10 Best Ab Workouts For Men & Women For Quick Belly Toning

ab workouts for men

10 Best Ab Workouts For Men & Women For Quick Belly Toning

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Do you also wish to have those six pack abs like your favorite movie stars? Here are the 10 Best Ab Workouts For Men & Women For Quick Belly Toning that will help you get just that in shorter time that you thought!

 Nothing feels like an accomplishment than seeing your washboard abs in the mirror? Abs also make all the time you spend in the gym, working out like there’s no tomorrow so worth it.

Working out a lot is important but it’s also important to do it the right way to get good results.


ab workouts for men

10 Best Ab Workouts For Men & Women For Quick Belly Toning

This is a list of the 10 Best Ab Workouts For Men & Women that will get your belly ripped and toned and get you the abs you dream of often:

1. Ab Wheel Rollout

 All you need for this specific workout is a wheel. Hold the wheel with both hands on the ground straight under your shoulders. You will have to put your knees down for this activity. Then push forward until you are completely off your knees and balance yourself on the wheel and your toes. Then roll back to the starting position and repeat as many times as you want.

This helps you to put some pressure on your shoulders and work on your arm muscles at the same time. Having a good posture is the key to this workout being a success.

2. Leg Raises

 This exercise is fantastic as it lets you work on your abdominal as well as leg muscle at the same time. You might want to hold on to something while you do this workout for some extra support. At first, you have to lay down completely on the ground.

Then you have to raise your legs until they are completely straight towards the ceiling. Hold this position for a maximum of one minute and then put your leg down. You can do this any amount of time you want as it is really good for your body.

3. Ball slam

This is kind of a fun exercise that focuses on strengthening another essential part of your body which are your shoulders. Stand up straight and hold a ball above your head with your hands. Then with as much power as possible, slam the ball down on the ground and then catch it once it comes up.

Raise up on the tip of your toes while you slam the ball down. Do this exercise over and over again for a few minutes. This will give you powerful shoulders and abs as well.

4. Superman abs

The name of this exercise might sound funny to you but this is a fantastic workout routine and one of these 10 Best Ab Workouts For Men & Women For Quick Belly Toning. All you have to do is lie down on your belly and then raise both your hands and feet up in the air. Do this in a way that only your waist and stomach is on the ground and the rest of the body is lifted up.

This helps you work on your abdomen and also allows you to develop a better posture. You have to keep your spine and neck completely straight during this workout to get all of its benefits.

5. Dead Bug

This is a ab workout that helps you train your entire body at a time which makes it a great exercise. You have to lay down on the ground and put both your hands straight up. Then use one of the hands to hold on to the opposite leg.

Keep the opposite hand and leg straight on the ground and hold this position for a minute at least. Then repeat the same thing with the other hand and leg after a short break. This will enable you to stretch out your entire body and develop abs quicker and build your rest of the body at the same time.

6. Sandbag sit-up

This killer ab workout exercise is named sandbag sit-up only for the reason that a sandbag is the best prop to use while doing this exercise. All of us are aware of how to do the normal sit-ups. While you do those, you just have to hold a sandbag in your hand.

Keep your back unbent while you sit up and go back down. This will help to build strength in your core which is the major thing that helps develop abs. You should do this at least 10 – 20 times each workout session for better results.

7. Cocoon

For this particular activity, you have to lay back flat on the ground and hold your legs a bit off the ground and fold them at your knees. Then you have to lift your back as well as your hips off the ground as if you are doing a crunch. From outside, it should look like you are in a cocoon.

This is a very simple exercise but plays a vital role in building abs like you want to without the need for extra equipment. You can easily include this in your daily workout routine as it requires no tools or props.

8. Hanging Leg Raise

This is another form of the leg raise except this one requires a rod that you can pull yourself up on using your hands. Once you are hanging using your hands, you have to pull your legs straight up until they are in front of your body.

You can pull them up as much as possible but they have to be straight the entire time you pull them up or down. This creates a double pressure because of the hanging and pulling your legs process.

9. Planking

Planking has been a highly effective exercise for a long time and it also helps you build those killer abs we all yearn to have.  You have to fold your arms in a way that only your forearms and the tip of your toes are touching the floor.

This teaches you how to balance your body perfectly and is one of the best ways to work on your abs. Not to mention that it is again a super easy exercise to learn and one of the best ab workouts for men and women seeking to tone their bellies.

10. Front Squat

 Squatting is always an exercise that can never fail you, no matter what your workout goals are. For this, you have to hold a weight rack on your shoulder while you squat down completely. Then try to balance the rack on your hands instead of your shoulders.

This workout routine is also recommended for getting abs faster but it also enables you to train other parts of your body along with developing abs.


 These are the 10 Best Ab Workouts For Men & Women For Quick Belly Toning focused solely on building abs in a short amount of time. You can try a combination of these exercises to get the best results possible.

We hope these help you out to get washboard abs as you want.


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