10 Best Exercise Bike Desks For Home & Office: Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best exercise bike desks for your home or office that will allow you to do your work while keeping health? If your answer is yes, then you will definitely enjoy this buying guide to the 10 Best Exercise Bike Desks For Home & Office?

10 Best Exercise Bike Desks For Home & Office: Buying Guide

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Are you a workaholic who can not seem to find any time for exercise? Are you looking for the best exercise bike desks for your home or office that will allow you to do your work while keeping health? If your answer is yes, then you will definitely enjoy this buying guide to the 10 Best Exercise Bike Desks For Home & Office.

Here is the ultimate guide to the top 10 Best Exercise Bike Desks:


10 Best Exercise Bike Desks For Home & Office




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If you are looking for a good way to burn some extra calories and give your legs a good daily workout then the can provide you with just that.

This is one the best exercise bike desks and is ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands but would still like to burn calories while working in their home or office.

This is not only good exercise equipment but you can use this desktop of the bike as your work platform.

You don’t need to skip your work and also don’t need to forget your workout routine when you have this bike with you.

State of art high-end torque and 3 pieces of the crank system is the best part of the bike. It also has an excellent heart-pulse monitoring system. You can easily burn unwanted calories when you are enjoying your favorite movie or working on something important.

Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 Folding Exercise Bike Features

The comes with a fully adjustable desktop to continue your work that comes with the facilities like back, forward, down and up. You can set it as per your comfort.

  • 2.5” thick airsoft seat
  • Adjustable to fit 5’2” to 6’3” user height
  • 8 Level tension resistance
  • Storage drawer
  • Folds up for storage
  • Transportation Wheels
  • User weight capacity: 300 lbs

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  • Comfortable backrest
  • Smooth operation
  • Comes with the transportation wheels


  • Annoying startup sound



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As a result, you may become overweight and unfit, especially if your computing activity is accompanied by bad eating habits such as snacking.

Well, some may feel that there is no greater fun than playing an online game and chomping down potato chips?

Deep down inside, you really want to exercise but it is very difficult to become motivated enough to start exercising.

To kill two birds with one stone, to provide workouts for computer maniacs, FitDesk has developed a special training machine and one of the best exercise bike desk on the market, the beautifully designed machine .

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike Features

  • Fully adjustable sliding desktop
  • Folding steel frame for easy storage
  • Adjustable non-slip desk surface
  • Performance meter
  • Massage rollers
  • Comfortable ‘beach cruiser’ seat
  • Adjustable back rest
  • Resistance bands for upper body workout
  • Built in tablet holder
  • User height: 4’10” – 6’6″
  • 16″x19″ desk surface

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  • Durable steel construction
  • Compact design
  • Space saving and easy foldable
  • Non-slip surface
  • A great for an intense workout


  • Some tweaks are needed

At a glance, the looks somewhat like a stationary bike.

However, you may notice that this device is equipped also with a countertop surface where you can put your laptop or another smart device.

This is a lightweight folding bike that comes with the non-slip surface. It is equipped with an in-built tablet holder and an easy to access massage rollers and storage tray.





Heart disease and obesity are two top killers among the people of today. Both of these diseases and many other health hazards can be linked to lack of exercise and continue work in a position.

In today’s environment, we spend most of our time sitting at home, or at the office and don’t spend enough time being active and moving. If you cannot avoid your work, why not turn one of these 10 Best Exercise Bike Desks For Home & Office?

You can enjoy your exercise even in an office with the help of the . This is fabulous fitness equipment from the house of the renowned brand Flexispot and the sturdy construction of the bike allow you to do an intense workout.

You can turn your standing desk to your workstation easily as the design of the bike is fabulous and you can use it conveniently. You can keep your laptop, your Smartphone, your iPad on the work station to continue your work.

FLEXISPOT Home Office Desk Exercise Bike Features:

  • The “whisper quiet” pedaling of the bike is the best part of the bike that will allow you to watch television
  • No matter 6.2” or 5’, everyone from your Family can exercise on the bike comfortably. There is also a pneumatic adjustment high-end lever that allows you to move the seat of the bike up and down with easy gentle press, or knobs.
  • Tested and certified and comes with the certification of TUV SUD.
  • Easy to assemble and very easy to fold and keep it in a safe place when it is not at work.
  • Comes with a wrist pad. The small display can show your speed, distance and time covered. The seat and the desk, both are adjustable. You can adjust your machine according to your height. By just moving your legs, you can enjoy your exercise.
  • Equipped height adjustable on-demand desk.

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  • Adjustable seat and adjustable desk
  • Space-saving and unique design
  • Elegant in look
  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Perfect for home or office use


  • Longer crank arms



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Exercise or work, what to choose? This is a key question that we all face almost every day. Due to increasing work pressure and busy working schedule, we miss our workout regime regularly. But both of the activities are merely important but we neglect our exercise or health often.

Well, you will find the best solution to this problem with the . You can pedal your own way with the exercise bike but you also can increase your productivity while exercising. You just need to push your desktop part gently top convert the bike to a unique standing desk.

Wirk Ride desk exercise bike Features

  • Comes with a 17.25W x 10x D large work surface. You can keep your documents or laptop, tablet conveniently and it is equipped with a handy-dandy tablet holder that you can use to keep your tablet or your phone safe and secured.
  • Molded handles and a great fitness monitor. It can track speed, time, calories, time, total distance, etc. It also comes with a scan function.
  • Adjustable Magnetic Tension making it quite convenient for moving your leg muscles and it can elevate also your heart beat rate.
  • Compact design.
  • The Wirk Ride desk exercise bike comes with a “whisper quiet mechanism” that means you can enjoy watching movie or music while exercising.
  • Easy mobility with its fine 360-degree Swivel Gravity sensor unique lock system, you can ensure a safe and secure exercise.
  • Ideal for office or home use
  • Adjustable belt makes it safer for you to exercise with super comfort and convenience.
  • Not just pedaling but the fitness equipment is quite easy to assemble.

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  • Elegant and unique design
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Digitized odometer for easy and clear reading


  • Problem with hydraulic system




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You may have tried all kinds of strategies to get into shape, from crash diets, marathon training, hypnosis, various stretching exercise, but in recent years, many people have elected to start using home exercise equipment.

You purchase physical fitness equipment in hopes that, without the hassle of going to the gym, you will have the discipline to develop and stay in a decent workout routine. But it is quite impossible to maintain your workout even when you are working on the working station.

The is an extremely comfortable, high-quality and one of best exercise bike desks for the users.

This is an easily movable exercise bike with great features. You can move the desktop of the bike backward, forward, up and down as per your convenience. You can adjust the seat and the desktop as per your comfort level.

Well constructed large surface of the system is good is to keep your laptops, books, your tablet easily and can work conveniently on your workstation.

FLEXISPOT Desk Exercise Bike Features

  • Height-adjustable seat that easily moves up or down
  • Full-motion desktop that adjusts up, down, forward, and backward
  • Compact Design
  • Part Exercise Bike & Part Standing Desk
  • Whisper quiet elliptical trainer
  • Mobile with 360 Degree Swivel Gravity
  • Desktop size: 20″x22.8″
  • 8 level magnetic tension resistance
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs


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  • Soft and elegant color
  • Available in two different colors
  • Premium finish
  • Unique and beautiful design
  • You can assemble the bike easily
  • With transportation wheel, you can move the bike easily


  • It has a shallow desk



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The is a high-end recumbent exercise bike that comes with a work station. You can continue your work conveniently with the help of the bike.

It comes with a semi-recumbent fabulous feature and an adjustable desktop. This desktop bike comes with the double-duty features; you can work or can exercise at a time.

This cycle can monitor easily your time, pulse, speed, calories burned and distance. You are done with the exercise; you can fold it up and can roll it to store in a secure place.

Stamina 2-in-1 Recumbent Desk Performance characteristics

  • With the bike, you can easily achieve your deadline and you targeted fitness goal. This bike is just right for multi-tasking. The semi-recumbent bike position allows you to go for easy pedaling.
  • This semi-recumbent bike comes with a high-end built-in desktop.
  • Adjustable desktop is perfect for mounting and standing position.
  • You can monitor your workout progress on the display like time, speed, calories, speed, time etc.
  • There is also the foot release moves desk that you can enjoy on standing position too
  • There is also the feature of Tension adjustment
  • You can adjust the seat according to your height and the side padded hand-holds.
  • Transportation wheels give it an easy mobility
  • You can fold it to store in your convenient place
  • You can solely concentrate on your work.

Stamina 2-in-1 Recumbent Standing DeskTech specs

  • Stamina 2-in-1 Recumbent Exercise Bike Workstation and Standing Desk
  • Ultra-quiet magnetic resistance with Dial control
  • Tablet holder
  • Pulse Sensors
  • Fitness Monitor: tracks time, speed, distance, calories, total distance, and Pulse with an option to Scan all functions
  • Foldable
  • Padded Seat and Seatback

It is quite easier to convert the to your standing desk.


  • It comes with a foldable durable, sturdy frame
  • Textured pedals to reduce slippage
  • Sleek and beautiful design to match the color of your room


  • No battery included, you need to buy them separately
  • Need to assemble




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There are various ways that you can try to keep fit, stay in shape or even to lose those unwanted fats.

You just have to be focused on what you want to achieve and do whatever it takes to succeed.

To start up on things, you must first establish the goals that you want to attain at the end of it all. But to reach your goal, you need to continue and set a proper exercise plan. But, what about your work?

It is almost impossible to compromise with your work sometimes. Buying the is the ultimate choice for that.

You can continue your work while exercising with the bike. The bike has a sleek and unique design and a desktop to work conveniently.

The FitDesk Exercise Bike is a very lightweight bike that equipped with a sliding platform and this is quite perfect to improve your cardiovascular health when working at your office desk.

It is affordable and by all accounts one the best exercise bike desks you can get for both home and office use.

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FitDesk Exercise Bike Recumbent Exercise Bike specs

  • Whisper quiet twin belt drive
  • Balanced flywheel
  • Sliding Desk
  • Quick Folding and locking frame design
  • 3 Position Recumbent frame
  • Extra cushioned Seat and Tall Backrest
  • 8 Position Magnetic Resistance
  • Built-in Tablet Holder
  • Performance Meter: tracks mileage, calories, and time.
  • Large Pedals
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs
  • Desk Surface: 16″ x 20.5″
  • Footprint: 32” x 18”
  • User Height: 5′ and up


  • 3 position high-end recumbent frame
  • With extra cushion and tall backrest, it can be quite comfortable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not right for a short person



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When health is your concern, with sliding desk and message bar are just right to improve cardiovascular health when you are going to meet your fitness target.

You need to engage your feet in pedaling even when working on a project. Inactive sitting can call up a lot of health hazards like heart problem, diabetes, obesity and so on. Only one solution to the problem is having the FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike.

You can adjust the resistance level of the bike according to your capacity. With the convenient bands for upper body resistance for a great cardio boost.

The durable high-quality steel frame of the bike is extremely balanced, compact and rigid that gives you excellent stability.

The FitDesk 2.0 Desk Bike has a beach cruiser style proper seat and an adjustable backrest that ensures a daylong comfort to you.

It also has a quick lock sleek design frame and convenient transport wheels.

Space saving design of the bike is easier to store in a corner of your room. It has a 16×28 inch folding footprint.


No products found.


FitDesk 2.0 Desk Exercise Bike specs

  • Compact Steel Frame Design
  • 8 Position Magnetic Resistance
  • Performance Meter: tracks mileage, calories, and time.
  • Massage Rollers
  • Adjustable Seat & Backrest
  • Resistance bands for upper body workout
  • Sliding Desk with Storage Drawer
  • User height: 4’10” – 6’6″
  • Desk Surface: 16″x19″
  • User Weight Capacity of the bike: 250lbs


  • Easy to read digitized meter to track your workout
  • Good for everyday use


  • Problem in adjusting




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Exercise and work, both are the most important part of our lives. We cannot avoid one for another one. Both are to get a happy life.

You can continue both of the work together if you have the right equipment. The is surely a good option and one of the best exercise bike desks we recommend to solve the issue.

You can cover both at a time with this finest machine.

You can increase your productivity while keeping yourself healthy and happy. This one is really great to continue a stamina-building workout.

With the large and wide work surface, you can keep your documents safe and secured.

You can also pop up your tablet for work because it comes with a very handy tablet holder where you can securely keep your tablet. To stay hydrated and to keep healthy drinks during your exercise, use the dedicated cup holder of the bike.

Wirk Ride desk exercise bike Performance characteristics

The desktop part of the machine comes with a molded handle and a fitness monitor. You can track your workout progress on the display. It shows the accurate result of time, distance covered, calories, etc. You will also get another great option as the “scan” option. This option gives you relief from one state of exercise.

The is not only popular because of the brand but the functions associated with it. It has adjustable different levels of magnetic function. It helps better to tone up your leg muscles and the lower part of your body.

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Looking for a complete workouts like curls, chest press, flies and tricep extension? If yes, then this exercise bike is just the right thing for you.

Wirk Ride desk exercise bike Features:

  • Doubles as both a workout machine and standing desk
  • Exercise bike for lower-body exercise
  • Adjustable strength System arms for upper-body workouts
  • Workout monitor: tracks time, speed, distance, calories and total distance
  • Folding bike


  • Great for all body workouts
  • Very sleek and unique design
  • Foldable
  • Comes with 8 different resistance power
  • Affordable in price
  • Comes with the attached workstation
  • Digitalized display
  • Textured pedals for secured pedaling


  • Extreme large seat




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You can meet both your fitness goals and targeted weight loss deadline with the .

This exercise bike is great for low-impact but intense cardio workout but most importantly the design of the bike has a compact and sleek design.

You can push gently the desktop into the position of a standing desk.

This bike can provide an excellent cardiovascular workout, and cardiovascular exercise has been shown time and time again to reduce the occurrence of many of our most serious diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and others severe disease.

Working out a couple of times a week on this exercise bike can provide excellent benefits, both in terms of weight loss and overall fitness.

The Exerpeutic EXERWORK 2000i Folding Exercise Desk Bike provides a low-impact cardiovascular workout that’s easy on the joints, but can still help you work up a sweat. It combines effective resistance settings with a user-friendly design and is durable enough to withstand repeated and constant use.

If you read the reviews, you will find that the bike is excellent for both your home as well as your office.

No products found.


Exerpeutic EXERWORK 2000i Exercise Bike Performance Characteristics

  • 24 Workout Programs
  • 24 Level Tensions
  • Fully Adjustable Sliding Desktop
  • Adjustable Sliding Desktop
  • Bluetooth Smart Cloud Fitness
  • Upgraded 4 Way Adjustable Airsoft Seat
  • Upgraded 2 Position Adjustable Backrest
  • 2.5” LCD Display
  • Standing Desk
  • 3 Piece Crank System
  • Foldable
  • Transportation Wheels
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs


  • Durable steel frame
  • Comes with the AC adapter
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • V belt drive


  • Not suitable for short people

I love the whole design, look and tech features of the and consider it to be one of the best exercise bikes in this buying guide as well as anywhere.


Final Take:

If you are you one of those who finds themselves tied down to your job or computer and barely able to get out of your seat and do some physical activities, we are confident that you will find this buyer’s guide to these affordable 10 Best Exercise Bike Desks For Home & Office an excellent resource to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing your productivity and work.


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