Best Elliptical Cardio Workout Machine: Body Champ Cardio Dual Trainer

Finding and purchasing the best elliptical cardio workout machine that will keep you fit and healthy is not an easy decision as you can spend a good amount of money on a machine that might not meet your suitability

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Elliptical machines are one of the essential machines required in a gym. They help you to have a cardio workout that encourages you to run. The motion exerted by an elliptical machine helps you to prevent your joints from damaging and is specifically targeted to people with lower body injuries. Moreover, this can be kept in gym as well as at home as it does not occupy much of the space.

However, some people are not sure for which elliptical machine they should go for due to various options available in the market. These range from a basic one to standard workout model. Therefore, after an intensive market research we have combined a genuine review for you to take a wise decision.



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There are several ways to identify the best elliptical cardio workout machine. All you have to look for is the factors before you spend a good amount on it.

There are three styles of elliptical machines that include:

  • Front- Drive:

These have large wheel housing in front of the machine. Due to its basic design and features, they tend to be the most affordable elliptical cardio workout machines. This means you don’t have to spend a large amount on it. Though, it can be noisy and vibrate a bit.

  • Rear Drive:

It has a small wheel housing that is located behind the pedals, giving it an extensive design. The pedals on a track-and-roller allows an incline. This has a suspended arm system to give you a less-tiring workout.

  • Center-Drive:

This is similar to a treadmill, as the pedals are on a track. This helps to have a very gentle workout sue to its compact structure.

Some features you should look for before purchasing an elliptical machine is:

  • Smooth Motion:

Some machines only have 14-inch stride that might too short for people of average size. Thus, always look for 21-inches stride as it can be adjusted according to the size of multiple people.

  • Upper Body Comfort:

Many people don’t require arm handles, but it’s always a better option to have a greater intensity. This would ensure a better handgrip movement that make you feel comfortable.

  • Smooth Motion:

Paddles should move smoothly or else you might end up exerting an additional force. It should fit so you are comfortable throughout the workout.

  • Quiet Factor:

Some elliptical machines can be loud and noisy that can annoy the user. If you don’t want your workout to sound like a train, especially when you use it in the morning to relax yourself, then always check before purchasing it.

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Best Elliptical Cardio Workout Machine: Body Champ 2 in 1 Cardio Dual Trainer

The  is an effective two-in-one exercise machine that fulfills the requirement of both an elliptical coach and a stationary bike.


 Body Champ 2 in 1 Cardio Dual Trainer Key Features:

It highlights protected circular movement plan innovation and a progressed attractive resistance framework that furnishes peaceful and smooth workout with no effect to your knees. A programmable LCD highlights preset exercise programs, pulse driven projects, and adjustable functions.

The seat modifies both vertically and horizontally for your optimum comfort. Different features incorporate a tough, larger than average steel development and a go through edge structure to give it a sturdy design.


It has a 14-inch stroke length and a load limit of 250 pounds. This means a person with any height can purchase this as they wouldn’t have to face complexities.

Body Champ 2 in 1 Cardio Dual Trainer Details:

The Body Champ 2 in 1 Cardio Dual Trainer/Elliptical Workout and Upright Exercise Bike features deluxe programmable LCD console that has more than 12 preset workout programs that ranges from heart rate and training circuits.

The the remarkable workout machine is versatile with 2 sets of ergonomic handlebars to support your arms, 1 set of bidirectional foot pedal to ride and form- padded seat cushion to give you the comfort.

Moreover, the Body Champ 2 in 1 Cardio Dual Trainer/Elliptical Workout and Upright Exercise Bike has adjustable modes that can be switched according to your needs and requirements. Also, the package includes DVD to guide you through the exercises that can be done with this elliptical machine. The guidance can keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey.



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Versatile Seat:

For ideal and optimum workout position, the manufacturer has designed a comfortable seat in each elliptical machine to maximize the movement.

You can also horizontally and vertically adjust the seat.

It totally depends on what suits your exercise. 

The versatile functions of this cardio elliptical machine give you both an elliptical trainer and an upright exercise bike.


You can not beat the price of the the for what you are getting from this machine. Bottom line, it is very affordable.


Warranty is significant for every customer as they expect the durability in long-term for what they pay for. As, these elliptical machines are very expensive and to every customer makes sure that their spending is value worthy. For example Body Flex Sports offers you the warranty of 1 year for the frame and 90 days on all the parts of machine if the product is not used commercially and properly maintained.

However, the warranty only applies on the machines that is purchased from Body Flex or from any authorized reseller. If you incorrectly assemble it, then you might not be eligible to claim the warranty.

Body Champ 2 in 1 Cardio Dual Trainer Key Features:

  • 12+ preset workout programs
  • Maximize position for optimum workout
  • 2 sets of ergonomic handlebars
  • 1 set of bidirectional foot pedal riding
  • Foam padded seat cushion


  • More than 16 levels
  • Tracks cycle per minute
  • Extremely quite
  • Tracks pulse rate


  • The belt slips off and needs time to assemble it accurately

 Conclusion: Best Elliptical Cardio Workout Machine

Finding and purchasing the best elliptical cardio workout machine that will keep you fit and healthy is not an easy decision as you can spend a good amount of money on a machine that might not meet your suitability.

Always, think in a term of motivation! If the machine at your home would encourage you to exercise everyday then spend on it and consider it an investment in your own health. Otherwise, if you dont use it, any fitness machine however great it is, will be considered to be a great asset but too costly  to spend on.



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