10 Best Hiking Boots For Women: The Ultimate Hiker’s Buying Guide

This Ultimate Hiker's Buying Guide not only lists reviews of the 10 Best Hiking Boots For Women but also lists hundreds of other hiking shoes to allow you more buying options under any budget

10 Best Hiking Boots For Women: Ultimate Hiker’s Buying Guide

Category: Best Women’s Trail Running & Hiking Shoes

If you a female hiker looking for the best hiking boots that will give you the best hiking experience you will love this buying guide. This Ultimate Hiker’s Buying Guide not only lists reviews of the 10 Best Hiking Boots For Women but also lists hundreds of other hiking shoes to allow you more buying options under any budget.

Hiking boots are highly sought after for their durability, support, and because they’re a more effective way of keeping your feet dry than running shoes. Without the right support, you can struggle and even potentially hurt yourself while you are trying to enjoy a hike through the mountains, trails and other beautiful sights.

Preparing For A Fun Hiking Trip – The Right Way

While traveling and hiking, the last thing you want is to have to worry about injuring yourself because of poor quality hiking shoes. Peace of mind and your feet’ safety are top priorities while you’re taking on the best the trails and journeys have to offer. Whether you’re hiking on flat terrain or up mountains, control, stability, and protection are the first thing you want to ensure with a new hiking shoe.

These 10 Best Hiking Boots For Women are made with the female foot in mind to ensure your arch’s right support and offer the best protection for your toes and your ankle. Moreover, they’re made for hiking, which means that they’re strong and waterproof to keep your foot dry and your hike fun throughout the day. Camping, hiking and general traveling are done better when prepared for all mother nature could throw at you.

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a new one, these shoes all promise to keep you going for longer, while keeping you safer. It would be best if you always chose the hiking boot based on the type of hiking you will be doing, and what weather you will be hiking in.



10 Best Hiking Boots For Women


Here are some of the best hiking boots, so that you can rest easy and enjoy your hike without fear of soggy socks and sore ankles.


1. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot: best hiking boots

Waterproof and reliability are among the most important aspects of a hiking boot, and with the , you can find them both.

They have incredible traction to ensure that you’re not slipping and falling throughout your journey, are waterproof to keep you prepared in the case of unexpected rain or early morning dew, and are equipped to handle even the toughest of environments.

They’re made with full-grain leather and mesh, so they’re ready to take on the trails with you and handle whatever the journey has to offer.

The durability is only compounded by the tough mesh tongue that offers strength and breathability to the shoe, worry-free. Of course, these shoes can do all of this while being fast drying if water does manage to get in, with built-in UPF and a focus on ensuring the comfort of your feet.


2. Timberland Women’s White Ledge Mid Ankle Boot


Timberland Women's White Ledge Mid Ankle Boot: best hiking boots


With a well known and well-respected brand name like Timberland, you know you’re going to be getting exactly what you hope for with these shoes.

The are made to handle it all, they’re waterproof, with a tongue made fully gusseted to enhance the comfort and keep out any stray debris that may fall in.

The leather uppers and general construction of the boot were made to strengthen the boot for all-terrain, and the craftsmanship of the Timberland women’s boots is known for their durability on the trails and the protection of your feet throughout your hike.

Best of all, the brand is well renowned for leading the industry in sustainable and recycled materials, as well as their responsibility to the civic and social projects of our era. For a comfortable, durable and guilt-free boot, Timberland is the best of all of those worlds and more.


3. Ariat Women’s Terrain H2O Hiking Boot




Ariat Women’s Terrain H2O Hiking Boot: best hiking boots

The are made to stand up against all-terrain demands they’ll be put up against during the journey.

Ariat knows that those who spend their time hiking and exploring the outdoors need a boot built to last and built to comfort.

These shoes have four-layers of cushioning on the footbed and are lightweight to help ensure the wearer’s comfort as they travel throughout any terrain.

Best of all, they are water and wear-resistant, to help keep your feet dry and comfortable regardless of any surprises along the way.


4. KEEN Women’s Targhee Ii Mid Wp-w Hiking Boot


KEEN Women's Targhee Ii Mid Wp-w Hiking Boot

The are made with aggressive traction, enhanced torsion stability, and waterproofing so that you can ensure you are prepared for any journey.

They come in various styles, colors, and shapes to keep you comfortable in whichever style you choose, whether it be mid-height or low height.

With protective measures in place like water-resistant leather, a bump toe, and lightweight design, these shoes can leave you worry-free throughout your journey.




adidas outdoor Women's Terrex Eastrail Hiking Boot


With a well-known name like Adidas, you know you are buying a well-experienced shoe and a well-trusted shoe.

The are made with impressive traction, to handle any hiking terrain, and a sturdy exterior to protect your foot throughout your hike.

The Terrex hiking shoes are lightweight, stylish and strong, built to keep your foot stable and your traction secure, even on the most difficult terrain.



Vasque Women's Breeze at Mid GTX Hiking Boots

The Vasque Breeze are among the most unique of the hiking boots, with a rugged design and comes in various colors.

These hiking boots are made for strength and durability.

The nubuck leather uppers and waterproof design are paired well with a breathable mesh to keep your feet comfortable while still protected from water.

has an exclusive mega grip outsole to provide unmatched traction and cushioning pods, to ensure comfort and stability throughout your hike.

This brand left nothing out through their design of the Breeze hiking boots.




Danner Women's Adrika Hiker 5" Waterproof Hiking Boot

Another unique looking boot, the , is made with 100% Suede uppers and nubuck and nylon uppers, to ensure the best waterproofing possible.

They’re also made with an orthopedic footbed, and a lightweight design to create the best and most comfortable hiking experience.

For Danner, the wearer’s comfort is a top priority, so that you can enjoy your hike to its fullest without being distracted by aching feet, poor arch support, and wet socks.

They are even made true-to-size to ensure that you find the right fit on your first try.




XPETI Women's Thermator Mid High-Top Waterproof Hiking Outdoor Boot

For better ankle support and protection through muddy or snowy terrain, the are high-top hiking boots made to protect your foot from it all.

The hydro shield membrane and waterproof mesh are perfect for keeping your feet and socks dry and comfortable through the mud and snow and are perfect for keeping your feet warm on colder winter hikes.

The sole is aggressively made to have optimal grip, withstand against sleek snow and slippery rocks, and hard toe protection with a rubber cap.

The ankle support is another bonus that makes the XPETI boots perfect for snowy winter hikes through the trails.

From the same brand, but for all seasons terrain, you can also try the .

They are all made with the same goals in mind, but with lighter-weight and more breathable material. The Dimo boots are made with ankle support, toe protection and waterproofing hydro shield membranes, but with less focus on winter trails.




Manfen Women's Hiking Boots

The are lightweight, durable, and waterproof made to stand up against the worst the trails have to offer.

They’re made with anti-skid technology and toe cap protection to help keep you from sliding or injuring yourself on the trail. Their grip is made to give you the best control over your position and ensure your foot’s protection from precarious trails and hikes.

Moreover, they have a moulded TPU ankle support with a snowshoe strap ridge and are made for durability and comfort.

These hiking shoes can combine that durability with lightweight all-season protection, that is best suited for traveling, hiking, fishing, and camping all year long.




Salomon Women's X Ultra 3 MID GTX W Hiking Boots

These shoes are specifically designed for the female anatomy, to ensure that your foot is held in place and protected even throughout more technical descents.

The protect you from slippage, keep you safe and help you enjoy a more stable descent and journey.

The chassis design is asymmetrical, to help maximize and ensure stability and keep you going longer without facing your foot or ankle’s fatigue.

The grip on these shoes was made to give you control over your journey, through two different types of rubber placed strategically on the sole, focusing on the heel to ensure your full range of motion and control.


10 Best Hiking Shoes For Men For All-terrain Outdoor Adventures

Getting the hike right

Now that you have picked your pair of the best hiking boots are ready take go on your hike, you have one last thing to do – ‘break in’ your hiking boots.

Before taking to the trails with  your new hiking boots, you need to “break-in” the shoe before taking them to the trails or hikes. As such, you need to make sure that once you have chosen the perfect hiking shoes or boots for your journey, you have left yourself with at least two or three weeks before the hike is scheduled, so that you are giving yourself and the shoe the best chance to get acquainted and comfortable before the big hike.

This break-in period allows the shoe to soften, as well as to make sure the size is correct and that you’ve left yourself with time to notice and correct any issues that arise in the shoe (i.e. broken parts or weak support).



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