be varied. It is divided into 7 segments each of 12 inches. These seven segments make the mat 7 feet long with a width of 3 feet. The has a foldable feature allows you to keep a workout bench, a standing punching bag, different types of weights, a treadmill, a bike, as well as a rowing machine on the mat.

This mat is strong enough to bear heavy exercise equipment and soft enough to reduce noise, and act as an absorbent. On top of such amazing features, Stamina sells its products at quite reasonable prices.





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This protection Mat is specially designed to protect hardwood floors from heavy-duty exercise equipment like ellipticals, treadmills, and stationary bikes. The material used for the mat is highly durable PVC, 6mm in thickness. The is available in different size options depending on the type and size of your home gym equipment.

This mat offers extraordinary friction to the base of equipment and hence prevents the trainer from slipping during intense workouts. The upper layer is super strengthened which maximizes its usage life. When not in use, you can remove the mat and it will not leave a single mark on the floor keeping it as neat as before.




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This equipment mat is from AmazonBasics and performs extremely well in protecting floors from heavyweight gym equipment. The size of this mat is 4ft by 6 ft and is made from fine quality PVC. It can be used to place under treadmills and bikes, in addition, it can be used as an exercise mat for general aerobic workouts.

The is padded densely to bear large weights, providing cushioning and prolonging durability. It can prevent dust from entering the exercise equipment when placed on the carpeted floor thus protecting the equipment from damage. The material used is eco-friendly. It is available in a sleek black color which goes well with any studio color.





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This puzzle mat is in the form of EVA foam interlocking tiles with each tile being ½ inches thick. Each item has 24 end borders and 12 interlocking light-weight tiles. Like other products from BalanceFrom, the also comes with a worry-free 2 Years warranty.

Both sides of the mat tiles are resistant to slippage thus offering greater anchorage to the equipment placed on them. The surface is totally moisture-proof so you can easily wash them when needed. These are very easy and time-saving in the assemblage. You can easily assemble them by yourself. The high-density EVA foam makes them sturdy and cushioning both at once. The material is highly resilient and durable.





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Pro series personal fitness equipment mats launched by Velotas are one of the superior quality mats out there that not only protect the floor from scratches but also give protection to the equipment enhancing their lifespan. The are made from polyvinyl chloride that is highly durable and provides extra stability. A mat from this series can become your buddy while you advance towards your goals of physical fitness.

Moreover, these mats are lightweight and can be rolled making them easy to use and carry when you are done with the exercise session. They can be laid down on many floors, including tiles, hardwood, and even carpet. These mats can be cleaned easily with a single swipe of a damped cloth dipped in soap.





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The is used widely in gyms to protect the floor from scratches, scuffing, and unnecessary damage resulting from heavy equipment. It is designed so as to make it anti-slippage from both sides thus providing greater grip. Its 0.25″ thick foam is not only an impact-absorber but also works efficiently in reducing the sound of equipment.

The material is resilient with a great damping effect. It is very easy to clean due to the water-resistant property of the material. When you are not using it under the machines, you can simply turn the mat into a family sports mat.





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This exercise equipment mat is available in three different dimensions, you can choose the one according to your available workout space. It is designed to protect hardwood and carpeted floors from heavyweight gym equipment. The mat’s thickness is 0.16 inches and is made of non-skid high-density PVC foam.

The is perfect for impact absorption and noise reduction because it is a padded one. The material is highly textured, water-proof, and washable. The PVC foam adds to the overall durability of the mat.





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Made with super tough and extremely durable material, the can be used for numerous purposes. It can withstand many exercise equipment for a long time without letting them slip. It also provides great protection for your home gym floor from scratches and damage. It is 4 feet by 3 feet wide, and 0.25 inches thick. Wash it carefully, only hand wash is recommended.

CAP always sells its products with a warranty. The same goes for the exercise mat. It has a 30 day warranty.




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